Strictly Vegan Diet Only ??

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Some people believed that a strictly vegan diet is good for their health . They will only eat raw food , plenty of vegetable , nuts and seeds.

I too take alot of raw vegetables (Especially Parsley )which can remove some toxic materials or heavy metal from my body and some nuts and seeds but I do take carbohydrates, fats and proteins too.

Some of this diets may be advertised by those famous personalities and they just follow blindly. Those artists get paid for the promotions by those companies and may not even follow their diets.

This way of life is forced upon their children under this misguided belief that this is the most healthy and nutritious diet.

Unknown to them , the children’s needs are different as they are growing up and require animal proteins ,calcium , iron and other minerals that are only found in meat, fish and dairy products.

Those who are fed on a diet of vegans may suffer from protein and vitamin D deficiency. The food intake and body needs of a child is different from an adult.

If you feed your child with only fish , meat and salad only , you will find the child will have no energy because of the absence of carbohydrates. The fastest way to energy is carbohydrates .

If your child does not take any dairy products which is a rich source of protein and calcium , his body will be deprived of calcium for his growing bones and teeth. We now have biscuits or other food products that are enriched with calcium for the young and the old.

Another important product is red meat which can provide iron , for the children need iron for brain development and physical growth.

We are what we eat. I believed that we should eat a little of everything to make our body whole.

There is a consumer society in my country which claims many of our foodstuff are either toxic or poison which can cause cancer in human beings.

Everything we like to eat seems to associate with cancer these days .I just don’t know how much should we trust and believe in those scientist.

Smoking can cause cancer or cancer related diseases and yet many people still smoke and some have smoked for 20 to 50 years and are still living. While some who don’t smoke got the killer disease.

This is one of the life’s mysteries.

Reference and thanks to ;-

How a strict vegan diet made my children ill

By Angus Watson

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