A High Rise Melodrama In Hong Kong .

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It is just too incredulous and absolutely petrifying to read this piece of news story from Hong Kong.

I hope others who live in high rise buildings will lock all their windows securely and hide the keys from their children.

Make sure that they feed the kids properly and not allow them to go hungry before falling asleep. Spare some biscuits or food and water in their room or house.

This mum is very lucky and fortunate that she still has her two children by her side after this electrifying episode .

THEY were hungry and mum wouldn’t wake up to make breakfast for them. I guess they don’t have any spare biscuits or bread in the house

The children woke their mother up but she told them to play in the living room first and probably fell asleep again .She must have been very tired . This incident happened at 9.00am!

Since the main door was locked and they do not know how to open it , they could not go out and they decided to go out through the window. The problem was, they were staying on the 34th floor of a high rise building.

A fatal slip or mistake would send them 34 floors down and I dread to think of the consequences. I cannot help but shudder and shiver at the very thought of my children doing that stunt.

The fearless and intrepid sister and brother, aged 8 and 6, clambered down a drainpipe on the wall of Yat Chi House on Saturday morning.

They were oblivious to the danger as they were just young and innocent kids and on a hungry stomach , the girl could not continue climbing down but stopped after reaching 6 floors down.

Lucky for her , there was an open window and she ended her spidey odyssey. While the younger brother continued down another 3 floors and could not continue anymore because there were no more drainpipe.

He was also lucky too ,for the occupants on the 25th floor forgot to closed her window . This saved the boy for we may not know what could have happened when the boy could suddenly lose his strength or balance and fall off from that last position.

They had intended to climb all the way down from the 34th floor but their puny bodies could not take the exertions .

I wonder how they learned their climbing skills since they are city slickers and probably have never climbed trees before.It could be purely intuitive and survival skills.

Lady fate smiled on them or God’s angel protected them Thanks God for keeping them safe .

Don’t neglect your children , attend to their every needs first.

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