The Pill Sold Online In UK.

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The contraceptive pills are sold openly without any questions being asked in all license pharmacies in Malaysia many eons ago and you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy one .There are no checkups whatsoever and you take them at your own risk.It is considered an OTC medicine.

Is it because the life of the people here is not as valuable as the life of the people in the UK ?

If the government here were to mandate the same laws as in the UK, many people will not use the pill or could not afford it .The government health service would be overwhelmed .They are not giving out free pills but selling them at 50% below the market price to those who could not afford it.

Why is the health standard so stringent in the UK?

Is the Pill not safe? In the UK, doctors take several factors and checks into consideration before prescribing it, including a woman’s age, health, weight and family history. They’ll also need to take her blood pressure.

Those with high blood pressure are already at risk of cardiovascular disease and taking the Pill – which can cause blood clots – could trigger heart attacks and stroke.This risk of blood clots also increases the woman’s chances of developing deep vein thrombosis.

People in the UK receive those pills for free from their GP’s or clinics and this might explain the strictness to prevent abuse.

Since those pills were sold openly , I have yet to read in the news of complications arising from those taking the pills. It is not like an epidemic of pill related diseases has broken out .Surely the people who bought those pills know how to read the instructions on the cover .

Previously the buyers particulars were recorded in a log book to be kept for inspections by the health authorities but it was an exercise in futility and the practice was later abandoned.

In the UK, a modern first world country , you need to go to your GP or clinic inorder to obtain them.

The contraceptive pill will be sold by an officially-sanctioned UK website from today.
Orders will initially be limited to women who have already been prescribed it by their doctor. How would they know it is the same woman who ordered it when you do it online? It could be somebody masquerading her.

I do not understand why there is such a brouhaha about this issue. Infact,those contraceptive pills should be made more readily available to those sexually active young girls to prevent more pregnancies and abortions .

The pill is sold under many brands and with different strengths,ranging from 20mcg to 35mcg.

The first main component is ethinyl oestradiol, a form of the hormone estrogen, which stops the pituitary gland in the brain from producing the follicle stimulating hormone that makes eggs grow.

The second is progesterone, which stops the lining of the womb growing.

There are enough warnings of the side effects on the packet to warn the users of the dangers in using those contraceptive pills.

The Pill can raise blood pressure, and there are risks of potentially fatal conditions caused by blood clots.

There are some who even believed that prolonged taking of the pill can cause cancer. This is without any scientific basis.

When the pill is sold freely or condoms are given freely to prevent the spread of aids and STD’s , there will be those self righteous who would be against such an idea as it would encourage the young to be more promiscuous.Some people still live in the dark ages.

Caveat Emptor.

I am not a medical doctor and only just my layman’s views.

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