The Dangers Of Flip-Flops .

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Mention the word “Flip-Flop” and immediately us Malaysians will think of our sleepy Prime Minister who flipped and flopped all his policies.

The flip- flop I am going to write here is about foot wear. Ever since I was small, the only affordable shoe was those cheap and hardy rubber flip flops (slippers). They were either made by Fung Keong company or the more expensive and better quality type by the Bata company.

Flip-flops are a flat, backless, usually rubber sandal consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap, like a thin thong, that passes between the first (big) and second toes and around either side of the foot.

They were known as Japanese slippers here . Probably it was introduced here during the Japanese occupation of Malaya as it was known then.

It was the only kind of shoe that was affordable to poor folks like us and we had to wear it all the time .The other kind of shoe was the wooden clog.

We each had a pair of shoes when we were small and they were only worn once a year on New Year’s day and thereafter to be kept until the next year or until the shoe is worn out or does not fit . It will then be handed down to the next in line who fit the shoe.

We had no choice and we could not afford other shoes. Whether they posed safety and health risk, we were totally unaware or oblivious to the fact as we were ignorant and uneducated peasants in the 60’s.

Flip-flops are very ubiquitous now. It is a very comfortable and cheap footwear but according to Dr. Mallika Marshall, there is a price to pay for wearing them.

The thin-soled, rubber slippers increases chances of serious foot problems, from damage from dropped objects and stubbed toes, to ankle and insole woes caused by their lack of support.

When you wear those slippers in a crowded area , you may get stepped upon or objects dropped on to your feet. It offers no protections.

I have been wearing them since small and do not have any problems with them except on wet grounds and when the bottom of the slippers have been worn out, it can cause you to slip.

Walking in them is just as natural and maybe it is a problem for Westerners who have bigger feet and heavier bodies. There is no problems with legs, knees, hips , backs or heels. We grew up in them and our bodies must have adepted to the style.

According to the doctor , diabetes people and those overweight people should not wear those slippers , for it can give them problems .

Choose the thick sole slippers for more protection from stepping on nails or any sharp objects on the road and furthermore ,they give more support to the feet ,ankles and lower back.

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