The Science Or Art Of Seduction.

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Is it an art or a science ? It is an art when there are no theories or hypothesis to follow. Most men would like to know how to attract the women and make her fall for him.

I do not think that if you use the science formula for seduction, you will always get the desired results as not all the girls are the same. I feel it is rather an art than a science. It is the art of knowing that particular girl and what makes her response to your overtures.

You may have the looks or the gift of the gab but if you do not know the proper techniques, you may not get the girl of your dreams. No doubt if you have the good looks and the gift of the gab , you are on the way to win and conquer all before you. It will be as easy as A-B-C.

The secret to catching a woman’s eye is a winning smile and a touch on the arm. You may not be very handsome but when you give your winning smile, it is the most beautiful sight to behold. The joy in your face is an attractive sight and it is very pleasing to the eyes.

Research shows something as simple as a gentle brush of a woman’s arm can boost a man’s chances in love.

A study found that two-thirds of women agreed to dance with a man who touched her on the arm for a second or two while making the request.

When the same man kept his hands by his side while asking women to dance, his success rate fell by half.

It sounds so simple but in practice it is not so easy to do that because she can misconstrued your touch to be sexiest unless you have the looks and she does not mind.

How do you touch her arm without offending her or giving her a wrong impression? Can you make the touch so causal and not take notice about the brush? Maybe you could fake an accidental touch because of the close proximity with her.

Those who can’t pluck up the courage to reach out and touch the object of their desire could try smiling instead, Focus magazine reports.

Well! I guess , many gents will follow this route

Aberdeen University research found that a well-directed gaze coupled with a genuine smile makes a person up to eight times more attractive to the opposite sex.

When you talk to her, it is definitely better if you looked or gazed into her eyes and not at her chest. It is very rude and offensive when you do that.

The eye is the window into her heart. You can read into her eyes if she is interested in you or not. You would not want to ramble on when she is disinterested.

Another interesting point is having a healthy appearance and skin. You need to take good care of them by eating healthily, getting enough sleep and a good cleaning regime.

Be in good physical shape and wear some decent clothes to make you more appealing as clothes make a man. You do not want to look like a wimp or a whiner.

To increase the visual effects of attractiveness, a man should be seen in a bevy of other attractive and beautiful women. Women do have herd mentalities. They want what other women want. She will think that you are a great catch.

Research shows that many women take only a few seconds to make up their minds about a potential suitor . It may take less than 30 seconds to decide if you are the right materials for her.

As Hot Alpha Female posted in her blog.

“Girls don’t want anything to do with guy if they are not attracted to them. Full stop. And the funny thing is that we don’t even notice that we are giving all these lame ass excuses to hide the fact that we aren’t interested because we don’t feel it for some guy.”

It is rather a paradox ,for when she buys things or decides what to wear and match , it may take ages or a long time to get the results or she maybe paralyzed and unable to decide .

She has problems deciding and making decisions on many mundane things but not when she sees a potential mate. Her critical mind is well in grained or well trained in this art of deciding at a glance if he is suitable material or not. Call it female intuitions…LOL!

Reference and thanks to ;-

The science of seduction: How a touch on the arm can increase a man’s chances of finding love

By Fiona Macrae

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