Women Want less Sex – A Myth??

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It takes two to Tango or two hands to clap . By inference, both men and women should have the same or equal sex drive .

There are many roads leading to Rome .Men take the fastest and straight road to Rome while women take the longer and more scenic route. This has resulted in the opinion or myth that women want less sex .

We know for a fact that men think of sex every 60 seconds or whenever they see a female body or picture but when they are in a committed relationships,both men and woman have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds.

This debunks the myth that women have less sexual drive than men. Some of us may still have sexual stereotyping of others.

From a man’s point of view, sex is more of a physical act than an act of love and the enjoyment from it ;while a woman is unable to feel the same like men because they need the comfort and security in order to give and enjoy sex. Women need the emotional and mental stimulations before they are willing to partake in that act.It is deeply ingrained in to their systems.

They have to deal with the issue of pregnancy and social taboo’s and this fear is a dampener to their sexual drives. It is no wonder , a woman’s sexual peak is around 35 and above because this is the time when she sheds all her inhibitions about sex and the fear of pregnancy.They know what they want from their partners . When their sexual drive is peaking , the man’s is going downhill.

It is wrong to assume that women don’t enjoy sex or want less sex than men. Women do enjoy sex as much as men, except that they seek an emotional connection too. They find it more meaningful and fulfilled this way.

They also take longer to get aroused and are only aroused more easily during a certain time in the month when they ovulate. During this period their body releases certain chemicals to make them more horny.

When they are in a committed relationship or married, they have more and better sex than their unmarried counterparts.They enjoy the sex both physically and emotionally.

On another subject of women’s orgasm,a survey indicated that only 30% of women achieve orgasm from penetration alone. Most women need stimulation of the clitoris by hand or oral to reach climax.

It is not about the size of the male organ but in the technique of stimulating the woman’s clitoris which make her orgasm.

Some women do not enjoy sex because when they take off their clothes , they worry about their imperfect bodies and cannot be fully free to enjoy the act. Some will multi task while in the midst of it. They worry over other irrelevant things and cannot fully concentrate on the enjoyments.

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