Beware The Office Piranha’s And The Crocodile Dundee’s!

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The piranha is the dreaded South American carnivorous fish that can pick you clean in a few minutes with their razor sharp teeth.. They swim in a group and when they smell meat or blood, they will attack in a frenzy.

In the office, there are also piranhas who watch out for those bosses or high flying colleagues. They will attack and bite and they do not care if they are married or single. If you swim where the piranha live, then your life is in peril. LOL!

The piranhas will purposely get pregnant by you and you will be hooked for life or pay support for their children sired by them or if you did not meet their demands , they will set out to destroy you.. Pity those men who are weak and easily succumbed to those man killers.

When there is an office party and alcohol is flowing freely, the piranhas and crocodiles will appear and surface and woe to those men or women who have a tad too much and became drowsy. Here comes your friendly piranhas and crocodiles who would dance the whole night with you till you don’t know what hit you.

If you want to know, what an office piranha looks like, you can follow this link;-,22049,23001714-5006007,00.html


Similar to the piranhas are the crocodile Dundee’s. The office maybe a good place to look for a mate but could also be a dangerous place for those who are married.

Not all offices will see a piranha or croc, while some offices will have plenty.

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