Help! I Am falling In Love With My Teacher!

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When you are just in your sweet and tender 16-17 and you are just aware of your sensual feelings. The first man you will adore and possibly love will be your teachers. Many girls will silently admire or have a crush on their teachers and only a few would fall in love with the teacher outright. Some would have puppy love or infatuations.

They appear to your childish and young immature eyes as an epitome of a real and perfect man. He has everything that you idolize in a man, smart, intelligent, career and an aura of manliness about him.

He maybe 20 years your senior but you do not mind the age gap as long as you think he is in love with you and you think you are made for each other. The love maybe one sided and you will be thinking of him all the time. When you see him, your heartbeat goes a flutter. You have very strong feelings for him. You are falling in love with your teacher and it can affect your studies. If you cannot eat or sleep well, always thinking of that teacher then you have a problem.

Many of us when we were young too had such feelings in varying degrees for our teachers but we managed to outgrow those feelings.

From an over view of those cases where the students fell in love and married their teachers, many of them were separated after a few years. Those girls were too young to understand life and being a young mum with kids and responsibilities of a home was too much for them. They themselves still need to be looked after. The age different did kicked in after they were married, he became too old to enjoy your youthful activities and you don’t share his .

As a teacher, they should try to nip the problem in the bud. Teachers should be professional and should not abuse their position over their young charges. It is inappropriate to have any relationship with the students no matter what. Their job is to teach and to help their students to understand the subjects they teach.

You may love your teacher for who he is, but you should never have any relationship with him. It is not right because you are still too young to understand what love is all about. At your age, you should be studying and preparing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Don’t sell yourself short !

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176 Responses to “Help! I Am falling In Love With My Teacher!”

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I’m 19 and I think I’m in love with my physics teacher. He’s in between 30-35 and probably married. I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop myself thinking about him the whole day! I think he too has a crush on me. The way he stares at me and smiles, it’s something different than normal.

Hey ! 😄😄 I have a crush on my Spanish teacher and she’s just 4 years older than me she’s pretty and I am pretty gay too 😝😂 can you tell me how to get over her ? Coz I am going to be in this college for next 2 years ..

Hello there. I need someone to read this. I fall in love with my teacher though im not sure whether it is a crush or true love. But, i have this feeling since the first i saw him. He is a bit muscular and tough and tall. Im not sure if he has the same feeling for me but i caught him many time staring at me, giving me a nice treatment than to other students. He, too, caught me starting at him. I think he has the idea that i have a thing for him. Im trying to change his mindset but how. I dont want this feeling to affect my studies. I want to get rid of him out of my mind. I have tried so many ways to stop him and to stop me from this feeling. If you know what i mean. I did the worst which is not studying so that he hates me. So please i need someone to help me get rid of this feeling.

I have a stigma toward manly/macho men; bad experience and such. I prefer neutral guys ftw. Anyways, for my entire life I never had a teacher crush.Chiefly, becos that line has been drawn ever since I stepped into school. No matter how good looking you are, I will not acknowledge that.

I’m 16 and i have a school teacher who is 27.the first time I saw him stearing at me and and i didn’t mind but later he started acting so weird in front of me, like he want to grab my attention, and where ever i go and if he’s there he would always stear at me and i would always catch him stearing at me. So many girls from my school likes him cause he’s goodlooking, tall and he has a nice body and a deep voice. At first i really don’t like him but as time goes on he just keeps popping on my head and theres this little bit of me falling for him.

When I was 16 (almost turn 17 on Nov 24) and 10th grade. I have a secret crush on my history teacher at block first and his face is so pretty and handsome. Also, his face is different emotion like mine. He’s 27. I saw he was taller about 6’10” height. I can’t tell to my friends and everyone. My feelings become bigger fell in love him. How I don’t know say to him…
I just kept work hard in history is my favorite subject. Maybe I will later future to marry or date with him?? ‘,:/

i love my physics teacher . I am unaware of his private matters nd i want to say him that i love him but i m too scared to tell him

Hi. Im 18 years old and im a female. I started to fall in love with my tutor last year. He doesnt know this ( though maybe he knew bcuz i always look at him everytime he get out of the class and he caught me). He’s 27 years old and has no girlfriend. They broke up last month. im not sure about his feelings towards me but i caught him staring at me more than 3 times. everytime he standing infront, he look at me longer and tend to be very nice to me compared to the other students. currently, i tried to avoid him by not showing myself to him. He is not my tutor( he happen to be a tutor in my school) and i join his class a few times before. But now i stop because im trying to get rid of this feeling. However, its not working as he always show himself infront of me. I thought he knew ive been trying to avoid him. So, im gonna ask you guys do you any better ideas of how to get rid of this feelings? I hate thia feelings. It makes me feel horrible. Sorry for the broken english

17, graduating in 2 weeks, and slowly falling for my new music teacher. He’s fresh out of college at around 23 or 24. And here I am. Yeah it sucks and is stupid. He’s just a good friend though. It helps more that he isn’t my teacher, just a new one.

Не могу сейчас поучаствовать в обсуждении – очень занят.
Но вернусь – обязательно напишу что я думаю по этому вопросу.

Wow, this post is fastidious, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to inform her.

Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs!

Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
Carry on the great work!

I savor, cause I discovered exactly what I was having a look for.
You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

It’s so good to hear that there’s also hope and that there are people who feel the way I do.
I’m in love with my science teacher (N) he’s 27 and I’m 15. He has a girlfriend who is the complete opposite of me, she’s tall, blonde and quite frankly beautiful.
I don’t want to feel the way I do because he loves her and he’s happy and more than anything I need him to tell me that it will never happen otherwise he’s giving me false hope.
N is awesome. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh and when we are together I can really be myself and he excepts me for me. In my eyes he’s not perfect but I do love him. …I just need him to be happy even if it kills me inside.

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I am not in love with my teacher but I do have a huge crush. I will not tell you ages. He also treats me differently than other students, he’s nicer. I don’t have him this year but I had him last year. He also hugged me and I fantasize about him. Any advice on how to either tell him or get rid of this crush?

Hey guyz!!!!!!im in luv wth my inchrge..he is just 25 nd im 16…i hav alrdy propsd da nly prob is he was in a realtionshp wd a grel during his college(postgraduation)nd he z gng 2 marry hr by january…bt still i cnt stop feelings 2wrds him..if he approaches near me my heart beats so fast dat a tsunmi has approachd infrnt of me…wen evr im near his staffroom my i eyes starts searchng fr him…unexpctdly my lips starts smiling…i lose contrl on my nt knwng wat 2 do bt i really lv him nd i need him…im prayg god 2 get brk up wd his luvr..i want 2 impress him a lot dat he shld feel 2 accpt me.. da. Whole campus grls lve him/like him bt he. Didnt talkd wd any1 so closely hw he tald wd me..da secnd wen i prpsd him he askd me hw 2 leave her without hurting her nd doing any injustice 2 her..he z saying me if u have any answr 2 leave her wthout any kind of injustice he would hav acpt me!!!!!SIR I LOVE U….I LOVE U A LOT!!!!!!!!PLS ACCPT ME….pls guyz say me wat 2 do..kalyane kallu is my fb id..if any1 have answrs plz msg me……..pls pls..bye.

i am 16 and my history teacher is in late 30’s but i donot concern age gap , i am deeply in love with him, i blush whenever i see him , when i see him my heart starts to beat faster , he is just awesome and i donnot know what to do

I am in luv with my tution teacher , not for any reason .. I know this is all wrong ,that is why i am not going to tell him that i luv him , when he comes in frount of me heart bearts like anything , when he smiles ,i feal like i am in heaven … I dont know what is this but .. I dont cair … I will luv him till my last breath

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I’m In High School, I’m A 11th Grader That’s Deeply In Love With Her Teacher. Not Math, Not Science, Not History But I Am In Love With My Spanish Teacher. Well My Old Spanish Teacher And Till This Day I See Him Every Day No Matter If We Don’t Have No More Classes With Eachother. I Still Fantasize About Him. He Just Turned 26 Years Old I Know Right, Why Is This 16 Year Old Girl Falling For Her Old Spanish Teacher. To Tell You The Truth He Has A Fiance And They Are Getting Married Soon. But That Doesn’t Bring Down My Hopes. Call Me Crazy But Not A Stalker Like I Know Things That He Hasn’t Yet Told Me. Crazy Right? But He’s So Charming And Handsome Like He’s A Great Guy. For Some Reason I Always Fall For A Guy Much Older Then Me. He’s Ten Years Older Then Me. I Like Those Mature Guys. Hes just Perfect. Everything Im Looking In A Boy My Age Well My Teacher Has. Like Thats Crazy. Omg He Can Sing And Rap And He Can Do So Many Things. Like Its Crazy Hes Hardworking. His Passion For Spanish Is Unbelieviable. To Tell You The Truth Boys My Age Are Still Learning How To Grow The Hell Up. But Like All He Has To Do Is Smile And He Will Brighten Up My Day. Sometimes It Used To Be A Struggle Trying To Pay Attention In Class. But I Did It. And Ever Since I First Laid Eyes On You My Love For You Has Gotten Stronger And To The Point Where I Would Do Anything For Him. He Wants Kids. Lol I Love Kids. They So Cute. But They Have Thier Moments When They Can Be A Ass. But Hey Its Life And Like I Love His Personalitity Its Amazing. I Have A Feeling He Knows I Like Him Alot. Well Good. I Think I Gave It Away When He Was Suprised I Got Him A Present For Christmas. He Was LIKE “For Me?” Aww You Shouldnt Have. Like I Used To Space Out In His Class Alot But Like Literally Just Staring At Him DayDreaming. I Used To Have His Class Third Period Everytime After Fourth Period Was Done Like Right At Lunch Time I Would Go See Him Cause He Used To Help The School Clean The Lunch Room. Idk Why But He Did. See He Cant Say No. I Would Of Been Since Your Short On Staff Hire Another Person To Do It. He Likes Helping. But Yeah I Would Walk Down Stairs With Him And Talk. But Like At Times In Class When He Will Give Directions On What To Do I Will Sit Back And Just Dream About Him. Hes Is On My Mind 24/7 You Know If I Wont Be Able To See Him After School Or Before School I Will Go During Lunch Pass His Class. Different Schedule Me And Him Have. So Its Hard. When I Have Lunch He Has A Class. And When There In Lunch I Finish Lunch And Now Im In Class. But At Lease If I See Him And Hes Good. Then Im Fine. But If I Think He Stressed Then I Would Go After School To His Class And We Will Chat Even About Personal Things. We Are Like Soo Close Now. He Has Soo Much Respect Towards Someone. Hes Like Not Even Secretive. Like He Never Saids No. If He Can Help Then He Will. Like I Love Him So Much For All Hes Done. He Has Helped Me Through My Mom Surgerys When I Didnt Have No One To Talk To And When My Bestfriend Skrewed Me Over. He Was There And He Gave Me Advice. Much More Like Hes Down To Earth. Whats Good About Him Is He Knows When To Take It Serious In Class And When He Could Let Us Fool Around Have A Couple Jokes. Like He Is Mad Funny. Everytime The Students Would Rap In His Class. And A Few Times He Got In And He Made Them Stood Shut. Lol He Still Has That Little Kid Side To Him. Cause To Tell You The Truth Thats How You Get Through To These Kids Now And Days. I Always And I Still Do Everyday See Him, Talk About Him And To Him, And Think About Him. Hes Been There When I Truely Needed Someone. His Accent Though The Way He Speak Spanish Is Soo Sexy And Hot. Hes Short Like 5″8 Im A Couple Inches Taller Then Him. Hes Never Disrespectful To Me. Like When It Came To The Other Kids And Them Speaking Bad He Would Always Tell Them To Stop Or Watch What They Saying Like When It Came To Me Never. I Would Always Catch Him Starring At Me. Especially When He Be Telling Jokes I Be Dying Like He Would Always Look At Me To See My Reaction Cause He Knows I Be Looking At Him. Or When He Shows Off Its Soo Cute. =) Lol I Cant Help But Laugh Or Smile When Talking To Him We Have This Special Bond. Like I Dont Want To Lose Him. Im Almost Out That School. I Have Like Another Year And A Half To Go And I Wont Stop Seeing Him. Eventually I Would Tell Him. Before Schools Ends. Find Away To Communicate With Him To. Sorry If Its Long. I Love Writing But I Just Needed Someone To Know. I Have A Problem I Know But Hey Its Not My Fault My Heart Is Falling For Someone Older Then Me. Amazing Cool Respectful Guy Who Truely Cares.

I’m in love with my teacher. There is nothing else that could describe how obsessed I am with him. There is a 18 year age gap between us but I don’t even think about that. For some reason, everytime I imagine myself in 10 or 15 years, I am always dating or married to this certain guy. I don’t even mean it to be that way. Once I wrote my name at the top of this worksheet at school and I wrote his last name instead of mine. I noticed instantly and me and my friend laughed so hard about it for the rest of the day. But if he asked me to run away and marry him today, I would. It’s crazy! I wish that I didn’t have to think about him all the time, it is a waste of time! None of the guys around my age notice me, so why would he?

Please,please dont judge me. I’m 14 (15 jan 23) and I’m in love with my 55 year old history teacher. I know I’m madly in love with him and I know its deffinatly not good but I cant stop. He is all i ever think about. Does anyone have suggestions to falling out of love with your teacher?? I just want my life back!!!!

I’m 13 and my teacher is 27…. I don’t know why but I just simply fall in love with him. Omg. I realise I like him when… I found out that in my mind, everything he do is perfect . All my other friends knew about it. They still make fun of it. I know we won’t be together. But every night before I sleep. I will spend time thinking about being together with him. Omg. What should I do…

I just started to like my teacher recently but I’ve had him for like almost four months so… but I’m 15 and he’s like in his late 20’s and he’s really attractive. like I’ve tried paying attention during his class but I keep finding myself staring at him and I can’t get myself to stop.

Back in 2008, I came across this page. I was in love with my teacher back then and was desperately looking for tips on what to do. This helped me out a lot! I decided to ignore the feelings I had for him and I grew over it.

however, when I was completely over him, something happened. After a biology-trip on the last day of school, my dad couldn’t pick me up due to a broken car. Everyone else already went home and that teacher was waiting for me to be picked up when I found out my dad couldn’t come.

He decided to bring me to school (I lived near my school back then) and during the car-ride… he confessed to me! :O
I was just shocked! The car-trip was extremely awkward… I told him that this wasn’t right and that he should’ve kept it for himself.

He dropped me at school and we said goodbye. I wouldn’t see him untill the graduation ceremony.
Because he confessed, I started thinking about him again… and this rejuvenated my feelings for him…
At the graduation ceremony, I decided to keep this for myself and I said goodbye to him just like I said goodbye to all of the other teachers.

Going to college helped me a lot to get over him since I simply had no time to think about him 😛

but one day, I was printing some stuff at school and he walked by! I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do… we talked a bit about school and he offered to send me some documents which would help me out a lot! (I study to become a teacher myself) so he got my mail-address.

one thing led to another and eventually he invited me to come over for some coffee. we talked a lot and we ended up talking about what happened during that car-trip back to school. he told me that he still thinks about me a lot and I told him that I had a crush on him during high school and that I’m still having feelings for him.

and now… I’m kind of in a relationship with him.
We’re really happy together, it’s like a fairy tale come true! the only downside is that we decided to keep our relationship semi-secret. some people wouldn’t understand it and could cause us a lot of trouble. but other than that, it’s a dream come true!

lol well on my other comments bout Mr Suniga i put my name as Alyssa!That not my name buh i dont want him looking at this and knw how i really fell but i doubt he would look at this!I wish i could tellem how i really fell buh i cant cause he’s my math teacher and i dont want him felling weird around me!He knows i like him cause i make it obvious!He’s like 20 sumthing years older then me!Buh truth is,Age doesnt matter to me!And if u wuld see him u would fall for him like i did!That sexy ass smile would catch ur attention.Hes on my mind 24/7 and he always ask me if i need help!He cares bout me buh not the way i want him too:(He cares bout me as a student nun els! I would do anything for him and do anything to see his smile:)He has a gf that lives in Victoria Texas!And she is one lucky ass girl.Just sayin will bye and i will alway love/like u Mr Suniga ❤


omg there’s this cute ass teacher by the name of Mr Suniga.And i swere i didnt fall for him until like the 5th week of school.IDK!Buh wen i see him my world is something different..I know he knows i like him cause i make it so obvious wen im around him.Its the smile that got my attention.his smile is the cutest thing ive ever seen!No lie.Well hes not married buh has a gf that lives in victoria texas and we live in San Antonio Tx.Well imma leave him alone before i get him in trouble…Buh i still have a crush on him!And he is fine A’F!

hey im 12 im from Brunei Darussalam . Im inlove with my ‘ugama’ i mean the teacher that teach me about islam . well , its almost a year already . and i told him. he was shocked . but thank god , he understands me . he is not that handsome but for me he is . whenever i see him in the school , the attract me . i feel like i dont wanna stop stare at him . i really love him well for me , im muslim . im not suppose to have a feeling with a teacher but i cant help it anymore . ilove him for who he is . he’s like 30+ years old and im like
12 hahah . lol . i dont care as long as he knows that i love him

ilove him because of his , :

eyes , his kindness , his face , the way he talk with me .the way he smile and laugh . it makes me melt . ilove him so much ❤ god bless him

my name is nicole and im 17 years old
and from what Ive read here, I realize that I have a problem..
im in love with my math teacher Almost a year now
And hes really not a handsome man or something like that
it because hes a wonderful person
Im very attached to him
There were a lot of times that we sat together after school and talked for hours
I love to talk to him and he really understands me
When me and my boyfriend broke up he was the only person
that I talked to about it
He encouraged me and he told me that this guy is stupide and that
if he was in my age he would go out with me
and he told me that he thinks that im very beautiful and he also said
that im his Preferred student…

i really dont know what to do anymore…
im always thinking about him
im always Looking for him at school
I got sad when some lesson with him has been cancelled
I get upset when he doesnt Give me attention
I even came to school a few times when I was sick just so i could see him….

I know it’s not good for me but I just cant get him out of my head

And although he really likes me I know that he doesnt like me the same way
and hes also married and he even has two children…

I know that I dont have a chance with him and that it’s probably just a fantasy
but I really cant forget about him…
There are alot of guys who want me and alot of people say that I’m very beautiful
but I still want him …
And I know that I might get him into a lot of problems because of it….

please help me…


Well I’m 14 and I’m here because I was looking for some help because I’m in in in in love with my NEW science teacher NOT Maths I’ve read the old comments and evryone is in love with a Maths teacher BUT I’m in love with a science teacher omg his blue eyes and his blod hair omg his mouth I just want to kiss him omg every girl in the school loves him he reminds me of Harry Styles from 1D they look alike and and hiis smile is like the paradise I’m just melting and his name is George my friends know that I like him but he doesn’t know yetwe talked once but I will try to ask him someything tomorrow wish me luck!!!

im 14 btw and hes in his idk 30’s i think and i think he lives in my city! just yesterday was when i started to have some strong feelings for him! he smiled at me and i didnt turn in my HW and he gave me a chance and the other students he took points off cant stop thinking about him his smile i know its wrong but i just want to hug him kiss him and yeaa. especually help me on my math cuz i suck O;

I have a crush on my math teacher! he’s very handsome so funny and has the best smile ever! while he teaches his lesson i catch him starring at me and im just daydreaming of his face looking another way..<3 cant wait to see him on tuesday~~!!! :DD

dont worry ur not the only one faling hard for a teacher. i’m like 13 im in 7th grade and i still remember the first day of school when i met her. so it was lke p.e on second period and im all sweaty and tired, and by the time im in my 3rd period class im all cranky, but then when i got to my 4th period class i came face to face with the most beautiful women ever {well to me she is} anyway i had always had a soft spot for people with natural “redhair” and pale skin and when i met her it hit the jackpot. im mostly a socializing kinda person but this women takes my breathe away, she is like 5’5 or 5’6, short red hair, pale skin, has a broad and confidence sense of humor and a joyful way of talkin, hmm maybe she doesnt have have toned and flat stomache but she should be consider average. for the whole class period i didnt even talked becuase well i couldnt find anywords to describe her. at first i wanted to tell her how i feeled but instead i kept my heart to itself and go on through the whole school year loving and helping her evr second i got, yeh it was a pain, but things weren’t just emant to be and i didnt want to ruin our teacher- and -student bond. by the end of the year i wrote her the most romantic letter ever telling her what i see in her and how i felt, but i didnt sign my name i just put ” from your 4th period lover” . yeh sometimes you cant have everything u want but maybe loving someone in secret is wht’s the best for them. i tried my best not to fall for her but those walls i built around my heart just broke down by looking at her smile, like my Dad alway says: love is like quicksand, the deeper you fall in, the harder it is to get out. so my advice to you is love that person with everything u got until you cant love them anymore. ” its funny how someone can break ur heart, but u still love them with everylittle pieces”

The absolute worst thing ever is people that act asif falling for your teacher is some sort of childish immature thing,but at the end of the day they are still real people and regular guys,I just wish people would understand that you don’t fall for the fact their teachers your fall for how they look,something about them is so easy to fall in love these days and just because they’re a ‘teacher’ its not an any less real thing,its not a ‘crush’ its an actual feeling for someone that’s in your life,telling them shouldn’t be against the rules because is telling someone who’s not a teacher against the rules? No?. I just really want to get my point across that being in love with a teacher isn’t bad,but it also isn’t something we should act silly and ‘stalkerish’ about because getting over someone is the hardest thing anyone could ever go through,teacher or not

I didnt want to fall in love with my English teacher, in fact first day that I had her I resisted so hard not to fall for her but I failed. Now I sit in class all day listening to the wonderful way she talks, looking at her beautiful face, and her amazing choice of clothing. I couldn’t help falling in love.

you dont understand, he treats me rubbishly and treats my friend better (but my friend really hates him) but yet i stll really love him no matter what he does.

Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga im 100% nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga im 200% nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga whu you eat so much chicken

can you please delete the post from April 20!? omg if he ever read that he’d know it was about him. thank you

I’m 16 and you have just described my whole situation. you see im in love with my english teacher and i think about him ALL the time. i mean 24/7. its been 1 year and a half and i never used to be in love with him. it all started when i had this dream, me and him where kissing and hugging but then i woke up.
Ever since then he is all i think about. His hair.His eyes.His smile. i captures me so deepl that i can hardly take it. In class i act as if i dont care but that because he is there. its only when i go home i feel so in agony. i have multiple song that describe how i feel. Thousand years,dare to belive and kiss etc. ive even gone as far as finding his profile on facebook. he is although everyone thinks he is gay :/ but i try not to belive them. i know where he lives but its because i love him. id never tell him or stalk him about how i feel i know its wrong but we all feel this for someone in our lives mine just happens to be a teacher and in there 30s but i feel the longer we are apart the less i start to think about him, which is good.
ive never told any of my friends and im glad other people feel the same that i do. i write how i feel down on my ipad and he has inspired me to take english for A-level i mean i’d never work harder for anyone then for him. he came up to me the other day in the coridoor and started asking how i was and whether i am in his class for english as he will be sad if i’m not. he is just so lovely and i respect him and wont try anything. ive neveer felt this way i mean everytime i think of him i smile and when i see him my heart races.

I am 12 and my teacher is 26 but he also has a girlfriend I can’t tell anyone else about it I don’t know what to do

I am sixteen and I really really like my teacher he is about 24 he I so so hot, I no nothing can ever happen and nothing will never happen even if I wish it would but I find it really hard tonconcentrate in lesson this is so annoying why does he have to be so hot!!! :z

I am 19years and am truly in love with my christian religious studies teacher and i think he love me to. i want he and dont want to loose him help

I’m 14 and I’m in 8th grade.. I read this blog because I’m in love with my math teacher. Math is like my weakest subject and I really hate it… I don’t know if I’m just having an infatuation on him.. I fell in love with him and I can’t stop thinking of him…outside, I act like I hated him and pretend that he scares me… But inside he is really cute. I can’t say hot because I think its weird… Only my best friend knows I like him. I wanna have a relationship with him but I know he can get in trouble and he’s married so I really try to stay away from him. Maybe during our Math class when our student teacher is discussing, he’s on his desk working in the computer or sometimes texting his friends, I always stares at him. And after many days I just noticed his making me special. His being so nice to me and acted like going somewhere but really just to see me.. Well my math teacher is pretty friendly to his students and one of my friends is friends with him.. But he’s pretty sarcastic to my friends while he talks so gentle to me and sometimes jokes at me.. I just think its just my teenage and then after that I try to stay away from him… I started to think I just admire him and now its just that I treated him like my brother and now he’s just special to me as a brother(fake brother)… and well yeah also my I started to make math interesting to me because of him…..

In my first period is math and my teacher is helping this teacher student to teach a math class next year and I think he’s SO HOT and he’s always smiling at me and one time I was akin my real teacher a question and he walked over to me and put his hand on my waist and after he answered my question he winked at me and when class was over he asked me if I would stay after school so he could help me and of course I said yes then when the day was over I went to my math class and I sat down and then he got a chair and sat next to me and he said that I looked really pretty today and then he put his hand on my leg near my u know where but I didn’t mind and I got really horny and the a few minutes after that he kisses me but I LOVED IT and now I can’t stop thinking about him but I get to see him every day

I think I like my teacher, last year when I had him I did like nothing in his class but talk and I still got a B. I didn’t complain because I was happy I didn’t fail. Then we started flirting and now all my friends and other teachers think we’re like secretly going out. I dream about him some times which freaks me out because like it’s weird.

Im a Junior and am 16 Years old. This Year was starting fine We got 3 new teachers, This teacher which is teaching me World history Is very nice and funny I never felt something for him he is just cute and very older than me hes like almost 40 but he kinda looks young he doesnt have child and apparently he has bad luck on girlfriends I dont know but I started to feel some feelings for him, AND Im even scared of myself. But ill try to ignore this feelings but its good to know that youre not the only one who “loves” your teacher UwU

seriously messed up 😥 can’t stop thinking about him , i relate everything back to him. I’m that confused at the moment im close to telling him how i feel. People think he likes me, he acts as though he does, he smiles at anything i do , but i don’t know how he would react to this. I think he knows im 70% sure he knows i think he’s attractive anyway , he leads me on completely and it’s even worse if he does know. I have until june in school but i am going on yet another school holiday with him in april please someone help i am desperate.

so i really like my problem solving teacher and really you dont have to be 16 or older to feel this way tourwards ur teacher. im 14 and im an 8th grader. i mean i know is normal but everytime i see him i get really nerveous and i feel hot. every girl think his hot and cute. My problem with that is that i really hate to be one of them i want to be different but at the same time i really like him. It sucks to know that i cant tell him how i feel. i think about him alot and his 23 years old he has sky blue eyes his a new teacher and i never thought of falling in love with him. i hate the fact it hurts so bad my friends dont really get me but they know i like him is sooooooooooo horrible i wish he was mine just for a while like just to go out. he is too old they said but i just……………………. is just that i feel his not im 14 lets see 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. 9 years of difference thats not old please.
something my friend told me was to just think of how this year was going to end. but i know is not going to end well.-_- =(

Hi Laura my best friend has fallen herself into a messy sitation like this you might here these stories a hundred times that i like my science teacher and when i first met him sparks flew and my heart felt heavy and i had butterflies so bad that they wanted to escape but coudnt….but my freind said to me she dosent know what to do she feels confused and just basically depressed she KNOWS there is not a future with him because he does have a fiance and he seems like that type that is not unfaithfull but shejust dont know if he likes her if she should listen to her heart and let him go or just carry on loving him but she asked for advise and im asking you what should she do ? how can she let go of this powerfull feeling so powerfull she just cant get him out of her head

Thanks .

sounds like love you me girl! I wish MY professor would do that for me… :\

Hi, I’m Sean, and I’m a girl living in South Korea.

I dropped out of school a few years ago because of family issues, and these days I have private tutors for my studies.
Uh, it may sound fake and odd, but I honestly swear I’ve never fell in love with a man before. I mean, I’m not a lesbian or anything but it was just so difficult to have a crush on anyone. I grew up close to Western culture, I mean I literally started to listen to The Beatles when I was 8 and I know more about the music/art scene in America and England than in my hometown, and that kinda distanced me from the other kids my age. I guess boys just don’t like nerdy girls who talk about 70’s movies and Led Zeppelin..
Well, a few months ago I started attending this private Spanish Class (I learn a lot of languages). My teacher is a Spanish guy, about 29 years old or so, and at first I hated him with a vengeance.. He’s a rather cold, calculating person… Like a well-educated perfectionist, you see, and he points out every single thing you do wrong, which is pretty annoying. A few classes later, I arrived early and was taking my medication (I had depression for about two years or so) when he walked in on me. It was just so embarrassing, because usually I pretend to be a very secure, strong person, and if anyone caught me taking pills it would blow my cover.. But my teacher suddenly turned really concerned and asked me to talk about my “problems” with him, and I did. It was the most relieving conversation I ever had, and after that we grew really close, I mean talking-about-personal-problems close. He knows almost everything about me, from down to my darkest secrets to the fact that I don’t have a father, which I think has some effect on my psychological tendencies with boys.
I don’t know if I love him or not. Personally I think he’s more like a father image to me (I’m 16), because rather than wanting to, uh, hold hands or anything I just feel comforted when he’s nearby, and I think he knows this because he’s always calling me by a pet name or taking me out for cookies and stuff. But some friends of my age claim that this is what being in love is like.. I’m just so confused. What should I do? What is this feeling that I’m going through? 😦
(oh, and sorry for the bad English.)

hey, it’s me again. It actually kinda hurts keeping my feelings in like this. I haven’t told a single person yet. It hurts even more when it seems like he flirts with my friend.BUT ONLY A TINY BIT!!!I still love him and would never say anything to hurt mr bulgin!!!!

Everytime I see him, I have to smile. I just can’t help myself! There is just something about him that makes my heart skip a beat. Loads of older girls (14-17) have crushes on him, and it’s so obvious! btw im 12. OK. So i’m a little young to fall in deep love with a 26 yr old man, but I can’t help it! The feelings I have for him I just cannot describe! Girls just think he is cute, but I see him as much more than that! I can even tell what mood he’s in just by seeing him!

Hi, I’m Lucy.
I’m 14 years old, living in the noth of England. When I went back to school after chrsitmas break we had a new history teavher that had just joined the school. At first he came across shy, I think it was just because he had started a new job and he is not from this area. I didn’t think anything of him until a few weeks ago. One of my closest friends had told me that she thinks maybe this teacher fancys me. I told her she was talking nonsence and ignored her. But then i started thinking more about him. As he started to come out of his shell a little more, I started to notice he is actuallly really good looking, and funny. He is easy to talk to, and easy to joke with. He has the most adorable smile. I think about him a lot. I know it’s not weird or obsurd to like your teacher because I have a friend who is madly in love with her teacher, and she tells me about storys she reads online about other girls being in love with their teacher. Everytime I pass him in school my heart skipps a beat, and I get mad butterflies. I was told last week that he has a girlfriend. I was, and am, so jealous. This is when i realised I must have a problem.

On the contrary, I fell in love with my teacher when I was a freshman, and we waited until I was legal and graduated, and got married. We aren’t interested in having children, so our age difference has no biological side affects, and he is 25 years my senior. Everyday, I love him more, and we have been married now for 10 years. 🙂

I’m a 12 year-old girl in 7th grade. I know you’re thinking “she’s way too young. She’s just a kid; not even a teenager yet” but I’m very mature and tall for my age. If you saw me out in public as a complete stranger, at the youngest, you’d guess I was 15. So… I came into 7th grade this year, having 3 male teachers, for the first time ever. The first teacher that came to my mine as a male teacher was “him” (not gonna use his name). But, I had seen him in the hallways before, heard him talk, and think he was gay. I’d herd roumors that he was gay. And people laughed at him sometimes. But that all changed. When I first walked into his class, me and my best friend sat by each other. We were talking, so of course, he moved us. I hated him. I didn’t even want to go to his class. Over the next few weeks, I’d learned he was 26, married, and had a child. I also learned he was very funny, and talkative. All the cool kids loved him. (as a teacher) and you know, hung out with him, teased him, the usuall. But I however, was shy. I never talked to him and still don’t to this day unless he does to me first. He began complimenting me all the time on my clothes. He always says im a very stylish girl. He always winked at me in class. And I knew it. I have fallen in love with him. I’d had visions of him all the time. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I constanty had him on my mind, and stalked his Facebook page. I gave him a Christmas present and he hugged me and wrote me a thank you note. I love him so much. I just wish I could kiss him. One time. That’s it. But I know it can never happen. It makes me want to cry thinking I have to leave him in only 3 months. I love him. I need him. I can’t talk to my friends, parents, or anyone about this. I really need help, and keeping my feelings locked up hurts. Please help. Thank you.

I’m Jose and I am a Spanish Tutor, 30 years old. I teach girls from the age of 13 to 17 and to be honest I do not feel attracted to my pupils, probably because as an adult I just focus on teaching when I go to work, and sorry girls that’s what normal adult men feel. I usualy do 1 to 1 tutoring and I must say that a teacher DOES notoice when a girl tries to flirt with him, it’s a very difficult age because teenagers can’t controll themselves and I can imagine that they want to practice their flirting skills and beginning to launch their female attraction power for the first time, but I warn you it’s a dangerous game depending on the teacher’s reaction. The fact is that the girl’s attempt has always an effect on the teacher. In my case I must say it is really annoying to keep up with that. I really don’t pay attention when my student starts slowly sensually toching her thighs and lifting her skirt while she is tenderly looking at my eyes pretending me to believe that she is just pulling her tights straight. Tutors can tell the difference, it’s very obvious but it is absurd and bizarre as well. I, as an adult, personally think it’s best to ignore her hoping that she gives it up one day soon, which usually even actually works! :-), just kids stuff…BUT, nevertheless, unaccountably, the picture of her tempting you pops up in your head the following week all the time, guess what I’m only a human!!! it’s a real pain in the ass and that makes me fell harassed during a few days. And I have had to put up with some many bizare situations tutoring you can’t imagine. So please girls, listen, be nice, focus in learning at school and focus in flirting in your spare time with boys of your same age, pleeeease don’t be gross, your teacher is not having a good time if he is an honest man and if he does take advantage (you will imediately know) of his situation, bear in mind that he is half the man you think he is because an ADULT man does control his sexuality and is interested and adult women, but still a teacher is not your toy. If you really think he is cool and you like him because he is a good teacher and makes every effort to entertain you while teaching than try not to be mean on him, because it messes up his live, and remember he does NOT LOVE YOU.
I hope this has been encouraging, sorry for my English though. 🙂

.Hi my name is megan and i Realllly like my teacher ! He is like between 24 and 26 and i am 15 . I i know its wrong but i cant help my feelings ! He is gorgeous , funny, has a great personality and is sooo nice ! all my friends think im insane but i have always been attracted to older men i think it might have something to do with the fact that i have always been so ready to grow up and be married with kids , that an older man just looks so much more mature and able to take care of me :p Just the fact that i get to see him makes its worth dragging myself out of bed and i always get dissapointed when there is a sub ! He has a girlfriend but i dont think its anything to serious . . i love befriending my teachers though because i like them to know that i care for them as people 🙂 He has dirty blonde . . kind of light brown hair and blue eyes and i always embarrass myself when i fantisize about him . . . nothing like really sexual im pretty innoccent :p but i like imagining him protecting me 🙂 or kissing him ! Even saying this is embarrassing but i need to tell someone who wont make fun of me !! thinking about him right now as i write this makes my heart beat faster and makes me feel really warm . Im not really looking for advice, i wont cross any lines im just going to be nice to him and ill see what happens with that . . i just wanted to tell somebody ! 🙂 thanks you !

having a relationship with your professor is very gross , all of my male proferrors are not attractive at all , even if there has i wouldnt have a relatioship with them , it is very unethical , the professor and student wont work out , besides professor will just playing games with you and wont take you seriously . both of you will be expeled .

Well this has certainly made me feel better! I’m 16 in secondary school (high school), and I’m after falling in love with my maths teacher. It may not be true love, but it is certainly the strongest emotion I’ve ever had for a guy besides hate for Justin Bieber. He’s 33 (approx.) and he got married over Summer, which was really depressing. But we always have these chats where it feels like he’s been my best friend for years. One day we were talking and I said “shit”, just a slip of the tongue and he laughed. But another girl said the exact same thing two minutes later and he gave out to her so much! He’s never mean to me, even though all my friends say he’s really mean to them and he’s always smiling at me when we pass each other. When I died my hair and got it cut he noticed straight away and said that it really suited me. Then when he talks to me I get REALLY happy and eyes turn green. Not just green, but like, in your face green! And he noticed one day and said “You have the greenest eyes I have ever seen”. I’m not the best at maths and for my Leaving Cert I was think on getting tutoring from him, but I don’t know would it be appropriate. None of my friends approve of him, only one does and thats because she knows how I feel about him. What should I do? O.o


I’m 18 and my teacher is 9 years older than me. I’m in college so it isn’t weird or anything.
It’s hard because I am extremely attracted to him, and I think he is back slightly. I know he tries to hide it a lot, but hey we all make mistakes.

I wouldn’t say I’m ‘in love with him’, but it’s definitely hard to deal with. By the time I finish college I will be 20, so maybe for the future? My mum jokes that she approves already and everyone is telling me it’s not a big deal because im in college also, aswell as not too big of an age gap.

hey ho, the future may be bright.

Hey Ceresa,

I am in college too and have a crush on my professor.. I’m 18, he is 33 >< But, I know he is single.. But for you, since he isn't single, I would just subtly hint that you like him/would want to talk to him more etc. I'm trying to do the same with mine too since he is no longer my professor and I had him last semester. But, I guess it is important that you feel it won't be awkward DURING CLASS if you two talked more outside of class. Cause right now it is more important that you learn from his class.. and when finals are over, THEN talk to him more.. Thats what I'm doing! 🙂

Also, is your college a small/private school?? Cause that could make a big difference too how often you run into him outside of class..

Good luck!

Hi.. Laura.. 🙂
And everyone.. 🙂
I know it’s forbidden to have any kind of romantic relationship with teachers/lecturers..
But.. 😦
I have a secret crush with my lecturer..
I just can’t erase him out of my mind..
And he already has a GirlFriend.. 😦
Maybe they’re going to get engaged soon..
But.. I feel so much pain in my chest and I want to tell him my feelings.. So he can reject my feelings.. And I will cry as much as I need to get over him.. 😦
Should I tell him? Or shouldn’t I ?
Please help me everyone.. Thanks for your concern.. 🙂
Btw, I’m 20 and he’s 27.. 😦
I’m a college student.. 😦

I love my teacher! He Is really nice to me. If im quieter then usual he will ask if I’m okay. He is really hot. He is really nice and caring. He is in his 20’s. I really like him. I try everything not to think about him but I can’t.

iforgot to mention dat he is in hes 20’s maybe 26 or 27 & hes so nice to me then to other girls . . . Lol

So im 15 in HighSchool already and ifeel so … I dont know how to xplain it but ithink ido love my chemistry teacher hes also a football and basketball coach he has the perfect abs ive seen them on homecoming when he was rubbing his tummy for some reason and well ihope he likes me back ! He usually tells me to come in the mornings at 7;10 so we can check my homework and stuff and is usually smilely with me and always says wassap with a cheesy smile (: what do you guys think about this ??????!

Damn! soooo many people feel the same way lol!!!! I just don’t know how to subtly tell my teacher that I wanna continue talking to him next semester when he will no longer be my professor..One hugr problem though.. He is 33 and I’m 18. But he is TOTALLY single .<3 I know he likes to run as do i.. would it be wrong to ask him to go on a run with me when finals are over??

thanks guys:)

Dear Laura,
Woahh, I didn’t know that SO many people feel the way I do. I’m deeply and madly in love with my teacher. He just graduated college last year. This is his first teaching job. He’s 23 years young. A lot of people don’t find him “attractive.” he’s scrony looking but I’ve always been attracted to that type! But that’s just a plus. What I really love about him is he is mature (I’m a freshman in highschool so all the guys in my grade a SO immature) he’s classy, he has a dry humor which I LOVE. He’s passionate at what he does. He is SO talented. When I’m around him I want to just hold him and never let go! (But I don’t offcourse) he has the most amazing smile ever! When I see him my day gets better. My day IS better. He gives me mixed signals. I don’t think he likes me. Why would he? I’m 15! He has a girlfriend too. Well I assume this only because this girl asked him if he did but he didn’t reply he just blushed a lot. It was SO cute! But a bittersweet moment. I hang out in his classroom with a couple of my friends all the time! Whenever they talk to him he still will stare directly at me! Even one of my friends noticed it! He also smiles at me a lot. He’s a choir teacher with the most amazing voice ever! I love guys that can sing too!I’ve always have! I audition for a duet in choir and he gave it to me! He wanted us(my duet partner and me) to dance while singing. Since I’m a dancer(have been for 6 years) I know what I’m doing I even told him that but he still took my hand and showed me the steps. (He’s also an amazing dancer) but like I said he gives me mixed signals. Some days he’ll ignore me. Or say a comment like “Why do you always come in my classroom?” Which makes my whole day sad. That’s why I don’t think he likes me. I don’t know if this part is “normal” but since I wanna be an actress I think of little stories in my head starring him and myself as the leads. And ofcourse end up “happily ever after” I just love him so much. I think about him constintly. One time there was this Doctor Phill show that my mom watched with me about a stundent falling in love with a teacher. But the teacher was MESSED UP! A pervert! So I asked my mom about what she thought of this subject. I even said if they both TRULY loved each other. She still said that the teacher should be arrested. She told me if he really loved me he would wait(all hypothetically) which made me think …If he did like me and told me that he did. I’m not sure if I’d accept. It would be the hardest thing I had to do. Because there are so many reasons why a wouldn’t accept like lieing to my mom, dad, my whole family, and friends. And if we’d get caught he’d lose his job and probably get registered as a sex offender. Which I could NOT live with. If he was a sex offender he couldn’t have kids or be around kids at all!! It would ruin his life! And there’s only one reason why I would accept. And that’s because I’d get to be with him! And love him all the time. Plus I like the whole forbitten love sorta thing. I like the fact that we know something everyone else doesn’t know. O rlike giving him a flirtasious smile in class with him not looking at me like I’m a creeper! Haha I’m so confused! I know I’m young and stupid. But I feel like I’m the exception. I don’t think I’m that mature. But I’m a lot more mature then most of my classmates. I’m an only child. Forced to be with adults. But now I’d rather be with adults than kids(odviously haha) I’m well brought up. I love the classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s(or any Audrey Hepburn movie) I love the whole Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire era! So I’m not like other 15 year olds! I guess that’s my point. I’m different than a regular teenager going through PMS! Yeah you’re right I don’t know what love is. But right now that’s the closest thing I have to it!

I have the same problem but mines a little different. I am a girl, almost 18 (senior) and I am madly in love with my 23/24 year old female English teacher. Yea!! I have never felt like this before about the same sex but damn I can’t keep my eyes off her. The bad part is that I have to be around her for 5 hours of the day! Yah you would think that’s awesome, well its not when all I think about is her. I mean she has the biggest smile and the sweetest heart. But I can sit and flirt with her all day and she doesn’t even looked shocked when I say stuff to her. And I’ve told her that I am falling for her and she just never says anything but smiles. So I have many mixed emotions on this. I think she kinda just never says anything is because I’m still in school so I will have to see :/ glad I can get this off my chest!!!

Well, what I need is help. I’ve fallen in love with my teacher. He’s 29 and I’m quite younger (13 years old). Everybody, in this situation, assures it’s different, quite far from a crush. Well.. this is the same damn thing. He’s got me on the clouds, head over heels for him. This is really, really different. Yeah, it’s love, true love, not a crush.
I can tell so, because my actions, everything I do, when I’m with him or close to him proves it. Fast-heartbeating, long stares, concerning a lot about him. having a romantic mood.. everything. And yes, I know I can’t tell him anything about what I really feel for him unless I want him to lose his job. I know how much he loves his job and it would hurt me more if he looses it, because I’d know I’m the reason for that.
I also know I should be “preparing myself for a better tomorrow”, but I just can’t get him out of my mind. He became all I think about. Everything in daily life reminds me to him, to the happy moments we spent together.. Yes, we actually have great moments together.
What about him? He shows really happy when he’s with me. He tries to keep me within his line of sight and each now and then he takes a look at me to make sure that I’m still there. In class he always stares at me, never takes out an eye from me, and, when I catch him staring at me, he turns away or smiles at me. He actually smiles while talking to me. He’s nice to me one day and the next day he ignores me. He always asks for my opinion, about everything and everybody. He asks nobody but me, he believes in me. He listens to what I laugh with my friends about and then comes with new jokes to tell me. He makes me laugh every single day I see him, and he enjoys it. He compliments me on my intelligence and works of class. He looks me in the eye, listens and hears what I say. He shares his personal thoughts with me, always. He is being very nice with my closest friends these last days, he has never been interested in them before. Actually, he thinks they’re stupid. I can tell so, because he makes sarcastic faces when they say something they find funny, but he doesn’t. I meet him many times in my way by “coincidence”.
These are strongest signs of love, I know it. He feels the same way for me. Love. And this makes me really happy.
But (and there’s always a ‘but’ here) there are some problems.
Problem one: the school is between us. If I tell him something about my feelings, he would get fired, and I don’t want that. And if I say something and he gets fired because of me, my life at school will be over because my friends will be bothering me. Also, guilt will take over me; I couldn’t bear he’s fired because of me. I’ll actually ask the principal to get me out instead of him. My parents would “kill” me if I do that, but it’s just that I’d do anything for him. Anything.
Problem two: I don’t want to ruin our friendship by telling him my feelings about him. We are almost best friends. Yes, best friends. He doesn’t consider me just as a kid. He thinks I’m more than that and I know it. He once told me.
Problem three: As I live in Uruguay, school at this time is over, so I won’t be seeing him (unless we call each other) for 3 months! I cannot bear 3 months without seeing him! It’s driving me crazy!
I really love him and nobody can’t ever imagine how much I do. I’ve never felt this way before. I don’t want to lose him. I WON’T let that happen. One of us will have to make the first step and, if he doesn’t want, well, I think that will be me.
I just want doubts over between us and I don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m asking for your help. Do I have to tell him about my feelings or just keep like this, hurt because he’s not “mine” and I can’t do anything? Please I need an answer. Write as soon as you can.

Thank you very much and sorry if this is very long.. I usually tend to write a lot :S

I meant to say thinking sorry!!! Oops!

Oh and I forgot to mention that my teacher is EXTREMELY funny oh my gosh I could listen to him all day… Oh wait I DO he is my homeroom 😀 haha.
I have been honking of telling him my health issues and home issues. I think it would be a good way for him to really understand me. Do you?

I just found this article when I googled is it normal to fall in love with your teacher.
I am almost 13 and I have a crush on my 30 year old teacher. I wouldnt say he is “a ladies man” but somehow his whole weird look is attractive..anyway I knowhe has a girlfriend and she is very lucky (I heard she may be pretty too, so I guess he’s lucky??) ;).
I can tell my teacher likes me. Ever since September, I have kinda made him my substitute dad. My dad isn’t what you’d call a “nice family person”. I’ve been avoiding my dad ever since I “replaced” him. I have been keeping my thoughts in a diary.
I am very glad I found this article, very reassuring!

hey Lauren.

It sounds like you are in a similar situation as me. Someone WAY older,, your teacher, and not sure if he is interested or not because he must maintain the professionalism at work. I suggest not doing until he is no longer your teacher. Maybe, if you can, wait till your 18, cause otherwise, that is VERY illegal. Considering you are in 8th grade, I’m going to assume that you are either 13 or 14. My next question is.. do you know if he is single, married, or dating someone?? Because the professor I have a thing for is also kinda “ugly” in a sense as well.. Not the typical ladies man if you will. And I know he is single, and he can be mine as long as i know that he is willing to take the chance with a former student. But if your teacher is single, then chances are, *(from what you have told me) it sounds like he may indeed think you are an attractive young lady. One way you can let him know that you are interested is to go to him “for help”. It is a good way to get one on one time, and you can make jokes/humor in between the serious conversation to show him your fun side as well. People don’t like other people that are sticklers to rules and always serious. But people don’t like air heads either. Teachers love to see students that care about their school work.

I’m in 8th grade and i think i’m in love with a teacher that is about 25 yrs old… The first time i saw him it was love at first sight…. He was laughing and we walked by looking at eachother…. After that, i’ve caught him staring at me sooo many times. For a couple days ago, when i walked into the school, we were just staring at eachother in like 1 minute and it was really weird but not awkward…. There was one period when he just ignored me and then i kinda got over him but then when he stopped doing that, i fell in love again…. It’s so difficult because i don’t know if he likes me back but it seems to be like that because he always seem to act different around me and even my friends see that. He’s like everywhere and stares at me but maybe it’s because he’s a teacher?? I’ve had sooooo many Dreams about him and even if he likes me back, it’s kinda impossible to have a relatiomship with à teacher…. It’s really weird that i like him because i always like hot guys and everyone days that he’s really ugly…. I can Also see that he’s ugly but i like him anyways… The way he talks….the way he walks…..the way he stares….haha i really don’t know what i should do….. Pleeeeeeeeeease help me?? :/

Hey Laura,

I like your post. I think it is very reassuring that I’m not the only one that goes through these things. I noticed that you posted this in 2008. I was curious what you’ve done with the situation or where you are “with” your professor now. I’m curious, because I’m currently a freshman in college and I think I’m VERY attracted to my philosophy professor. However, he is 33 and I’m 18. But, he is single and I’m pretty sure he is not seeing anyone, because he is here late every night.. Even on the weekends he works in his office until about midnight. I’ve been remaining pretty neutral thus far as I don’t wanna get into any trouble since he is still my prof. But, he won’t be in the spring semester, and I would like to continue to talk to him. I guess my question here is, how do I subtly tell him that I have feelings for him? I don’t want to be direct, but I want him to know that I’m interested in still talking to him and hopefully more after this semester is up. So far, I just go to his office for “help”. At the end of him explaining material to me we end up just talking for a long while about our personal lives. I’ve seen him give me the “up and down” look a few times too. And I catch him glancing at me when he is sitting at his desk and not lecturing like before class or if we are taking a test or if he is taking attendance. He is also one to hold the eye contact with me for what seems more than a normal friend would if you were just talking to someone. He seems to just like “stare into my eyes” if you know what I mean. But who knows, I may be taking this the whole wrong way, but since he is single, I would like to experiment a little I think. I just don’t know how to start to let him know I’m interested. I guess I’m just afraid that I’ll tell him and he won’t feel that way about me. ><

Thanks so much! ❤

Hi… I have a problem, Im in deeply love with my English teacher, hes about 36/37yrs old and Married and im 17yrs old.. I have him 3 times a week and then every Monday for Boosters aswell ! But he kinda flirts an likes my other friends but at the same time ALWAYS tells me off when im talking to my friend but he doesnt really say anything to others when they talk.. There probably isnt anything attractive about him but he looks hot in suit an the way he walks OMG! and his personality is just awesome… His accents are like “Awwwwww hott” hesa Welshmen … but a week ago he really td me off infront of my mate and then i was thinking about it everyyyday i had a dream about this telling off that ive upset in lesson an my teacher walked out of the lesson and some lady walked upto me and i was upset so she asked me if im alright, so i said no, she went and told my teacher and my teacher goes to me “Come here..” so i went with him (in the dream) and he said is it about that thing? i said yeah, so he softly touched my eye and we ended up having sex in the toilet…..Awkward dream but the worse thing is that ive been upset like the dream in school and ive been quiet in his lessons so he told me to stay behind at break because i usually do one of the BEST work in the lesson and he always looks forward reading my stories but that day I was down mood-wise and work-wise too so before break i had my head down on the table so he said to me “whats up, you ok?” soi replied rudely “whaaaatttt … nothingggg” and he said is it anyone in the class thats upset u i said no, he paused for seconds and said ” you know where i am… off you go” i walked out and i didnt eat anything at break or lunch and i was crying upset all day… next day i had him and i was the same an he was worried about me, so he came up to my group for help an im sat there quiet, not answering his questions so he goes softly “oii u grumpy, whats up with u?, is it something one of these (my friends on the table) said to u” i said no and didnt reply further so he gave us the work to do and went to help others now… my friends sitting with me knew what happened so they told me to ignore him and i was really angryy… 5mins later he comes to help us again so im hiding as i was angry at him, he asked us to describe the tears and he added angry so i started arguing that tears cannot be angry so he said yes they can be i kept saying no because i was interested in what he would say so he asked us agai to describe the tears for the story we were writing so i said POURING and he replies “… right now im gonna ask you to leave the classroom”.. so i said do it thennn.. he said “whatever has happened is effecting the whole group.. go and stand outside i’ll speak to u” he thought i said boring not pouring soi angry walked out slammed the door an everyone was looking….near break time he comes out leaving the class behind and asks me “whats up, why u been like that?, is it something happened at home?, is it someone in the scho”…i said no..he said “is it something that i said “… i shook my head an said yeah.. by that time it was a minute left to break so he said i’ll be back, an he told everyone to leave as its break so all the class came upto me asking me if i was alright so i said yeahh.. he called me into the classroom and closed the door and he said “come on.. tell me what did i say”… i said “no i dont wanna tell u its just something….” so he paused for about 10secs and said “now… im upset because i said something thats upset u… if u wanna speak to me, you know where i am… see u later… I didnt reply back and i walked out which i found abit rude… in the past few days hes been callin me into his room an asking how i was and blah blah blah one day i was walking past his office and he called me “come here please” so i went upto him an some girls were stood with him and i went there he made a sad face and looked at me which didnt surprise me because it was his fault and hes owning upto it… he asked me to come into his room an close the door, i did, he said “i realised, been thinking, i realllyy told u off i remember that ur standards are below……” i was like no its alright but i just done like u and dont wanna be in ur class anymore, put me in miss.peav***s class…. he was reaaaaallllyyy upset to hear that.. i could even see tear in his eyes an i said ” i will ask mrs robinson to move me”… he said ..”…. no way, im not losing one of my favourite and talented students… no…you can ask Mrs Robinson but you know who makes the decisio…?” i said WHO… he replied ” I make the decision, so ur stuck, ur not leaving me…”… i walked out knowing he wont let me move out of his class…. hes been really keepin an eye on me and been very soft to me since and everything i saw in dream has happened the same in real , except sex lol… its my last year in school and im reeeeeeeaaallllyyyyyyy deeeeply falling for him and im confused whether to stay in my schools sixth form for 2yrs to see him or go to college for my courses…. pleaseeee help x

I have the same problem…. He’s so sexy and he’s everything I want in a man. It’s just I’m so obsessed and I want to do him. He shows he likes me a little too…

I’m in love with my teacher too.

hallo Laura,
I’m also in ‘love’ with a teacher at my school. I’m 16 he is 26 and he has a girlfriend. i stalk him almost everyday. i have his schedule in my agenda. its not real love though. it’s just so much fun to stare at him and follow him.
the funny thing is, I’m not the only one. i see like 5 other girls staring at him with some slobber on their mouth.
I know everything of him and sometimes i dream of him. this is my last year on that school. so how can I put him out of my mind?
find another guy is kinda difficult . cuz I always fall for older guys. and they dont even think about me because they dont want te be a pedophile. a boy of 18 likes me but he says I need to be 17.. so thats not helping………

ahh opps sorry i meant 13 year old girl opps lol

Dear Laura,
I am a 3 year old girl and i am madly in love with my teacher. I’m in 8th grade and i have been in school for about a month. He’s my homeroom teacher and ive defiently seen him before hes really tall who couldnt miss him. But anyways on the 2nd day of school i realized tht i love his looks and personality. His looks are very tall like 6ft 8. He has brown hair blue eyes. He’s personality is soooo funny and really kind and caring. He’s married though and 26. Im 13 so he’s 13 years older than me. And i stalk him a lot. I go on his facebook but never add him as a friend. I wait after school to see him come out. And my dad lives where he lives. And whenever i go to my dads i walk a few blocks down the street and stalk him. And by stallk i mean just look at his house see where he is but he doesnt know that i know where he lives . And i never knock on the door and ask to come in i wish though. So i was wondering if you could help me try to tell him i like him. I know t sounds wierd but id also like to try to consentrate in class instead of staring at him. Please help. Thanks if you have any questions email me thanks

Hey I’m 16 years old currently in my last year of high skool leaving to go to sixth form within 5 months time. I have a math teacher that I get on very well with, over a period of time we have gotten to be very..comfortable around one another. He allways helps me with work and sits with me during lesson,we joke about adult things sex ect. We laugh at each other a lot. Resontly in my lesson he was sat in front of me. Under the table my leg rubbed against his by accident. I went to say sorry and righht away he smiled and said that’s fine don’t worry.then we started messing around under the table with our feet and legs.this happened often. I told him about my feelings and how I felt towards him and he said I’m ashamed but I feel the same. Since then more intimate things have happened not sex yet though. The urge to stay away is hard for us both.we always smile at one another in class and have had sneaky moments where nobody has seen us expressing love. I really adore him and we were thinking of a possible future together when I leave skool. He is currently going through a divorce. Thast I’m supporting him with. I’m unsure what to do at the moment about me and him, help? X

I have loved my teacher for two years. I feel we are really close, he always offers me lifts places and we always have a chat when we pass. He is very handsome and his personality is amazing. We get on so well and sometimes i think that we could actually make something of it when i leave in a few months. Sometimes he will have a joke with me (but really it offends me ) and when were alone all we do is just stare at each other. I think he is amazing but hes 29 and i am 16. IF we were sensible and we talked things over after i’ve left do you think the age gap between us is too big to even just go on a few dates? I’m so alone at the moment cause i feel like we’re just getting closer and closer and i really don’t know what to do 😥 ❤

Dear Laura

I’m in love with my English teacher. He is the most beautiful person i have ever seen in my life. He doesn’t know how i feel of course i wouldn’t want to make things awkward between us. All my friends think its weird and gross but i can’t help it. He is really nice and cool. Whenever i see him in the hall he’ll stop and say hi and sometimes at lunch he’ll come and sit with us and talk. But im only in grade 8 and he’s at least 25 so there is a pretty big age gap. He’s not married but i don’t know if he has a girlfriend. Everytime i see him my heart flutters and i loose my breath. I would never act on it though i wouldn’t want to get him in trouble or anything but i do wish i was older and graduated from school. At least then i’d have a better chance with him 😦

Hello Laura,
Your article is quite inspiring and very honest in explaining why girls like me end up in this frustrating mess. I am only 15 and yet still cannot fully understand the true meaning of age and I have finally excepted that I shall never know for a long time to come. Everyone on here explains that they ‘Love’ their teacher and I do not dispute that, I would be hypocritical to do so. However what they are really saying is that this strong admiration for their teacher crossed between their feelings of an ideal image of a perfect man spiral into one. Please do sympathize, students are spending up to 40 hours a week with these people and It is very hard do see the person you have innocently fallen in love with every single day when you are thinking about them non-stop but you cannot do or say anything to anyone to keep not only your dignity in tack but the reputation of the teacher and also the consequences between you both if he was to find out.<- This lies the problem. To anyone reading this, I found that the best way to take out your feelings if like myself you cant talk to anyone is to write a diary of what is happening and your development then in years to come you can look back at this stage in your life as a lesson learnt. After months of torture I finally decided that to try and get back to reality I would not see this teacher around school unless absolutely necessary such as his lesson. This immediately failed. For one it was just too tempting to see him as i have got myself in such a habit of seeing him when i know where he will be. But It is not only that i think i could have been strong enough not to if It wasn't for the fact that a few of my friends have a mini obsession with him (no where near where i am) most likely started off by me sadly. This means that he constantly comes up in conversation and is brought to my attention and can not be avoided 😦
I think this will be my last year with him, just a smile and a hello from his lovely accent makes my day and when we talk after I cant stop smiling for hours. What makes it worse is he isn't married but double my age the thought of never seeing him again makes me feel ill, but I hope that what ever happens he is happy 🙂 x

m a student of 10th standard..frm india..i m in love with my physics trust me i really dnt want dis..i nvr felt 4 any1 like the way i felt for him..he is 5 years elder then me..he is just 21 years of age.. we r in a very close relation..actually we were in a relation jst 4 a week or so..evrything was going cool..evryday my love was growing more n more deep 4 suddenly one nyt he called me n explained me dt nothing could happen between us..he said he loved me bt can’t b in a relation with we r jst frndz i really love him very much..nd trying to forget him..plzz help me plzz….

Oh, okay, just let me turn my feelings off. -_____- I’m sorry but this blog offended me. I know, I’m 17, I am young and that I should not be held busy by things like this but I cannot help it! I can’t do anything about it, and it frustrates me to no end. I don’t want to feel this way okay? But I do. I love him and everytime I see him or think about him my heart flutters like crazy! I know this is never going to turn into something more but my feelings for him are there and they’re not changing.

I hate how unfair this world is, I really do.

Dear Laura

I am 15 and I’m madly in love with my 29 year old teacher. I didn’t fall for him because of his physical looks (he is just a normal looking guy I guess). For me, it’s not his looks that made me go crazy, but his personality. He is practically A SAINT. Such a gentleman. He has a good sense of humor as well. He is very intellectual too. Whoever is destined to be his wife is gonna be so lucky because he is the most hardworking man I have ever known. Unlike the other posts that I’ve read here, what’s so good about him is that he believes in no sex before marriage—which I think is very proper. IF EVER destiny will allow me to have a relationship with him after I graduate (which is probably unlikely–so sad) I will never let him go. He is the perfect man for me. I love him with all my heart and soul. PURE LOVE, no lust.

I met him when I was 13. He was my 8th grade teacher. I was very fond of his stories. He is such a good speaker. He didn’t know me before ‘coz I was quite shy in class recitations. So I used facebook as our means of communication. We talked, and we eventually became close. He’s been in my house because of some school project. He’s my teammate in a school sportsfest so we spend enough time together to know each other. At Christmas, I was 14, and of course I felt the understandable need to give him a gift. I asked my friends to give the gift to him in his class because I’m shy and for some reason, he does not like receiving gifts from his students. I do not want to be rejected, so I let my friends give my gift to him. I felt so devastated while waiting for my friends to come back after giving the gift. Luckily, he got the gift and I wasn’t rejected. I felt relieved. After a few moments, he was searching for me, came to my classroom then hugged me. But I didn’t hug him back yet. Then he let go and said, “why do you look like that?” coz my expression was like blank but deep inside I was the happiest person alive. Then I opened my arms signaling him to hug me again. Then he hugged me tightly. I was sitting down, so I was practically hugging is body. Then I felt a light kiss on my forehead. That made my whole body melt. But to him, it was a simple kiss of gratitude. I felt weakly good. After that I came with him with some of my friends to do some charity donations. Then we ate. All of my friends have left, so it’s just the two of us. We were simply happily bonding. Then we went to the church to pray. I had the time of my life. After that we talked daily on facebook at Christmas vacation. I revealed a little of my feelings for him—he now knows that he is my favorite teacher in the whole world and my inspiration at life. I don’t know how much more he knows. But we’re friends. After the school year has ended, it broke my heart knowing that he is no longer my teacher. It’s hard to keep in touch with him and even though there’s facebook, he’s not always online coz he’s a busy and hardworking man, and I can’t PM him regularly coz I’m so shy and he might figure out that I actually care so much about him. I can’t tell him all of my feelings because I am too afraid to be rejected.

So I’m at 9th grade now, One more year ’til I’m done High School (We graduate at 10th). We still talk but not as often. My last two encounters with him is when we had an overnight activity at school. We brought up tents and stuff. Only few selected pupils were there. So he whole school was sleeping, And I was outside my tent watching the stars. He was there too, walking restlessly. Then he kept on teasing me why I wasn’t sleeping and he’s beng funny and all that. I left a soft spot on the grass just in case he wanted to sit beside me. He did. It was the most romantic night for me, till we felt drops of rain, LOL. So students had to evacuate into the classrooms. But i still couldn’t sleep so he asked me if I wanted to stay in the library with the other teachers. I said yes, of course. LOL. So he took me there. Then I also worked with him on a big school project so that’s some more bonus points for me. But after that, I do not know when will I have a chance to talk to him again, just like the old times. I miss it. It’s like I’m coming back from scatch; back to when he didn’t know me yet. It’s tearing me apart. I miss him so much.

But here is the thing—the story is not yet over. Recently, I found out that he has a girlfriend. Not only that, they are scheduled to get married next summer.That’s one piece of information that he never told me, until recently. It tore my heart.
What am I going to do? Please help me. I have 9 months till his scheduled marriage. Do you think I can change anything? Do you think I can make a difference? I know it is wrong and it will probably hurt his girlfriend but, she doesn’t own him yet, right? They’re not yet married.
I love him so much. I am willing to wait for him as long as it takes. I am not in a hurry. All I wish for is for him to wait for me to.

We are all to young to understand what love is about? I think you underestimate some students. At least us.
We’re a international board that deals with the issues of students who have fallen in love with their teacher.
We are all “affected” by this problem and help each other out, we know our rights, but we can’t push our feeling away. But talking helps. And we want to teach people better who think that we don’t know it’s not allowed or we don’t think about the consequences for our teacher.
To all who are concerned with this topic: on’t hesitate and join us, if you’re interested and want to exchange your point of view or talk about your story in a friendly environment.
Yours from the


I dunno if my story matches up. Love?? I hope it was never love. In fact from the start we told each other that it could not involve any emotion, any feelings. We couldnt fall deeper than the situation could handel. We were both smart. And yet somewhere along the line.. things changed. We lost control and we fell.

So here’s the story.
I had gotten along with him for years. We both went out of our way to talk to each other on the corridor and i felt so comfortable when we did. I never looked into it. I mean.. how could you look into it? I was always just talking with my teacher… nothing more. And so it continued… It wasn’t until people started asking questions that we both realised how wrong it must look from the outside. And so it all started to dwindle.

It was the start of my 3rd last year in school (I’m from ireland by the way so i don’t know how that fits into american schooling system) when i wrote, out of pure impulse, a message to him on facebook. I left it slip my mind until i got a reply two weeks later. He just congratulated me on the school awards the week before. I apologised for writing to him knowing it was putting him in a questionable position. But he just dismissed it and said ‘no need to apologise. how are things?’ I was taken aback… But i replied… This went on for months. I considered it general chit chat. I had a boyfriend by then and he used to discuss the realtionship with me and so on. He genuinely made me feel good. And it was more a mutual friendship than anything else. He spoke to me on the same level.

I guess things got flirty over time. But again i didnt look into it. He was still my teacher.. And i wouldnt have considered myself having any feelings for him. I also thought i was misinterpretting what he was saying and was just gonna embarass myself to recipiate. But my boyfriend got on to my account and saw the messages. I had told him a long time ago that we were writing and i trusted him. He saw something more in them than i did and he was pretty devastated. It put a big strain on our relationship. There was always underlying doubt for him over what was really going on between me and mr p.

And so i obviously had to explain to mr p that my boyfriend had seen. We needed a story in case my boyfriend spilled. I gave him my number and said just in case anything comes up to text me.

About two weeks later i got a text from him.. And everything started again. I bombarded him for weeks as to why he bothered texting me but i got nothing from him. And so it went on.. Things had crossed so many lines that we could no longer see how wrong this whole thing was. In the end there is less than 7 years of a difference between us. In most cases its not wrong but i could no longer take his authority seriously. And thats where the issue lies here.. Authority. Its there for a reason.

Anyway… Summer holidays came and eventually truths began to emerge between us. We both admitted to having feelings for each other… That there was blatantly something more between us. It had been there for months.. this feeling and yet neither of us would admit to it without the other doing first. Our messages started to get.. well.. dirty. I felt a burning urge to be with him.. A lot.

I asked for it to stop near the end of summer.. I had important international matches coming up and needed some focus time. Not to mention i was still with my boyfriend and was doing exactly what he asked me not to do. He said that he had to stop too.. He was risking so much. I still remember his message.. ‘This is gonna be hard for us to forget. Just remember that this is real.. For both of us. You know i’m not this kind of person. You’re amazing- everything about you. I will promise now that when you finish school something will happen between us.’

I wish that was where the story ends but it really isnt. When we got back to school in september i saw him pretty much straight away. And he was my soccer coach (-yeah this was a bone of contention between me and my boyfreind) and so i text him a week later and said that i’d like to stay in touch. On solely friend to friend basis. And so bam we’re off again.

And here comes the part that people have judged me on the most… The pictures. I wanted him and yet i knew i couldnt have him. I can’t make people understand why we sent pictures.. Only to say that when its the only option you have you take it. I must mention he was quite gorj!… I know that many students saw it.

There was a school fundraiser in the school one night… Afterwards the teachers went for a few drinks in a bar in town. I was meeting up with friends in there too but just went out the back.. I met him coming out of the toilets and i knew he was after a good bit by now. He caught me and pulled me into him.. knowing still how risky it was.. and he said… ‘I’m not waiting two years for you to finish.. You’re the smart one here.. get planning’ then he grabbed my ass kissed my cheek and walked away.

I broke up with my boyfriend the next day.. It just wasnt fair… I had already cheated on him in my eyes and i will never ever forgive myself for that. I will always doubt how i truly felt for him. I wouldnt have continued on with the lies and deceit if i felt something real and sincere for him.

And so me and mr p made plans.. Time and time again. And yet it never seemed to happen.. Maybe he never was willing to really and truly take the risk. It felt like we were both making excuses for it NOT to happen. But it had to be right.. There could be no risk of gettin caught. We werent gonne sleep together.. there would be no sex. we knew that that wasnt what it was about…

And then we got caught.. Not literally. But one of my teachers who i got along well with kept me back one day. She said i hadnt been myself for quite a while now… I said that i couldnt say a thing. Problem was that she could read me like a book. ‘You and mr p’ I stared at her.. wide mouthed. I just nodded.. what else could i do. Her and mr p had had a thing before. And so she knew him too. He had spoken about me and i had spoken about him. She had known for a while. She kept it quite for a while but i figured out that one or two teachers had that look in their eye like they knew and i assumed (correctly) That she had spilled… I never got annoyed over her with it.. She had to do it, she explained.

I was out the day the principal found out.. I got a call from mr p and he explained that he had been called in and questioned about the whole relationship. I felt like my world had twisted out of recognition… I felt sick. He begged me to lie… to say that nothing was ever planned between us, to say there was no pictures, nothing dirty, nothing even flirty… I wanted a final word.. to promise me it was real.. that he hadnt lied and given me false hopes.. But i got nothing. Not even a parting word. And i lied. Of course i did… my parents found out and i lied. Again again and again. Tangled in a web of lies until i knew longer knew the truth. I wouldnt have been able to handle the guilt of his whole life being lost to me.. Just me.

He was made stop all contact.. In fact, if he did he would be fired and possibly further action. He blocked me on FB and my number to his phone.

And so he remains in the school… He is judged and knocked by those who found out. And so am i. I allow people to judge. I don’t wish to defend myself over what happened because only me and him will really understand. I walk past him day after day and i try and look into his eyes and see the what he feels for me. Is it still there? Do promises still stand? And will i ever touch those lips again? Who am i to guess…

And so to all out there.. If ye get your chance,,, I beg ye not to take it. I’m alone. I never wish the same on ye.. C

dear laura,
everything you said pretty much made a lot of sense for me and i already know that because when i think properly when i’m not around him i can actually make sense of the situation but when i’m in class with him i try to control and stop what my heart tells me. basically, i am 17 and i have a major crush on my maths teacher for 2 years. He is married for 1 and a half years and had a baby boy last christmas. i know this because my classmates are so fascinated with his personal life so they question him for me i just sit quitely and listen intently.the only words i have ever said to him are ”im not piss off with you!” …”hi sir” and answering his logical math questions. i’m not really sure what age he is but my honest guess is 29-32.

At the start when i would walk by him in the corridor with my friends..i would try and hide my numb/jelly feeling legs..i seriously couldn’t walk properly. he’s so gorgeous. this was the first year/first phase of seeing and bumping into him. last year was the second phase which is what i really wanted to dodge. in the first year..he was new to the school so he didn’t teach me but in the second year he all of a sudden became my maths teacher. my heart was telling me what i wanted to hear..that he wanted to be MY teacher and therefore moved up to teach the senior instead of junior year. he was such a lovely and kind gentlemen. after the first few classes i had with him i got really concious and paranoid of him. every morning i would dodge breakfast because of the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach of knowing i would see him in school that day. i began to develop a tiny apetite because of my stupid crush. as the year went on ..we exchanged casual smiles and stares.every time i passed him in the corridor..i wished he’d look at me and smile but he always has a serious/tormented look and i just copied that look..while not looking at him at all but looking straight ahead in the direction i was going. i felt like he wanted to only look at me and pretended to just look at every other classmate just so i wouldn’t notice him looking. he was sooooo nice in and lovely in class. i started to get these stupid feelings for him and the reason why im not entirely happy about the way i feel is because..i feel now that he has complicated and messed up my life. everything was normal and i was starting to move on with my life.

5 years ago my mother the first few years went by i got friendlier with men as they supported and sympathised towards me..i depended and trusted them..older than my age. i thought they would be better for me than boys. maybe if my mom didn’t die i wouldn’t be in this situation..maybe i would have a bloody boyfriend and not obsessing over something i shouldn’t be. i want to get on with my life but i can’t control my feelings towards him and my head is spinning with fantasing..and imaginary thoughts of how i want to be with him every day. i mean literally every stupid second of every day. usually you’d think of something if it reminded you of another thing..but nothing reminds me of him. only this song ”someone like you” – Adele but he only played this song about 4 weeks ago.
He looks like a younger colin firth…dark eyes with a shine of crystal blue..high cheek bones..square jaw…fit derriere…6’2…rob pattinson hair.
he is the man that i always dreamed of when i was just a little teen and now its gotten real and more real every day. i see him every day. i hope to see him every day..and i want to convince myself that i don’t but it feels like it’s too late to go back and change the way i feel. i need to sort this out and get rid of this crush before i do something stupid as i am about to have him for another year and it’s my last year of school. very important exams are coming up and i can’t concentrate in his class!!!
i just want to get a clear conscience back and not obsess over him and feel normal again…it feels like its been forever since i had a boyfriend..which was 12 years old 😦
i broke up with him because he didn’t understand how to support me. i didn’t understand why he could but now i know how innocent kids minds are. still learning..i am still learning how to cope with things but i could really do with out this crush
please give me any advise. thank you!

if you can relate somehow to what my situation is..please tell me something to keep me sane.
thank you.

thanks for not answering mine…really appreciate it.

Dear Laura,

I’m 14 and I’m in love with my history teacher. The worst part is, he’s married AND has a baby boy, who was born about 3 days before school started this year. After being in his class, I thought history was fun! He helped me through my first semester because he was the first teacher I had to become my friend. I always admired him for that. We laughed around and joked too, and soon we actually became good friends.

However, around the end of November, I started to get these strange feelings, like if I was in love with him. The symptoms were all there- the fluttering heart, the ever-constant thoughts, looking at him from a distance… I knew from the start that he had a family, but I still fell in love with him. I decided to try and put my feelings aside, but now I feel this… kinda lust for him…

I can’t get him out of my head, and it’s driving me insane! When I told one of my friends about this, she told me I was “disgusting because you love your teacher who is married and has a brat”. And the worst part is, she’s right! I can’t have these feelings for him!

He’s one of the only people in this world who actually cares about me, and I just want to get him out of my head! Even if I can get him to be JUST a friend, that’s better than nothing… My parents never really gave me love, and he’s the first adult to even care about me in the least, and I’ve never had a boyfriend either, so it’s true saying that I have no idea of what love really is about.

Since we’re in May now, I’m not in his class anymore, and I go to my friends’ history class(taught by his friend) in the hope that he’ll come over from his next-door class and maybe talk to me… I would want him to just simply be someone I could call a good friend, despite the strange circumstances, and we’d be together ’till the end of my high school.

I’m turning 15 in less than a month, and he’s 31. I don’t want to have these “feelings” for him anymore, and just want to be his friend, but I just can’t seem to do that. I would love to tell him how I feel, even if he’d think I’m weird or something, so I would need help on how to overcome this.

Nevertheless, I will always wish for his happiness and for him to be blessed by the moon of good fortune!!

dear Laura,

I have to agree with you. But actually in fact, I’m falling in love with my violin teacher. As for me, he’s really perfect. Now, I’m still 16 and I think he’s just a few years older than me. Every time he taught me, I feel so nervous and couldn’t hold my breathe. He’s so kind toward me, I don’t know if maybe it’s because I’m a student of his or maybe more than that. When I was in ill, exactly influenza, he asked me if I was sick, then he went out and gave me a tissue. When I bought a couple of key chains, I decided to give one of them to him, but then he asked me, “Are they from your boyfriend?”, and I replied, “No…”. Then not long after that, I wanted to say “Hey, the girl-shaped key chain is for me, and the boy-shaped key chain is for you, but I have no brave, I wanted to shout out that I like you, monsieur, but it’s hard. I have no confidence at all. I’m so deep amaze with him. As long as he’s my teacher he taught me many thing about music and life. then he asked me some questions about my personality. He looks so handsome in my eyes. His gaze and also his charisma, it’s taken my whole heart. Sometimes I think, ooh~ maybe he also feels the same way with me. But then, one of my friends said, “You pay for him, then of course he treats you the best”. I’m so disappointed with that. That’s why I’m kinda confused with this matter. Then, when I read your article, I think if maybe I was wrong, He’ll never recognize me as a woman, but just as a childish girl. Thanks for your article, it’s so helpful for me. I hope you reply, and give me some advices. Thanks 🙂

Hi gia,
Thanks for sharing your story here.
Just enjoy life and do not take it too seriously. You are still young and have a lot of things to learn in life.

Treat it as a phase of your teenage life and when you are older, you can look back and remember those days of funs and laughters.

You may like to dream a lot about him but keep it in your dreams because it is more beautiful in your dreams than in real life.

Some day when you are older and more matured, you may want to continue this friendship and go into a deeper level.

If he is the one for you , your path will cross again some where in the future.

Best regards

i could go on and on and on about how much i love my teacher, but people here have pretty much explained it. Listen, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not just a crush that will blow over, it’s love. Im in love with him. I would die for this man. No lie. He is perfect in my eyes, to others he’s not. But the gaps in his teeth, and his salt & pepper hair is just perfect to me. I know this sounds bad but he’s like 55 and im like 15…yeah. BUT he looks 30 or younger, my whole life ive seen him at school, and i thought he was in his 20’s or 30’s until this year when he told us. I think about him all the time, and nothing can get me to stop…so i can’t do anything to “distract myself” At the beginning of the year people would joke that he liked me, and well its a long story. Once in a while he acts like hes mad at me for no reason. But im really really good in his class, i have all A’s and im really quiet, but im usually a loud person. I know we could never be together, tha age difference is too much. But i feel like i MUST tell him, or i just can’t live with myself, letting him go. He’s probably going to leave this year, and not come back. I only ever see him at school too. So, i was thinking that on the last second, of the last day of school *which is in like 2 weeks* i’d give him a note. Not too much stuff just something like “I just wanted you to know ill never forget you, even though you’ll forget me, and How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.” what do you think?

well i can see many of us hea is in d same boats..all of us seems to hv crush on our did i..i was in 11th standard whn i saw my history teacher.he wasnt dat attractive but dere was sunthin dat made me fall under his was his personality, his simplicity..i jus had my first crush on m teacher myself.

Dear Laura ,
Um I’m pretty confused.. Um I’m not from an English speaking country and I’m taking toefl classes out side school in an English institute . I’m 17 and soon to be 18 by the way , and I went through alot of love problems since I was really young so every one knows I’m pretty mature about this stuff and everything.I don’t really like any guys who live here so yea.. Anyways , this term my teacher was a guy , who I knew before , I mean I just saw him once but I disliked him . He’s 27. So yea I thought I was gonna dislike him, but then everything suddenly changed.As you know it’s not all about studying in toefl classes. Teachers and students are very close and we share personal stuff together , he tells us everything that upsets him or whatever and so do we. It’s been about a month that he’s been my teacher and I really like his personality and all . I mean before when I thought of a guy , sexual relationships would come to my mind , though I’m a virgin. But with him I just want to be close , he makes me smile and happy , I love the way he laughs and all . I catch him staring at times in a weird way but when I look back he looks away , but yea that’s not the point . The point is I went through alot of things in my life , but I never felt anything like what I feel for him . He’s joining the military for a year after finishing with my term so yea..Um he’s single and I want to add him on facebook soon later so we keep talking.. But yea I really think I’m feeling something for him..I’m not one of those who feel things for people fast and easily but this is different..without him it hurts and with him I forget about my problems and all.. I think everything is alright and nothing matters.. I really need help so I hope you reply .

Hi Denise,

Thanks for coming over here and sharing your problem. The stage you are going through in life now is to prepare you for the future.

It is about learning what life is all about and I am sure we all can sometimes make mistakes. Buckle down your seat belts and ride through this rollercoaster ride and you will come out a better and more experienced person.

Put on your thinking cap and do not let your heart be in the driver’s seat. If you do that, you will be not be frightened of those waves in your life. Focus on God or something that is important in your life .or your future wellbeings.

When everything is over, the mountain in your life is just only a molehill.



dear laura,
you see, it all started out with my mom. she passed away and then my dad went crazyyyy and commited suicide. and left me alone to an acholic aloder brother. so it forced me into moving in with my transvestite aunt, who owns large bannanas if you know what isaying….. so i had to go to the school her adopted kids go to. i met a beautiful english teacher. i am honestly in love with him. i would die for him if i needed to thats how i know. every night i dream of him. and every day he is all i thnk of. the first time i was raped, (because i now live in the city). i actuall enjoyed it cause i imagened it as having sex with him. so i dont really know what to do!!!!! please help!!!!! i need to get over him

Hello Laura,
Thank you so much for having this blog! I really need some help. I am truly in love with my last years history teacher, and no matter what anyone says, I know it is not just a crush. He is 30 years old and I am 14, and in 8th grade. I know that is a big age gap, but I honestly do not care. Last year was the best year of my whole entire life because of him. During his class last year I got all A’s, but I messed around, was late to his class, chewed gum, and talked a lot to try and get his attention. I secretly wanted a lunch detention so I could spend more time with him. I really regret doing this now and wish I was just a well behaved kid in his class last year. He would yell at me a lot last year but we also had some good times. For example, we would play each other in basketball during school and talk about it a lot, and also he would always talk about how he could beat me in a race, and if I won, I could be late to his class as much as I wanted. The race never happened, but we still joked about it a lot. This year sometimes my friends and I go and visit him in the morning because he was also their favorite teacher. He’s always very nice and never shows attitude with me no matter what happened last year, so I hope he forgot all of the rude things that I did. We always say hi to each other in the hallways, but I know that he sees me nothing more than a student. I don’t even think I am one of his favorites. I am seriously in love with him though. I think about him constantly. He is always on my mind and never leaves no matter what I try. Every little thing that someone says or does reminds me of him. I go out of my way to walk past his room every day so I can see him because I don’t have him this year. I google him all the time and know a lot about him from it, like his address, family members, and various sports stats. I know that seems really really stalkerish, but I seriously am not a stalker. I just miss and love him so much that even seeing something about him written in text helps the pain. I cry for about an hour every night because I know that he will never see me as anything more than an old student. As my 11:11 wish every night, I wish that he will be happy and healthy for the rest of his life. He is just so perfect! I have always wanted to marry a soldier, and he was in the US Army. He plays basketball just like I do, and we both like the same sports teams. He is truly the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. A lot of people disagree with me, but I just don’t understand! There are some bad things about him, but that just makes me love him even more. Everything that isn’t perfect about him, just makes him more amazing. He is married and has one child that was just recently born. I just don’t know what to do. I have a serious problem, but I seriously cannot stop loving him. Last summer I tried to forget him and deleted and burned every picture I had of him and tried to stop thinking about him, but it just made my life ten times worse. I can never delete the pictures again because I need a memory to hold on to because in a couple of months, I might never see him again. I will definitely go and visit him next year, but that will only be rarely, and I can’t keep visiting him for the rest of my life. Also, I think he knows that I have a crush on him, he doesn’t know how strongly I love him, but I am pretty sure he knows that I like him. People say things when ever I am near him, like, oh (says my name) look who it is! Or omg (says teachers name) is right here! And it just gets really awkward and he just walks away. The latest encounter (about a week ago) was the most awkward because of what a couple of my guy friends did and I haven’t talked to him since because I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, but if I don’t talk to him it makes me feel so horrible inside. Should I continue to talk to him or do you think he feels weird talking to me? I don’t know what to do at all! He is like a drug to me, and no matter what I do, no matter how much I try to get over him, my love for him just grows. Please help me!

Hi Anon,

I am sorry for what you are going through. The water will run it’s course and will end when it wants to or have no more place to go.

It is not easy to extradite oneself from the depth or your predicaments. You will need to be more firm , steady and stear your ship from this storm in your life.

No one can help you but only yourself and pray to God for an answer to your problem. You need to see where is your destinations and ask yourself if it is worthwhile to continue your present course in your life.

Ponder about the positive and negative points and then you will find the truth .

If nothing helps, I think you need to seek professional help and guidance. Don’t let your behaviour become obsessive or compulsive.

Take a time out and go out into the world and enjoy with your friends.

Have fun and enjoy life for there are many things to see and learn in the new world away from his world.

I hope that you will pull through this rough and tumble part of your life.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for writing this article. I think I discovered it 3 years late. I find it really funny how every time I read these teacher crushes articles I always think that the advices are not true/real. What if my teacher and I really do end up together in the future? Has that really turned out to be successful for some people?

Well, here’s my story. I was in grade 9 when I met my first high school math teacher. Our class was the only class that he taught that whole year and the year after. I remembered back then how girls in my class would comment on how good looking he is and all; they even bought him a cake on his birthday! I just didn’t care AT ALL back then, maybe because I was too young and I wanted to focus on getting a good mark. I did end up with a 97 in that class btw. After that semester I thought that he was a really good teacher and didn’t think twice about him. Well…this all changed when I got him the 2nd time for math the year after. Usually in our school, it’s extremely difficult to get a teacher twice. I was just like “great now, I can use this class to boost my average.” I remembered that first day he came in last year and singled me out because he only knew me in the class …I guess I was taken back that he actually remembered who I was. I think it was after the first few weeks that I started liking him more and more. His Eastern European accent is so cool…and I got used to it pretty fast. As the months went by, he would help me afterschool with my work and the projects, and he really got to know each other better this time. By the end of the school year, I obtained the highest mark that he has ever given out for that course which was a 98. At that time I was so happy that I got this mark from him but also sad at the same time because I can’t see him any more after that school year was over. Now this year I didn’t get him again for one of his most popular courses at the school, I was so bummed that I switched my courses twice to get him but I didn’t. For the past semester, I had always seen him leave class and all but I never really said anything to him. I don’t even talk to him that often now but I still have dreams about him and everything which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know. I feel like this is unhealthy for my well being and academics and it could really cause problems in the future. Like the fact that he waited 30 min for me alone in the cafeteria to finish the math contest, he says hello to me on a regular basis, and the fact that he seems to remember me after all these years …they really seem ‘real’ to me. My head tells me ‘no’ to this idea, but my heart just always lead me to his direction.

Haha…I find this hilarious and sad at the same time. Bittersweet teacher crush? I don’t know. I always get jealous when my friends get to seem him in class everyday and I don’t …so unfair. Maybe I should have switched my timetables for a 3rd time again …:/

This story seems never ending …and I just really need a distraction, another person, some amazing thing, to get my mind off him until the end of my high school career. Ah. He’s too good looking btw too …that eastern European look. I think he’s Slavic descendant.

I think I really need some advice on this…:/


Hi Sophina,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for this belated reply as I seldom update my blog now.

Secondly , I would like to thank you and my appreciation for coming over here and sharing your interesting story on my site.

I think you will be able to overcome those mixed feelings which sometimes cause you to feel like floating in the air. You sound like a sensible person for your age and I think you are doing the right things to overcome those complex feelings.

Just keep to your main focus . Decide what is important and what you want out of life and focus on those issues and then you will find that all those feelings are not important as you perceived them to be.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that we succumbed to those emotional and sensory feelings. It is not life threatening as we all can make mistakes when we are young. The only thing is not to repeat them .

I hope that you can see the situation clearly without being blinded by nascent love.

Good Luck!


Hey Laura-

I’ve recently fallen OUT of love with my teacher (realizing that it was just crush/infatuation) but it’s a long story.

I’ll call him Mr. H

Freshman year I was transferred to Mr. H’s class to be able to focus better. Mr. H always let me sit at his desk, never wrote me up when he was supposed to, etc. He always made me laugh and smile. We always walked together in the hallways, outside, at pep rallies, etc. Towards the end of Freshman year, I began to develop a crush on him. At the end of the year, he wrote in my yearbook, ‘You were a great student. Have a great summer. Be Good!” with a smiley face. Then he signed his name.

The crush continued into sophomore year, and again, we always walked together, caught up on my grades, etc. After a pep rally one day, we were walking back to his class with a bunch of other teachers and students and we were all talking, laughing. During the conversation, I put my arm around Mr. H’s shoulders, as we turned into the building. To my surprise, he didn’t shrug it off. Instead, we all just walked into his classroom, happy as can be.

At the end of Sophomore year, he wrote, “I hope this year went well for you. Best of luck next year. Take care.” Sophomore year ended and Junior year came and again, we always walked together, and caught up on my grades and told each other we missed each other. On yearbook signing day, he wrote in my yearbook, ‘I’ve missed you so much in class this year. I’m glad you’re doing well in your classes. I’m sure you’re going to be successful at all your attempts.” I was ecstatic.

Finally, Senior year came, and again, we always walked together in the hallways, at Pepralleys, etc. At the end of yearbook signing day for Senior year, I walked up to him where he was with a bunch of other teachers, and asked him to sign my yearbook. His face brightened and he asked me how I was doing, I told him I was doing all right and asked him to sign my yearbook. He grinned at me, and told me that he would only sign my yearbook if I signed his.

Playfully, I refused. He then raised his eyebrows, causing me to laugh. He snatched my yearbook from me, and I sat at his feet with a sharpie in my hand writing on the back-page to my heart’s content, thanking him for everything over the past 4 years, that he was my favorite teacher, etc. I ended it with ‘XOXO Love you lots’. He wrote in my yearbook, “It has been great seeing you the past 4 years. Best of luck in the future. Come back and visit me.” With a little smiley face at the end, then he signed his name.

This all happened last May. Well, 3 months ago, during the first week of November I wrote him an e-mail to his school e-mail confessing my feelings. I got in trouble with the school board & the police, he now hates me, and all during November and December I never thought I’d recover. It’s now the end of January and I honestly couldn’t care less about him. I don’t regret sending him that email cause I know don’t have to bury my feelings for him any longer.

This is to all the girls out there who say, “OMG I Love you SOOOO Forever & Always, and He is THE ONE!” Ladies, I’m 19, gonna be 20 in September, and my teacher, who IS totally hot, is 27, 28 almost 30. About a 10 year age difference, not that big a deal, but HE IS/WAS MY TEACHER. IT CANNOT HAPPEN. WITH ANYONE. I can’t even begin to tell you how many articles I’ve come across of teachers crossing ‘that’ line and now that I sent him that email, every single article makes me sick to my stomach.

How in the world can students want to take advantage of their teachers like that? They’re there for one reason : To teach. Yes, they can be friendly and kind and compassionate, but they are NOT. YOUR. FRIEND. They’re at least 10 years older than you (like my teacher is/was) & they most certainly aren’t EVER gonna become your boyfriend/girlfriend and NEVER going to become your husband/wife.

I had everything in common with my teacher, or so I thought, but now I realize that 1) He’s too old 2) He’s a teacher 3) More than likely, there’s at least 1 thing that we don’t have in common (there was a lot that we did have in common). And Ladies, THAT is the thing that will decided who your soulmate is, the person you will end up marrying one day. Your soulmate will have EVERYTHING in common with you, and I guarantee you, your soulmate is NOT your teacher. And if your soulmate DOES turn out to be your teacher, then something is seriously wrong.


Hey! Briana!

Thanks and appreciate for sharing your interesting story here on this site! I am sure your experiences would help other girls to overcome those ‘Love’ feelings for their teachers.

Love is blind and that’s when you can become irrational and ruled by your heart instead of your brain.It is like walking in a stupor and you don’t know what you are doing and cannot decide what is right or wrong morally or ethically.

Many girls think they are in love but in reality , true love is not like that. If you have those feelings then it is not true love. You need to getaway from the situation to see clearly from a distance.

It is like a sweet dream and when you wake up, you see that your idol which you worshiped is not a God made from gold but only clay.



Hi Laura, please help me with my love situation. I am 17 years old and I am a senior at my high school. The first day of school, my english teacher introduced us to a student teacher, OMG the first time I saw him I fell in love with him. He looks in his 20s but he must be 30 already. At school I can’t stop thinking about him, he is really cute and attractive but he also has a nice smile. He is always smiling, and when he looks at me I just feel like melting, he is just gorgeous. Sometimes I just feel like kissing him but I have to remember that he is another teacher. I don’t know if he is married, he doesn’t have a ring. I need help, i get nervous in front of him, he is so cute. He smiles and laughs with other girls and I just love him to see him that way. I just ask myself, how can I deal with this for the next semester. I tried not to look at him becuase he is another teacher but is helpless, i love him to the end. I don’t know what to do, I can’t tell him anything because he has a career to start and i have a future to start. I just hope he sees me the way I see him.
HI, Janet

Hi Janet,

You cannot fall in love with someone you don’t really know. That is not love but physical attraction or sex appeal. You are attracted to him and you need to really know him before you can say whether you are in love with him or not.

Get to know more about him and then you will know if it is love or just infatuations only .


Hey this post helped alot, I’m kinda having feelings for my Geography teacher. He’s waaaaaay too old for me, I’m fifteen. He’s not SUPER good looking, but he has to be the SWEETEST man I know. He always asks me how I’m going, telling me I look “very wonderful” or beautiful everyday. I’m close friends with his daughter. And I don’t know…My “parents” split up, cuz my dad has drug problems. I came to his class crying, and he comforted me the whole time. When I don’t feel very social I ask him to go sit outside and he lets me sleep in the hallway, He hugs me everyday. I don’t know if he cares at all, I’m not really sure if this is a “crush” but My feelings- which I’m not quite sure what they are exactly- are very strong. We talk alot, about our life. Our experciences. He tells me about his cats, about history. The way he talks fascinates me, I get lost in his every word. I’m not sure if I’d see me “being” with him, maybe he’s just a father figure, since the “Father(s)” in my life were nothing like this. No man I’ve ever met, has ever been so godly. He respects everyone, and not a lot of people do that. I’ve never seen him raise his voice, like other teachers. He’s very very patient. I don’t know..Just a little confused. But I KNOW this would never happen, I’m not going to live in some fantasy world. ❤
Thanks for the help.

Hi Anonymous,

I am glad that this post has helped you to understand about this matter. It is very unfortunate and sad that you do not have a normal family or a loving dad because of circumstances which was beyond your control.

As a result , this teacher became an extension of your dad and he became your surrogate dad in your heart. As long as both of you do not cross the line ,the relationship would be fine .

The beauty of a person comes from the inside.and we should not judge a book by it’s cover.

Thanks for sharing your story here and hope that you will enjoy the friendship and grow up to be a well balanced person.

Best regards

I think i’m in love with my science teacher,hes 11 years older than me.

I think about him 24/7 and 3 times a week i get 1 hour 40 mins in his lesson.
This is hard for me as he flirts with the other girls,and ignores me.
But when he does talk to me,or asks how my work is going i just melt.
Its so weird,like ‘ive had crushes,but nothing ever like this.
Some days he doesnt really talk to me,or even bother with how my work is going,but other times hes just sweet and always helps me and my friend out.

I know nothing can happen,but i cant deal with that.
He’s single,no kids.

But nothing will ever happen,and i cant stop thinking about it!

Hi VL,

Don’t worry ,you are just going through the process of growing up and understanding more about life,love, infatuations and puppy love. Have fun and you will make mistakes here and there and learn from it.

Find some interesting hobbies or interests which will take your mind of him.

Just let nature takes it’s course.


Dear Laura , i am so in love with my teacher he is what 34 i believe i am 15 turning 16 this year we have eye contact alot and it feels that everytime we catch each others we dont wanna look away i have been in love with him for 2 almost 3 years this is my last year in this school and i am so in love him more than ever i have never felt this way for an older man before well atleast not this old but he is married and he recently had a baby and his wife works in the school i hate seeing him “flirt” with my friends that are girls and i get so down and feel so sad and i get so jelous when him and his wife are together but i know there is nothing i can do about it i am just so in love with him </3

Hi Stephanie,

This is forbidden love. You know that it is wrong to get involved with a married man.You will get lots of headaches and heartaches if you venture there.

Don’t waste your time and energy on him but rather on more productive activities. Refocus your attention on others or things which you like and enjoy .


well i am !5 about to be 16 my teacher is 34 i believe and fr the past 2 coming on 3 years i have been in love with him all i can do is think about him 24/7 but he is married and just recently has a baby i see him everyday and in one of our classes we seem to have some moments that we stare at each other and just dont wanna look away but whenever he talks to my friends who are girls i get SO mad i just get jelous but he does it only if im there maybe to make me jelous i dont know but i die inside whenever im away from him to long i really am in love with him but i feel like no-one understands me! i only have one friend i talk to this about and she has been very supportive and has helped me but i am leaving the school this year and i dont want to because i fear im never going to see him again </3

Hi Xxxxxxxxxxx,

Friends come and go and that is part and parcel of life. When one door closes , another will open . As you go through life, you will meet many new friends and some old friends will be left behind.

When you are young , you look at the world through your inexperience eyes and as you grow older, you will see things differently.

It is a fact that certain teachers can make a very lasting impressions in our life. They help us to grow and increase our knowledge but that is what they are being paid to groom you up.

You should view them from another perspective and think of them as your mentors who has helped you in your life .

Life goes on and there are always new things or opportunities which will come to you during your journey in life.

Do not worry and take what life throws at you .

Best regards,

Hello there!

I have the same problem as everyone on here. I like my teacher who is older then me by 15 years. I am 16 years old. He is married and has 2 childeren. He’s beyond beautiful and fit and doesn’t look his age. Constantly he stares at me in a strange way. I ignore him at all costs but end up seeing him or bumping into him. He’s been nice to me lately. My friend who knows him for 5 years (graduated) and he asked her hand in marriage for his brother. I was shocked he stays in touch with her still. Every time I try to talk to him i end up shying away. So i’ve been thinking. I want to ask him for his email, but I don’t have the courage to.

I love him and would marry him but he is married. I want to stay in contact with him as best friends. I don’t know what to do PLEASE HELP! thanks xx

Hi Kataryna,

Dreams are sweet but they are only dreams .You need to be realistic that there is no future in this relationship.

I know it is not easy to advise you as your head is in the clouds. But when your senses has returned, you need to move on with life and let him go. It is better to feel some pain now than to have lots of pains after wards.

Go out with your friends and enjoy life and soon you will forget him.

Best regards

Hey x
thanks for that advice
i am falling in love with my teacher from last year. we sort of have this friendship relationship going on but i spend all my time thinking of him. how can i stop ?!
he is absolutely gorgeous and now i know nothing is going to happen between us. only a couple of my friends know and make a joke out of it but i cant help but wonder if ……………..

hey laura….. u r right bt…. i m fall in love with my lady class teacher…..
nd she is 5 year sinior to me….
i love her very much nd i think my love is gone abt her this much that ican’t live with out her…..
nd i didn’t think what can i do…..i m very worry abt her………………..

Hi miltanpanda,

Don’t worry about her. She knows how to takes care of herself. Don’t waste your resources in this activity. have fun and go out with your friends .


I happened to stumble upon this page when typin in “Im in love with my band director” I dont really understand it but Im always excited just to walk past him or talk to him. He is 27 I believe and I am 16, but he is married :(. I know I should try to get over it but I dont want to. I am afraid the next three years of high school will go by too quickly and I wont be able to see him anymore. What should I do?

Hi *************

I hope I have not greatly disappointed you for replying this late. I am very sorry and my humble apologies.

Love is a beautiful thing and sometimes , we are in love with love and he is just unfortunately the extensions of our dreams. You will get over it in due time as new things happens in your life .

Best regards

Hey, Laura!

I totally agree with what you said. But how can we control our feelings towards teachers, how can we not fall in for teachers?

Hi Linda,

Sorry for this belated reply. My apologies to you ! It is not easy to control our emotions and feelings but some how or rather each of us managed to outgrow our puppy loves for our fav teachers.

Being young and naive , we can be easily influenced by the opposite sex when he has got all those qualities that we seek in a partner.

Maybe, you can Google this question and find out more .

Best regards

Like many before me, i have a problem. I think i’m in love with my year 7 teacher. I’m currently (2010) 14, and he’s like, 38, but everything i see him my heart jumps and i get all nervous and i feel like i’m flirting when i talk to him, even if i try not to. And I really,really like him (not sure if love or not) but i just like how he’s all honest, trustworthy, reliable, nice, etc, but the thing that makes me really sad is that he’s leaving the school at the end of this year. i was actually hoping to take a picture with him for my end of year scrapbook, but i don’t know how to say it to him. What do I do?

Hi Joey!

Sorry for this very late reply and the answers would not be of any help to you . I hope everything turned out fine for you and you got what you wanted from him

Best of luck to you ..


Hi Laura, I’m in trouble. :<
I'm 16(2010) and I've liked my ex-bio teacher (He had our class until Summer Hols then timetable changed!).
He's 29 in 2010 btw.

He was the first teacher I noticed upon coming into this school 3 years ago and I've been intrigued by him at first sight.
I felt very happy when he walked in my class doors on our first day of school- as our Biology teacher.
Here's the thing, I'm known to be the best at Biology in my class, so when he asks questions (or any other Subject teachers do) I'd just mumble out the answer (negligibly!) and out of all the teachers, he's the only one to consistently vocal it out right after I mumble it!!! Not even my partner heard me, but it seemed as though he read my lips.
Also, in every test & exam, I'm always #1, so i thought he's just nice to me cause I'm good at what i'm doing.
But my friends begged to differ, they say his treatment is way too different to me in comparison to class. (She says he can't even remember her name, and she sits besides me..Sorta true.)

He would always tease me and we would often joke around, even when he no longer takes my class.
I gave him a post-it note for Teacher's Day recently and he appreciated it a lot.
I love his sense of humor and we would tease each other relentlessly but my friends would say that we were flirting.

We are friends on facebook and sometimes we would 'like' each other's status or tease each other on it and just have fun.

Also, I am consistently working hard to obtain an award in Biology for him(and for myself). He told me this "You better get ready for that Bio award next year, or else.." in a mock-threatening tone when I won a couple of awards this year(Exc. Bio).

I love his accompaniment and I would love to have him as a lifetime friend, even if he won't be my future boyfriend or husband, I would love it if he could remain in my life.
I love everything about him, his unfailing sense of humor, his cheekiness, his … everything.

So I was wondering what I ought to do. :<

Hi Eureee,

Thanks for your post and my apologies for this belated reply.
It seems like you are a perfect pair and a match made in heaven.

However, you are still very young and the future is is not for us to see. You should keep your head on your shoulder and your feet on the ground.Make sure that it won’t be an obsession and keep your relationship steady without going overboard. .

It is a great feeling to be where you are and I hope that you can maintain consistency in your relationship and keep your perspective on a sane level.

There will be up’s and down’s as nothing good will last forever. Enjoy while you can and hope everything will last as long as it can.


Hey, Laura!

My name is Sara. I’m from Russia.
I like my teacher.
I studied in the U.S. almost a year. He is an English teacher at school where i’d been.
I’m 21, he’s 29.
I can’t say that i fall in love with him or i’m just trying not to wait for smth.
We’d never talk about the feelings. We always hang out together in the same company.
I don’t know what to do. He’s American, we are far from each other, and the most important that i don’t know what he feels to me…
Do you think ….will it be helpful to ask him about us? My best and our mutual friend thinks that it’ll be crazy.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for your post. There comes a time when you will have to ask him that question . You need to lay your cards down and see where it will go from there.

You need to know if he can commit to you or you will be wasting your time. That is, if you want to know if there is any future in this relationship.

If you are not very sure of your feelings, I suggest you just enjoy each other’s company for now and see where it will lead you to.

Thanks again for your post and I hope you will get a better picture of your situation.


time…. yea. time.
should i continue text him?
i made a decision to wait for him.
wait until he manage to give me a answer.

Hi aura,

Just be a friend for now .There will be a time for everything. Don’t come on too strongly or you may push him away from you . Let nature take it’s course.


hi, Laura =)

i’m 17 and he’s probably between 25 and 30.
he’s still a student studying PHD while he teaches tuition.
i do not know the actual reason i like him.
i do not know how it happens. but i just like him.
i told him about it and he gave me hopes.
he told me that there’s possibility but the next day.
he asked me not to like him. he said i’m having important exams. and he said. he’s my tutor while i’m his student~
i felt like he was giving me excuses to reject me.
later on, i asked him whether is he giving me excuses to reject me because he’s not interest on me.
but he said he’s not.
is he lying?? wad can i do?

Hi aura,

I am afraid there is nothing much you can do about your situation.You need to accept the reality of this situation.

When he gave you the first reply , it was from his heart but later on , he came to realize the implications of those words .

You should let the matter rest for now because if it is true love, it will never fade.

He may have liked you but being your tutor , he felt that it was not right to take advantage of the situation.

Give him more time. Maybe, after his exam and you will see which way the wind blows.

I am very sorry that things did not happen the way you wished.

If he is yours, he will come back to you ,otherwise he belongs to others.


Hey erm, Laura haha,

i happened to stumble on this page while i was just kidding my self typing in “I like my Band Teacher” lmao. I haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about why i like my teacher cause they just think its wierd :\ which i guess it kind of is, but i can’t help but think of him all the time. at first i tried to ignore the feelings, but when the Band came back from Hawaii, i couldn’t help but just be so happy to see him again, and i couldn’t ignore them anymore. I’m pretty sure he’s in his late 2o’s – early 3o’s and im 16. sometimes i relize that i shouldn’t like him, but then when i see him like i did today he was just listening to a guest talking and when i looked over at him, he seemed so young and daring. he has such a passion for music and what he does, it makes me aspire to have such a passion in my life. then when i talked to him after class,(i had come up with something to talk about mainly about the two piano pieces i made up) when he was talking to me, he would look me directly in my eyes and they seemed to understand everything and consumed every worry i had. his laugh brings joy in my life, knowing that when he is happy, that i can be as well, and his smile is hard to see without smiling yourself, no matter how bad your feeling. my friends think im just obsessive and should get over him, but i kind of dont want to, because i’ve accepted i can’t really have a relationship with him, i just want to be with him to make him happy, to keep his laughter and his smile alive. That isn’t such a bad thing, is it?

Thanks for sharing your lovely story here and I wish to apologize for this belated reply.

It is great to see you have a balanced view of your situation and I am very glad for you .

Love is a lovely feeling and enjoy it while you can.


Holy, I’m happy i found this link! i have the exact same problem!!!!!!

Im in grade 12, almost about to graduate. My physics teacher is in his 40’s. At first, i thought he was a cool guy and whatever. after the first few months i realized i was starting to have feelings for him. I have been in absolute love with him for close to 2 years. we laugh, and have inside jokes about everything. he walks with me in the halls, and he and i talk for an hour after school every day. im leaving for uni next year also, and although its in the same city, it hurts more than any emotion ive ever felt to know im losing him at the end of this year. I wont see him every day, and i agree that it doesnt seem like theres a point in waking up every morning if he wont be there! i basically owe him my life.. my parents just recently separated and everything went wrong in my life, and i was extremely depressed. I was suicidal at points. he knew just how to cheer me up, and he made sure i was okay every day. other than not being able to see him every day, or to tell him how i feel (it would absolutely ruin my life.. i could never), he lives near me, and he is married with 3 kids in university. what makes it worse, is that im friends with his daughter too… it seems wierd reading what ive typed, and that there is no reason i should love the guy. but i do. but i dont see a relationship there, ever. its more of a mutual thing. I love him absolutely and unconditionally. more than i have ever loved any one or anything, but as more of a friend, and a fantasy. i cant get him out of my head. i cant imagine the rest of my life without him there every day..

it doesnt help that im pretty sure hes got feelings for me too. he stares at me all the time, and he compliments me. he talks to me for no reason, and not about anything school related, but about just normal every day things.. he makes me feel special, and the feeling i have after i see him lasts for hours. i just smile, all the time when im around him 🙂 (i just saw him an hour and a half ago!)

theres nothing more to look forward to after june. even a weekend away hurts so badly i often end up crying! it may seem ridiculous, but i cant help it!!! i know the feelings will get less with time, but, what if i dont want them to???

is it possible for him to be a soul mate?? because maybe thats what im feeling and not love. he is my best friend, i tell him everything. more than my own friends. he understands and is very helpful. he helped me out when i had a pregnancy scare, and has saved me from taking my own life numerous times..

im stuck, and im lost without him. im even taking physics in university next year so i can use his help as an excuse to see him once in a while. i dont think i can just quit seeing him like that so easily. this feeling is literally like a drug. im so super addicted, its become my life. Im absolutely positive he will always remain in my thoughts, until the day i die. I will always be thinking about him. I hope i think of our amazing relationship during my last breaths.. that would have made life worth living with that alone..

I’d ask for help, and i may just need it! but what if i dont want to accept it?? what if i cant accept it??


Thanks for your long and beautiful post. I am very sorry for this belated reply as i was quite busy with another site. I hope you will forgive me for this belated reply.

He is quite a guy and he seems like an angel in disguise and has help you alot .

You are very lucky and blessed to have him in your life. He will leaves footprints in your heart forever . So cherish and treasure him and I wish you will always find the pleasure and the joy with his friendship.


Reading this makes me feel like less of a freak. I adore my new teacher, he is lovely, a gentleman and a bastard all at once. He is actually kind of chubby, not too old maybe mid to late 30s, but his eyes and his face.. simply wonderful. And seeing him smile is such a joy. He has all his morals in the right place, but does things like swears and chats about normal stuff, he doesn’t put down unecessary boundaries like all these other teachers. He pokes fun of me all the time, and I cannot get enough of it! He also calls me Miss..-surname- whenever he sees me, I love it because I’m the only one he does this too, it has become like a nickname. I’m 17 years old so I’m in the class with his oldest students. I can’t help but imagining a relationship between us. But I know realistically this would be so stupid. I have never ever felt this strongly about someone before, ever, not for this long, it has been 6 months now! And the worst thing..? He is not going to be our teacher next year, the last year I have before I leave for uni. I can’t imagine seeing him around but not really having a reason to say anything more than ‘hi’ to him. And don’t even get me started on having to leave the school! It pains me to think what life will be like without seeing his face everyday. He doesn’t even have to try, he makes me feel so high it is actually kind of insane. Why can’t I stop feeling like this? It isn’t going to get me anywhere. I actually wonder what’s the point of getting up in the morning if I can’t see him, even though I have wonderful friends and family all ready and waiting for me! I want to stop feeling like this. It is far more than I can cope with. I want him so badly. He isn’t married, he hasn’t got children. He isn’t one of these people that will sell themselves short just to get a cheap laugh, I love that about him so so much. Fundamentally he is rude and annoying, but so charming. It’s weird, I know, but that’s the only way I can describe him. As I said earlier, a gentleman and a bastard.
What do I do?! I fear I will never find anyone like him again in my life. And if I don’t find closure on this, it may affect my future relationships with other guys, like I will always be comparing them to him.


Thats a very interesting and lovely post.Thank you for sharing your personal story here.

You highlighted most of the problems with girls of your age having a ‘crush or infatuations’ on their teachers.

The first love or love at that age is always sweet and beautiful. Your teacher is like an idol to you and you want to put them on a pedestal.

Most will get over it but there will be some who will carry on till they become husband and wife.

There is no means to tell if you will be the former or the latter.
Time will only tell if your love is true or is it only a ‘crush.’

Love from a far is like a fantasy .We fantasize a lot about him.It is only when you get to know more about him that you will find that he is only a normal human being and not a God .

There will be better man than him in this world because as you mature, your perceptions of things will be different.They won’t be the same .

It is a phase in your life and the experience will shape your outlook .

Just enjoy and have fun and focus on your priorities in life .


Hey Laura.
It would be great to hear your advice on my situation.
Although i’m still young at the age of 17, I’ve been in love with him since I was 13. I thought I would be over him when I graduated middle school, but I’m almost done with high school and it’s still just as bad. It has affected every aspect of my life. I’ve tried giving it time and distance and I’ve tried dating other guys, but nothing is working. I used to tell myself that it was only an infatuation, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. He knew I had a “crush” on him in middle school and he he didn’t act awkward. If anything, it made us closer. He is married and has a child. I don’t know what to do anymore. Should I tell him? I don’t want to make him uncomfortable or anything which is why that is my last resort. I don’t want to tell him in hopes of starting something with him, I just want complete closure. I have gotten to know him over the years and I really do love him. What do I do?
Thank you

Hi Sasha,

He is married and is out of bounds. Normally , I would advise you to run in the opposite directions from him.

You cannot stop loving him and no matter how hard you have tried , you still have those same feelings about him.

I cannot advise you to stop loving him but you need to change your perceptions of him.

He belongs to someone and is happily married with a child.

He is like a beautiful rose plant that is planted in someone’s garden. We can only look and admire but we know that we cannot pluck the rose from that garden.

Everyday , we may look , admire it , love it and that is all you can do from a distance.

One day , you may get tired from it and move on.Until that day comes, there is nothing you can do or change your adoration’s of your life.


Thank you Laura for this article it was really helpful! Its a relief to know that there is so many other people who are in the same situation as I am. I understand where you’re coming from, but I am not that little girl I use to be. I started having feelings for him, like it would of happened with any guy of my age. Hes funny, helpful, knowledgable and great person to talk to. Yes you are right, although there isnt much of age gap, only by 5 years, there is a possibility that he would want to start settling down, married and having kids. And even though I am an adult, with my 19 years of age, I still dont want to get married until I’m about 25-28 myself, (and he will be 30-33) bascially when I’m ready. It’s these things that I havent really thought about. And to be honest with you Laura, he’s not the hottest guy out there. Most other girls in my school would think he’s somewhat odd, so it has nothing to look with pyhsical appearance either. But who knows Laura! Maybe it will workout, I just have to try. In reality I dont really know what his beliefs are, what he really wants, I’m just lucky that he’s not married and single at the moment. And no I am not in love, I can’t be in love with a person who I still need to get to know of. It’s not a crush either, like most adults tell me, it’s not a crush that will just last a month or so!! This is something more, I just can’t stop thinking about him, theres nights where I can’t even sleep cause hes constantly on my mind. Once I walk in that class, my hearts starts beating so fast that it feels like it’s going to pop, like I’m going to faint. Then when he speaks to me, forget it! I can’t bare to look him in the eyes. At this point when im about to graduate, I think it would be best, to write a letter and give it to him on the last day. And If he would really want to contact me about it, he would.

Hi hkchick,

Glad that you came over and found it useful.You are 19 and that makes you more matured than those in the 14 – 16 age groups.

You are in love with him but it is not true love. What you are going through is infatuations,possessed by a foolish or extravagant passion especially for another person.

Infatuations maybe short lived and you may soon outgrow it because it is not real love.

I would agree with you about your plan to write him a letter and see how he would respond to it.

By then , you are free to do as you want.

Good luck to you !


wow man am i happy to find this post, its funny finding that there are people who feel the same way about some teachers that i do,. in high school i thought it was wierd and sure i joked around with my friends about getting teachers but we never took it seriously. except there was my friends math teacher that i really did want to get. i mean he was italin(hot), could cook., and knew math so that was perfect since i was horrible with my math class. anyway i went to his tutoring sessions and he helped me with it great, sometimes we would just talk about random things and grew a bond. i started to fall for him and whenever he looked at me my heart rushed and i couldnt help but blush, sometimes i would catch him staring at me.. idk if it was anything or not, but i always wanted to move further than just a student but didnt know if he felt the same way. im a college freshman now and still think about him even though i happily have a boyfriend that i love. i still want to go back to highschool and see if there could be something there or see if it was all in my head. hope this isnt too long just really confused about my feelings for him.. so what should i do?

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your sharing. It is a part of your life , a chapter in your book of your life.

Sometimes , you want to reminisce about those days and feel melancholy about it.

If you are fated to meet again , you will but life goes on…


oh, gosh! you just summed up my current situation… and i think i may be one of those people who has a problem


Hi karnii,
You recognized that you have a problem. That is half way to solving your problem. Good luck to you !



Well, I was told about this link by some one on another site who said this would help me…and it definitely has. I recently developed a crush on a teacher, and it’s the worst thing in the world! (For me that is) I was drastically trying to find something online that would help me get over this crush of mine, but I was struggling and only found childish posts asking “how do I seduce my teacher?” or “Does he like me too?”….well – I know now from browsing and looking thing up, that sometimes teachers actually DO like you back, but 99.99% of the time it’s a no go, and when they do like you back they don’t act on it anyway. So I was thinking to myself…I fancy a teacher, I’m really weird, no one in my school fancies a teacher…but they do! So it’s normal…and I should enjoy the feeling. Even if I am a little uncomfortable. I should not tell or give any hints to him (if I can help it 😉 and it will all turn out ok.

It is not love. I knew that anyway. But reading this article has enlightened me, and helps me understand that I’m not alone….or weird hahaha.

Thanks people.

Hi Kazz,

I am glad you dropped by and read some of the things here and found it useful.
You are just a normal and precocious kid and not weird….LOL!

There maybe others unknowingly to you because they are able to hide it better than you or too fearful to say it out .


Well, I have to admit I do agree with everything you wrote. Until now, I’ve always thought of girls falling in love with a marvelous teacher with contempt, I mean, it’s obviously but an Oedipus complex!
Or at least, it’s what I thought. I still believe that, in most cases, it’s merely infatuation or puppy love but could there be something more ?
Now, I do wonder. I’m not one of these girls who wants to be protected by a strong man but it’s true I like manly men. That’s why it’s totally weird that I’m developing a crush (if I can say so since I refuse to call it ‘being in love’) on a teacher, even if he’s not really my teacher.
Actually, I’ve got a great philosophy teacher I like very much. This teacher of mine is notoriously in love with another philosophy teacher, a male one at that. Okay, I’ve nothing against homosexuality in general, but it’s not especially my thing.
However, I’m being attracted to my philosophy teacher’s lover. How stupid, am not I? Well, I do think so. He’s all I didn’t think I could want from a man and I can’t help but blushing pathetically every time I see him. He’s nice, brilliant but utterly mad. He’s got the most sexiest voice and it hurts.
I’m so ashamed because I’m becoming jealous of my philosophy teacher every time he makes him smile or talks to him. When I think they are having sex, I’m not disgusted but envious. How bad is that, I wonder ?
Well, I just hope it’ll go away. Soon.

Hi Lux,
Thanks for your frank and interesting post.

As long as it is not an obsession with you , you should be OK.

I feel that it is just a normal human reaction for what you are going through.

We all have feelings and sometimes those feelings can bother our conscience.

You need to thread carefully and not let your emotions go over board.

Keep your focus on your priorities in life and soon those feelings will fade in time.

Thanks again for your time and for sharing your story here.


oh gosh im so relieved to find this link!
i know its kinda normal to develop crushes on teachers but i really thought that i was going mad for being in love with one.
it makes so much sense that you would fall in love with someone that shows care and concern for you, i suppose thats just the role of the teacher :L
ive been in love with a particular teacher (who used to be my form class teacher) for just over two years. dont get me wrong im not crazy or anything, ive had some serious relationships in that time but at the end of them i cant help but still feel something for him. its so weird, i dont even see him much now that he doesnt take me for class anymore but whenever i do see him and he speaks to me my heart just starts racing. my friends have even noticed it.
hes ten years my senior and i have had relationships with older guys so its not as if i wouldnt know how to get along with him.
im leaving school next year and im really tempted to say something to him but i dont want to seem like some kind of immature student…. i do think wed be compatible as we did get along when he taught me and we have so much in common… im also REALLY tempted to add him on facebook, too far maybe? 🙂

Hi Nixon!
Thanks for sharing your interesting episode of your life here. Glad you found this link and hope it helped you to understand about this issue from another perspective.

There is nothing wrong in adding him on your FB provided you treat him like a friend .

In life, we should have friends and keep those good friends near our heart.

I think you will be O.K ,judging from the way you wrote and I sense there is a growing maturity in you .

Just enjoy the attentions and fun and not to worry too much .

Someday you will look back and reminisce about those good old days…haha!


I am in love with my teacher I know he is married and older than me but i cant move on and forget about it. We talk so much and he always teases me and makes eye contact with me to go with his dazzling smile. I have loved him for a while now and i am leaving next year and i dont know how i will live without him. I think about him all the time and everytime we touch my heart beats really fast. He doesn’t treat me like he treats everyone else he lets me stay in his office after school to talk to him and he plays me music on the piano. I’m not sure if he knows the feelings that i have for him and i dont know if i should tell him or not. I really dont know what to do can someone please help me.


Hi Emma,

I am sure you will find the answers from the replies in some of those comment posts below. You will grow up and meanwhile don’t think too much and just enjoy and flow with the current. It is a sweet and an unforgettable part of your growing up life.


Hi there,
It’s really interesting to read other people’s experiences.
I am tending to fall in love with teachers, a lot!
My first crush was a teachers, and all my other crushes (exept for just ONE) all involved teachers. At this very moment, I am madly in love with four teachers! Of course, there is one I really want to be with all the time 😛
I just can’t stop thinking about them, i’m fantasizing every day and I hate weekends and holidays because there’s zero chance I will see them 😦

The love is one sided though because three of the four are married and have kids.

I am thinking about confessing to all of them once I have my diploma. I will graduate in may this year, and since i’m 18 years old (19 by then) there won’t be any social/ethnic problems limits.

Of course I want them to love me back, but even if they’ll reject me, I love them so much that I’m able to accept the fact that they love their family.

Hi Maya,

Love is a two way street. We cannot stop others from loving us and sometimes we can’t help falling in love with others who may not even know we existed.

When you are 18, you see the world at 18 and when you are 19, you will become more matured and understand more about love and life. Your perceptions about love will not be the same. Everyday , there are always new things to learn. You will outgrow your youthful idealism .


Sorry about the spelling mistakes I wrote all of it on my iPod touch. Xxx

Wow I am so glad that I found this blog it’s been really helpful to read everybody’s comments and experiences.

I know that I am just one of many but it still feels so personal and incredibly taboo.

I would say that my own experience is a mixture of lots of these other people’s feelings and desires.

Basically, I am predicted entirely a*s and have become completely overwhelmed with the concept of letting people down and not reaching their expectations, so whenever I’ve found somethig difficult in class I’ve ended up holding in my tears fo the entire lesson and then completely breaking down at the end of the lesson, leving me in floods of tears having panic attacks in front of my teachers. I have done this four times in the last 2 weeks and all of my teachers have been lovely and given me a hug along with some brilliant advice that has helped me to reach my targets for particular assessments, for which I am incredibly greatful.

However, the last time this happened was at the end of an English lesson. I have the most amazing teacher who has taught me so much, has always been really nice to me and always helps me by setting me work much higher than anybody else in my school is being faced with in order to extend my knowledge. I’ve always felt incredibly flattered whenever he has said that I’m a brilliant student.

But to get back to the point, I ended up sat at my desk just sobbing as everybody else was leaving the classroom. He quickly noticed me and came over to sit next to me. I really noticed a change in his mannerisms: he went from the hilarious conversational joker to a concerned and caring man who didn’t want to see me in that state. He sat close to me with his hand on my back and his voice became really soft and calming. He helped me to calm down and even though I looked a mess he told me to go outside with him for some fresh air. We ended up walking around and talking for the entire lunchtime and I just completely opened up to him, telling him all of the really difficult bits of my life because I really feel that I can trust him. He said that he was really worried about me and wanted me to know that I can always talk to him about anything.

I just felt completely uplifted and like everything in my life had fallen into place. I went back at the end of the day to say thank you to him an he seemed to be really glad that he had helped e and made me smile.

I am not saying that I am in love with my teacher, but he has made me the happiest that I have been for months, just by spending some time with me. He makes me feel more special and more wanted than I have ever felt before, but I think that’s more of a personal issue about myself.

I am a big believer in fate and have always turned to God whenever I’ve felt this upset and lost, but it really feels like God is guiding me toward him, because I continually bump into him and notice his big smiles towards me, plus it feels like God’s way of making me happy. I told him more about my feelings and experiences within the space of an hour than I have told anybody else within the last 3 years, and it felt so easy and uplifting.

I am not saying that I want to end up with my teacher, but I just want him to stay in my life for as long as possible because he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and has made me so happy. I just needed to write this somewhere to help me gain other perspectives, so thank you in advance.


Hi xxx,

Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences with us. It is quite long but very interesting and lovely to read. He is an angel in disguise and God send him to make your life complete. You are quite matured and well balanced and I wish you well and all the best to you .


Hi Laura! This is an amazing article, it’s so true, really. I know I have developed a crush on my biology teacher when I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about him at one point. I have all of the feelings and symptoms you’ve described, it’s as if this article was specifically written for ME. Haha. He is married to a lovely woman with two beautiful daughters. I know I WILL let go of this immature “infatuation” and continue to ace biology. You just strengthened this belief 🙂 I will still admire him secretly, and respect him as a teacher.

Hi Lilly,
Thanks for your sweet post. Am glad that you have the right perspective about your situation . You can be an example to all the others about overcoming this problem. Love them in your heart and keep it there.


its crap when they have wifes or girlfriends, i love my english teacher i mean actually love him and i was in love with my first english teacher to, for a year! and now its my new english teacher,, i must have a thing for those types of guys,, i do love a man in a suit…

like yino, strong, handsome, awsome career, then hes so funny & charming with the most beautiful blue eyes ive ever seen, i get butterflys when i see him, knowing i’m not the only ones to fall in love with teachers does help. xxx


I have been madly in love with my history teacher for almost two years now. He’s all I can think about. He’s basically perfect to me. He’s not super good-looking, but I think he is. He’s got a great sensse of humor, (and it helps that its close to mine) and his personality is just amazing.

He has sent some signals, but then it couls juat be my irrational feelings because of love. Usually, when he’s in a good mood and let’s us in(our school is locked after 4:30 and on weekends) me and a friend will go in and talk to him for around an hour or so. We have great times with him and I think he favors me over some other students because I’m nice to him. We make snappy comments to each other, like we both make fun of each other. He picks on me, I pick on him. That’s how it is. and it’s really fun.

I wanted to take a picture with him one time because him and some otehr teachers dyed their hair for homecoming and I got pictures with the otehrs, so I went to him after school and asked for a picture. I had my camera, but he wanted pictures with his camera too. So I went to stand by him like I did with all the others and he put his arm around me and pulled me in tightly and really close. We took three pictures like that on his camera. I then had to take a quick one with mine because my battery was dying. So I kind of leaned in and he put his head on top of mine. one of my friends made the comment we looked like a couple… haha.

Anyway, he has sent some odd signals like that, and I’m just not sure how to take them, and I’m pretty sure he knows I feel this way and he doesn’t do anything about it. After the whole picture thing, he leaned in close to my face and stared into my eyes(we have this thing where I can’t beat him at staring contests) and he said “Have you been drinking?” and I said no, then he said “What are you smoking?” and I said nothing, and then he said “Your pupils are very dialated…” which I’m sure he knows can be caused by human affection. And I’m sure they were huge because he was so close to me.

The age difference is 23 years as he is 37. He’s single, no kids, lives alone, and doesn’t have many friends.

sorry this is so long…


I wish to apologize sincerely for not replying to your post. I was having a mental block and neglected this blog for quite sometime and i feel very bad for not answering your reply.I hope that you will forgive me.



I am 20 years old,my English teacher is approximately of 40 and I am falling in love with him.He just teaches me once a week so i dont have a lot of chances to talk to him,even he didn’t remember my name.How cam i do in order to close to him?I decide to write him a letter to express my love in the end of the course.Is it ok?Thank you a lot!

Hi bella,

Thanks for your post. Is your teacher married ? If he is married, you should just love him from a distance and do nothing else.

If he is unmarried, it would not be wise to express your love to him when you do not know how he would react. You would need to find out where he stands before expressing out your love for him.

Sending him a love letter may precipitate the end of this relationship.

The best thing is get to know him well first and then later talk about love.


Hey 🙂 Thank you very much for this article, because it helped me a lot ^^ I know it is wrong to ‘love’ a teacher and I know I am too young to get in a relationship with a teacher, which I will never do!. I understood it, but the problem is that it is too embarassing for me that he knows that I like him. I think I was too obvious, so I think he knows it now. I really like his classes, not because he is there, but the way he teaches and explains. I really got to know lots of things in his classes.
Before I started having this ‘weird’ attraction to him, I freely could talk with him and ask him questions or participate in his classes, but after he kind of got the idea of that I like him, he took his distance from me (I am not surprised of that, because he knows that I like him, so he don’t want to give me the wrong impression), which affects me as well, not because I’m ‘hurt’ or something, its because I cant look at him or even ask a question and participate in his classes. I really feel bad that I destroyed the good relationship with my teacher. I really want to let him understand that I dont like him anymore or that I dont want anything more. It is just so embarassing that he knows about it, because now he has this wrong image of me, judging me as someone else, although I am not that person. It was wrong of me to get attracted to him :/
Please, tell me what I should do =(

Hi Saya,
Sorry for the belated reply. There is nothing much you can do about it except to just face it stoically. The gossips will later die off and your life will return to normal again.



I have recently just finished sixth form college but am finding it hard to move on. In my last year i fell in love with my history teacher and am still infatuated with him. He’s always been really sweet to me and he’s really an amazing guy. I dont even find him physically attractive but he is just perfect in my eyes. I’ve even had close times with him when he was the leader of a class trip. He took care of me when i got drunk with my friends and then another time on the trip when i had an anxiety attack. He also told me he was worried about me and used to keep a close eye on me.

I think he knew i had feelings for him which was embarassing but he was cool about it. I always had the shakes and i was really quiet around him. I giggled at all his jokes, never maintained eye contact with him for ages and blushed madly. I even did this embarrassing thing with my lips once when i had a one-to-one with him about some work which i didn’t mean to do.

When i realised i was going to leave sixth form though i became really depressed because it meant i was never going to see him again. When we did leave i was upset for ages and the only thing that cheered me up was the hope that i’d see him on results day. I did and he gave me a hug and told me he was really proud of me which set me off into tears. Now i am really depressed again coz i know im never going to see him again and he was really special to me. I can’t stop thinking about him and its really getting to me and i think im going to get so upset about it that i might have anxiety attacks.

Any advice about how to forget about him or get over the situation. Its pretty much ruining my life at the moment and i spend almost every waking moment thinking about him.

Hi Genevieve,

Sorry for this belated post. I think you can find my replies in the other post about how to overcome your problems. Thanks for your post.


Hi! I´m form Argentina so my English is not very good. I´m worried because i have a tendency to ¨fall in love¨ with my teachers. It´s like I can´t help sort of fantasizing about them. The fact that they know so much about subjects tat I´m passionate about makes them really attractive. I think I idolize them, put them up on a pedestal. The embarrassing part is I´m 26 years old and I try to avoid making eye contact with them and I feel nervous around them. It´s so embarrrassing. It happens so often I´m starting to worry that it´s a more complex issue or that I might be crazy.. help! 🙂

Hi Virginia,
Thanks for your post. Your English is very good. You may find my answers in the other post. If you cannot , I think you need to see a counselor for your problems..


hi laura. I’m 18 and just graduated from high school. Back in my sophomore year i started liking my history teacher.My sophomore year i talked a lot to him, and most days I stayed after school with him. He looked like he really liked to be with me because when i wouldn’t stay afterschool he would asked me why i wouldn’t stay. We talked about a lot of stuff and we both have some good time. He would talk about his private life(family,friends, etc.)The last day of my sophomore day he was very kind and ask me to visit next year because he would miss me a lot. He was my teacher only my sophomore year but my junior year i always went to his class after school because he asked me to be his T/A and because i liked to be with him. My senior year he wanted me to be his T/A during school and afterschool.So when i got my classes assign my school didn’t gave me the option to be a T/A and he didn’t like it. But we were still in contact because I continued being his T/A in the afternoon.He’s a good man and friend. Do you think i can start a relationship now that him 18 and now that he’s not my teacher? He’s not that older than me, not married and no kids.

Hi ML,
Thanks for your interesting post.

Since you mentioned that you have graduated from high school, I presumed that you have left that school where he is teaching.

If you are no more in the same school,I do not see any social or ethical issues about forming a relationship.

All the best to you .


Im in love with my friends teacher!! I constantly think about him all of the time! I go to his room just to look at him and whenever i see him my heart beats faster and i feel tingly! He is married with kids and he is alot older than me! But i really love him, i have dreams about him and cannot go a day without thinking at least one thing about him, i need some help! x

Laura1318 :- You have an obsession problem. This is not healthy.
There are a few ways to overcome them.

1) Seek the service of a professional therapist.

2) Refocus your priorities to God and your future plans.

3) Demonize that person so that you will be turn off from this obsession.

4) Write a letter and pour out your feelings and then burn them together with any pictures of him.

5) Google for all those tips on how to cure an obsession.

6) Try to remove yourself physically and avoid contact with him.

laura, i have gone a bit further from where i was a few days ago .. i emailed TG, and got a nice (yet somewhat polite) response back from him, only to find out that he won’t come back next year as a teacher but will be leaving here to go to graduate school in who knows where .. would it be best for me to not want a relationship with him (we all know long-distance never works properly) or should i just hope for a friendship as the best relationship we can ever share?

Laura1318 :-

If he is meant for you , your path will cross again. Bless him and let him go. It is like riding on a horse and watching those beautiful flowers by the roadside.

It is better that they remain there , for plucking them will make them wilt and die.

You will someday meet someone who is the one for you . Think positive and take it as an experience and lessons in life.

so sorry laura, please ignore my last post (on may 2nd) as well as this one. for some reason, i thought you didn’t receive my post from before may 2nd but you did. thank you so much for responding back to me – i feel much more comfortable talking here with you than with my counselor who has a reputation for leaking out such confidential information.

Laura1318 :-
You are welcome !

hey laura, this is carol from april 24th. i’m having a harder time now because TG left school on friday and he’s not coming back. it was so sudden because i had seen him on friday, and i didn’t expect him to leave that afternoon so i didn’t take advantage of a free block i had to go see him .. i feel so stupid about just taking him for granted because now he’s gone, and i think i have a vague feeling what his email is but i’m not sure whether or not to email him (and just ask him basic questions about his finishing his college life).

and since my last post to you, we have talked a little – although i didn’t take full advantages of my opportunities, he was very helpful and very nice which just added to my mild infatuation for him.

I like my teacher 12 years my senior and i will be graduating soon i have talked to him outside of school. Actually he is a long term sud for the original teacher. and i know of a case of a student and a teacher falling in love getting married and living happily to this day. i know of another case that they are soon to be wed. so in some cases couldn’t they be truly the one even if you think it is impossible

Laura1318 :-

If there is love , nothing is impossible.There are cases where they married and their marriage lasted. It depends on the individuals.

There is a higher risk of divorce among this group Every marriage is not without risk.

If you really love each other and care for each other, there is nothing to stop you from marrying.

alright, so this is a bit of a twist on the old fashioned ‘studet + teacher = ‘no-no”. i’m 18, and about to graduate in may. i’m not in love, but i have been debating the morality of a situation i have found myself in. i am very mature for my age, i always have been, as such, i’ve known that i would probably always go for the older guy. the older guy in question is 7 years older than i am, and a teacher in another school district. i’ve known him from other aspects of life. my debate is whether or not is it moral and ethical to even consider any type of a relationship. i’m not one to date for the sake of dating or useless relationships. i’ve been ruined to that aspect by the way my childhood was. is it right to even consider a relationship with these bearings? i guess that i’m just looking for another opinion. i live in a small rural town. i guess thati do let others opinions of me sway my decisions in a lot of my personal matters, but when in this environment, what can a person do? he is also a guy who is well known in the community. his mom is one of the main PA’s at our clinic, and i work at the pharmacy as a tech. that would put things in a major spotlight. i don’t know anymore, i think it helps to talk about it, but i would appreciate a second opinion…


It depends on whether you like him or like him enough to overcome your own prejudices about relationships.

Relationship is a two way thing. You won’t know whether it will work out or not if you did not try.

You can always be a friend to him and enjoy his friendship without having to think of developing a relationship.

Get to first base first and have fun.Have as many friends as you can because they can be a source of your happiness. Let the future takes care of itself. Live for today and don’t worry about the future.

I don’t see any moral or ethical reasons why you cannot be friends or start a relationship with him.

If he is yours, your path will meet again in the near future . Do you believe in destiny ?


hello, i have a current situation that is troubling me and it involves me, a 17 year old, and a “teacher in training” who is in his 20’s. you see, this “teacher in training” (whom i’ll refer to as TG – his initials) came to our school only recently, around march of this year, and he’s been sitting in and watching our history class & how our real teacher teaches and etc. so TG is not even a school staff yet.

we have assigned seats in my class so TG sat near me because it was the only seat available. he never even spoke to me or did anything significant for a month or so until two weeks ago when he unplugged my laptop cord & gave it to me at the end of class (note: i always bring my laptop to history class to take notes). i was surprised because he never made any effort like this before, and didn’t even talk to me or anyone else before. i must mention that in our history class, the teacher is very didactic and discourages talking in his class because he does the entire lecture every day.

so TG also unplugged my laptop cord & rolled it up again and gave it to me last week and even though i said “thank you” i don’t think he even said anything or smiled. but i’m confused as to why he would even do this small gesture of kindness – it’s not like my cord is in his way because he dealt with me needing to keep my laptop plugged in for over 1 month before he started to show these random acts of kindness.

i acknowledge that i’m infatuated right now and that this relationship probably won’t bloom but i’m confused as to why he’d do such a thing. and the fact that i became infatuated with him merely b/c he unplugged & rolled up my laptop charger cord is really quite ludicrous and i feel a little embarassed by it i haven’t told any of my friends that i have an infatuation for TG.

but i need help – i want to get rid of this infatuation, but since i am so “in love” i feel embarrassed even to talk to him. but i truly want to become a good friend w/him because i’m pretty sure he’s going to be a teacher at our school next year. i’d really love any advice you could give me to turn this infatuation into friendship. i’ve always had an incredibly hard time making friends w/teachers because most of the time i unfairly assume adults want nothing to do with teens which isn’t necessarily true because even adults like to have students as their friends.

Thanks for your long input.He is probably the shy type and it took that long for him to muster enough courage to make the first move.He is just trying to break the ice

Find opportunities to talk to him , be friendly and asked him for his email addy or whether he is on those social networking sites.

When you get to know more of him , you will know how to treat him as a friend or a potential mate. Your infatuations will then go away.


Hi Laura!…I’m a 17 year old teenage…..I’m in love with my English teacher(40 years old). I really don’t understand if I love him like……or is it just a student-teacher/father-daughter love!….I know that he loves me too……he says that I’m like a daughter to him and he really shows a lot of concerns for me and my studies( i’m one of the good students!)….but I’ve now crossed my high school and he doesn’t teach me anymore but I regularly call him, when my parents aren’t there at home…..even he knows that….and he said he really likes talking to me……but now he tells me that I should focus on my studies rather than call him every time……his wife gets irritated with my calls, he said so……..but its just that I can’t stop thinking about him……and the big problem is that I DON’T WANT TO do that….I mean I really feel nice when I think about him but it has definitely hampered my studies!…..Should I tell him how I feel for him or….?….I don’t want to break our relationship at any cost!….i really love him and I want him to know that!!!!!……I know we can’t be together but at least we can make each other aware of our love towards one another, can’t we??Plz,,,, Help!

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for sharing your problems here. I know that you want to tell him of your love for him but if you do that , it would be the death knell of your relationship with him.

That is not what you wanted and you can only hasten the demise of this great friendship. Do not cross the thin red line .

There is no future in that kind of relationship and the earlier you realize that, the better you will be.

Do not get in too deep or you will find it very painful to extricate from that mess.You can only be good friends and nothing more.

He is older and an experience man and his perspective is different from yours. As a married and older man , he should not lead you down on that road.

Probably , he realized your love for him and he does not want you to go astray and hurt you.

You are going through those red lights and you should stop, cool down and reassess your situation.

Go out more with your friends and enjoy life. Soon , you will see him in the right perspective.


Hello. I live in France, so my English is a bit poor but anyway I’ll try to make myself understood. Then, please excuse me for my mistakes. I fell in love with my maths teacher. I’m 14 and he’s nearly 34(he looks around 23:)). I always think of him, he’s always in my mind, I still didn’t manage to think of something else. I listen to old romantic music, like ”Une belle histoire” (a very old(1972) French song which I listen also in Italian till he talked once about Italian at school). Before, he always talked with me, waited the answer from me(my friends say that he doesn’t bear when someone else answers his questions, he become nervous), now, he don’t say anything anymore. It really saddens me. I don’t know what to do then. With my friend, we did everything to him. We went at his place to explore the street and his house from the outside. But he saw us ! And he ribbed us for a long moment and he ‘tortured’ us ahead the class ! Then he asked us for cookies (of course, he didn’t realize we were able to do it) so we go at his home again and put a box of cookies on his letter box. He was happy the next day 🙂 It was clear it diverted him. He asks us again for cookies but we don’t have enough courage. His behavior is different to me. For exemple, when he got the cookies, he wrote in his internet site ”thanks for the cookies” and he didn’t write anything for my friend whereas he knew very well we were together to do that. My friend says she doesn’t love him but I guess she does. Because when I told him the story with the comment on the site, she tried to hide it but I understood she was jealous. He shows favouritism to me. I have 20/20 in his subject, but I was supposed to have 19. He never takes into account my mistakes. And twice, he confessed, he showed favouritism to me. But now, there is an enormous problem. Saturday is his last day in our school, then there are holidays and after that there will be another teacher !!! I don’t know what I have to do. I’m in the dismals. I’m really upset. There are only 2 hours with him! I hope I won’t cry on Saturday. I wrote some poems in mathematical language, I’ll put them on his desk. I know he’ll guess immediately it’s me but I think I have to do it. I really don’t want him to go. If you can help me, I would be very happy, dear Laura ! Thanks a lot.

Laura1318 :- Hi! Thank you for your post.Please do not worry about your English .It is only a language of expression.

Love is very beautiful and you feel like you are on top of the world. Such a feeling is present when you love someone in your heart. Your heart is in the clouds and your feet not touching the ground.

I suggest you write your feelings and thoughts everyday into a diary because you need to expressed your love out or you would be tormented .

You cannot expressed those loving feelings to him openly because it may turn him off and it is not appropriate.

You may not know how he will react and you may not really understand him or his motives.

Sometimes , you may misunderstand his actions because when you are in love, you are blind and irrational.His love or actions could be only a brother- sister love or teacher student love.It may not be romantic love.

Imagine a situation in the reverse, if someone whom you treat as only a friend suddenly showers his affections and love for you.. How would you react ? It is like chasing a shadow. The more you chase, the more the shadow will run away from you.

I am sorry that you felt that way and he is leaving your school. Parting is such sweet sorrow.When a door close, another will open. If you are meant to be together, you will meet again.

There will be many such opportunities in the future and you only need to to be aware of those opportunities that come your way.

Give your love but don’t ask anything in return.It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Go out more with your friends and enjoy those moments of fun and camaraderie and he will slowly fade from your world.

hello. I’m 15 and my teacher is about 30, married with a daughter. I think I love him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I think he likes me too. My parents are getting suspicious. But I just learnt that he’s leaving my school like real soon. I cried. He didn’t even tell me. I was devastated. I can’t imagine a life without him. He means a lot to me. I really want him to be at my graduation night, but now it seems like he’ll never be able to do that. I’m not sure if I really love him or it’s just infatuation. Or maybe I was looking for a father figure. I’m planning to talk to him or write him a letter. I really don’t want him to leave…

Laura1318:- Hi!This is a part of the process of growing up where everyone will have to go through. You will survive and live to fight another day.

It is not the end of the world. The big wide world is out there and there are many things for you to learn and experience.

Friends come and go and some will leave indelible footsteps in our hearts.

We cannot stop anyone from leaving and we can only bless them and wish them well in their careers.

Learn to give and take and there are things which you cannot control and some things which are not yours ,for they belong to others. It is not right that we take it from others or deprive them .

Love with an unconditional heart and with no strings attached. If they are yours, they will come back to you .

When you are young , you think with a young mind and when you grow older and wiser , you will see the folly of your youthful exuberance.

Take care. Take it as a lesson in life.

and if there is anyway to be toghether and have a normal bf gf relationship?

HI !

I know it is wrong to have any relationship with a teacher but , how do you know if he’s into you , or if he’s not and he’s just being nice to you?, and how could you solve this cos after all it is illegal to have that kind of relationship.

Laura1318:- If he goes out of his way to treat you in a very special manner and only you are the recipient of his attentions.

Just think of him as a very good friend and teacher and you are too young to be in love. You need to finish schooling and see the world first before you seriously consider falling in love and settling down.

hi, i dont know what to do with this feeling, im in love with my teacher and want to tell him about it,no matter what the answer is gonna be. Im 18 and he’s 30, i remember the first time we met,it was when i went on his art trip.He came to have a little chat with me while i was drawing a sculpture, he didnt seem like a teacher the way he spoke to me,i thought he’s a stranger who tried to get my mobile number or somethin lol and everytimes i see him, its like i having an heart attack, i cant even talk or speak but just want to look into his eyes and try to figure it out what he is thinking at that moment. i want to know him more and i even want to have a relationship with him if he doesnt have a girlfriend right now 🙂 please help me to stop thinking this kind of thing as i dont want to give him trobles.

Laura1318:- Try to keep those feelings to yourself , for there are somethings which are better left unsaid. Enjoy those lovely feelings and if you must pour it out of your heart, write it in your personal diary.

Get to know more of him by interacting with him whenever possible.This would put things into better perspective .Enjoy and have fun .Someday you will see him as an ordinary human being and not some higher being.

I just turned 17 and my teacher is in his late 30s I guess, he’s taught me for two years and it’s the personality that I love about him (even though I think he looks so hot!) I memorize his timetables, habits, and I even joined an after school activity because he’s in charge. He’s not teaching me this year and I miss him so much. I get every chance to see him when on campus. My heart flutters every time I see him and I try to think of excuses to find him in his office. I’ve got this feeling that I’m going to just break loose. I have fantasies of him, I sometimes imagine him being with me, and his scent and touch fill my imaginations. I’m afraid that I might say or do the wrong thing and scare him away. I don’t want a relationship or anything, but I want to know him more, how can get to know him better?

Laura1318:- WOW! You are so romantic! In this age of the internet , there are so many ways you can get to know more of him.You can e-mail him or chat with him and ask him lots of questions.

Try to find out what are his hobbies , interests and where he usually frequents. This will increase your chances and I am sure , you will have lots of things to share with each other. Good luck!

i’m 17 and my teacher’s in his 20s… he’s helped me out with a few problems, and he says i have a deep mind and am very moral. we also have so much in common that it;s almost weird. i mean, i’ve never had so much in common with anyone! i feel like it was meant to be…. but we just have to get there. i dont know…

Laura1318:- Just enjoy those feelings.Everything will fall in step if you are meant for each other. Take care!

Hi… my name is Jodie, and my situation is a little bit different…
I am 14 (15 in 3 weeks) and I got sent on my Work Experience placement and I have fallen in love with Danny my boss… I can’t stop thinking about him, I took a picture of him on my phone without him knowing…
However he has a wife and two kids, and I feel so sad when i know nothing can happen I just cry for hours…
Not only this… but in 3 weeks time my work experience will be over, and all i will have left is a picture. I cannot tell him how I feel, can I? What if he wants me to leave before my next 3 weeks are up? Not only that, but the shop is only 20 minutes on a bus from where i live… I know i can go see him anytime… but should i go when w/e is over?

Laura1318:- Hi Jodie ! Thank you for sharing your problem here. When you are around 15, you look at the world and it is a very big world and problems are like insurmountable mountains .

You will grow up and take on the challenges in life . Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail . Do not be too harsh on yourself as life is the process of learning about what is right and good for you and you will make mistakes . We learn from our own mistakes and other people’s mistakes .

Emotions and love are very powerful forces and we sometimes cannot control them and we may fall in love or feel a strong attraction to another person when that person have those qualities which we seek . It could be a temporary fad or an infatuation or puppy love. Real love is different.

He is married and having a relationship with a married man is fraught with many disadvantages. It is best to avoid the quagmire .Do not eat the forbidden fruit for it’s after effects is very bitter.

If you can control your emotions, you can still be friends with him and enjoy your friendship. You should not confess your feelings to him as it is morally and ethically wrong.

Walk away from him if you cannot control your emotions. It may be painful at first but time will heal your hurts.It is better a short term pain than a long term pain.

In time , you will meet someone who is the right one for you and he will slowly fade from your scene.

I need your advice — I’m a special case =)

So unlike the millions of teenagers across this country that are absolutely head over heels for their teachers, I’m actually over 18. In fact, I’m 22 going on 23. My issue is that I have an obsession with teachers that show the slightest emotional care for me. The last few months have been really tough on me and my emotions have been seeping through in class. When these professors pull me aside and talk to me, I fall for them pretty hard.

Granted I’m an adult and it’s pretty stupid for an adult to have this kind of problem. But it’s a problem, nonetheless. I go to a medical school, so these professors aren’t just teachers. They’re also physicians, so there’s a certain line I know I can’t cross (other than them being my teachers). But I still get pretty hung up on them (both female and male physicians/teachers). Maybe it’s the authority figure. Maybe it’s the fact that I think very highly of them because of their careers, or maybe because I yearn for the motherly/fatherly attention I get from them. But sometimes I want more than that mother or father figure, you know? Both my parents are still in my life but it’s hard to talk to them the way I talk to these older people…(language issue). But anyway…

I know I don’t sound as bad as I’ think I am (or am I?). But, truth be told, the way I see it — I’m pretty in deep. I think about these doctors (namely one of them) all the time. I yearn to impress them. I take that longer route down the hallway so I can see them. I get jealous when another student talks to them (even if it’s completely academic). I email them about nonacademic things and when I don’t get the timely response or even one that I expect, I get jealous and angry (by the way, I DO realize I have a jealousy/anger issue, but that’s another issue).

I want to BE them. In some perfect world, I could be WITH them. But I know where I stand…there are things in my life I had to suck up because it was wrong. There are loves that I swear is so real, but walked away from because it was wrong…And I’m willing to walk away from this. But it’ll be one heck of a fight…

I guess I’m not really asking anything in particular. It’s just nice to get this off my chest, and hoping that maybe you could reply and give me some magical remedy for this obsession of mine.

Laura1318:- Hi! You are a very smart and intelligent person and you know what are your options. You have to rein in your emotions and control them. It may take sometime to learn how to control those emotions. It is an ongoing process where you learn how to get along with others.

You may not be a starry eyed teenager anymore but you are now going through this belated stage in your life. It’s a phase in our life where we have to go through. There is not much one can do about that. Only time will cure you of this malady.

It is your personality and characteristics which is shaped by the environments and culture you were brought up from. You crave for those close emotional attachments which you could not get from your parents. Your parents may have communication problems with you as they come from another generations .

You are subconsciously looking for a mentor who would guide you and give you all those warmth, love and guidance in your life.I hope that you will meet that someone who would feel the same about you.

Getting out of this problem is about changing your perceptions. You need to view this problem from another angle. Put yourself in their shoes and look from their perspective.

How would you react when someone whom you described as above comes crashing into your path? You may want integration but surely not at an explosive fast pace but with gradual and slow engagement.

If you appear to be needy , it can be a big turnoff. Be confident and treat them good and be friends and enjoy their friendship. Let nature takes it’s course.

I am not a professional counselor and this is only my opinions. Each of us will have to fight our own battles. Try to refocus your thoughts and minds on your aspirations or plans and this will take your mind of this emotional baggage. Good luck!

im in love with my teacher i think abotu him all the time. His come from university on work placement and leaves in four weeks.

we got close before and he tells me im beautiful, but nothings happened. but recently someone found out and we had to deny everythin. we got away with it but now he wont even look at me.

what do i do? x

Laura1318:- If he is into you , he will find a way to you . Let things cool down a bit and if you still like him, try to be friendly with him or contact him by e-mail or in those internet social networking sites like Friendster,Bebo, MySpace, Facebook etc.

Yup ur right laura.its impossible 4 him to broke up his 25 years marriage only 4me.u know,its 7years since i start adore him.i realize the fact that he can’t be with me.but it couldn’t make me go away from him.i’m happy enough just to see or phone him.that’s all!!he is the only man in my life..
Now,i really miss him.he went abroad 4 that time i didnt make any contact coz he’s so busy there. Any suggestion 4 me laura?i think i really obsessed to him..thx u

Laura1318:- By your own power you will not be able to remove your obsessions for him. Most of us have some obsessions in our lifetime. I did overcome my obsessions with focusing on God.

I went to church and it cured me off my obsessions.I saw the truth and my life returned to normal again. Let God fill the void in you.Place God first in your life and everything will fall into place and you will begin to see him in a new perspective.It worked for me .

I hope you will give it a try. It is unhealthy to have obsessions for someone.

Thx alot 4 ur reply laura..:-)
mm,i didnt get what u said”man’s love is different with woman’s?
My friend said that there’s possible 4 him loved me..but theres nothing we can do bout it n its impossible 4 him to divorce 4 his love 2 me..

Laura1318 ;- You are welcome ! A man can love a girl and treat her like his sister or daughter and there is nothing more to it .Since he is married, he cannot treat you like he is in love with you and wanting to take you as his wife. Though not all men are that straight .His ego is boosted when some young and pretty thing falls for him.

That would be like wanting the cake and eating it too. If he is a right thinking person , he should avoid doing that.It is unfair to his wife and if she learns about it , all hell would break loose.

The problem is that he is unaware that his love for you has been misconstrued because you equate the kind of love for him for his love for you .

They are not the same. There are brotherly love, fatherly love, student -teacher love and you need to discern those loves from romantic love.

Generally, women do not understand about those loves. They think love is only one kind and being loved is a very beautiful feeling. Men and women have different concepts about love and they do not think alike.

Most married men do not seek to divorce their spouse unless she chose it.

Laura,me again..wanna tell u the whole.i start love him since 11grade of high school ie 7years that time hes43 and i 17s.i always talk bout school n my daily life to him.n he cares 4 me.then,when my dad passed away,i felt that he became the substitute 4 my father.i dont know whether he cares me like his daughter,student or someone.until now,i contact him routinely.i ever try to 4get him by not to phone him.but it not happen along time.i couldn’t.i dreamt i could have him or somebody like him 2B my husband:smart,faithful to GOD,kind,n handsome..
Laura,do you think he loves me?there r times when i felt as his woman,2nd woman although..:-)
for amy,i think we have the same problem.:-)..

Laura1318:- A man’s love is not the same as a woman’s love. He is married and he cannot love another woman like his wife. He would be cheating if he loves both woman in the same.

Many a female may mistake his brotherly loves or fatherly love as a love for her . You need to be very sure which kind of love he is offering you.I am sorry I cannot be sure about his love. He could love you like a sister, student or father. If he loves you in a romantic way , then it is wrong . It is cheating or adultery .

Since your dad passed away , you are subconsciously looking for a future partner who looks like your father figure or an extension of your father’s personalities.

It is wise not to tangle with a married man. To love a married man is wrong and you will only find pain and unhappiness as a result. He may promised you a lot but he will not leave his wife. It is a life of deceit and lies. You cannot do things openly but only in the secret.Do you want this kind of life ?

You can only begin to love him when he is divorce absolutely. You need to tear away from him and slowly your thoughts for him will cool and you will meet somebody new.

Any relationship with a married man will be unfruitful and will only bring heartaches and sorrows. You do not want to break up his family.

His lips maybe sweet and tender but the fruit is very bitter.

I know what you mean Laura…I look back now in my grade 9 year how much of a crush i had on my science teacher…i mean he was so good looking, like Adam Levine type of guy. He was strict but in a caring way. He cared for his students and his words of wisdom always made my day. That was the last year he has ever taught me and since then I could say that i loved him. I cared about him too and the funny thing is that he’s 45 but still has thr soul of a young man. He loves to do fun things like ride motorcycles, go to playdium(arcade), chill, tell jokes…Anyway, the best thing is that I’m still in contact with him. I visit my high school just to see him and I graduated this year in June and i could tell he’s always happy to see me. I get butterflies in my stomach, i sweat and my hands get cold..its when I see him and hug him when i feel the warmth. He knows a lot about me and I know a lot about him too. We talk a lot and he told me just last month that he loves talking with me. He’s married and since i’m 18 I understand that what we have is friendship and i guess the love i feel for him is friendship love. I will truly miss him and be completely devastated is something bad happened to him cuase i love him. ❤

Laura1318 ;- Thank you for you moving story. As long as you can keep within the confines of friendship and your relationship on the appropriate levels, it is alright to keep in contact as a friend or a student – teacher relationship.

However, there is a risk of going overboard and the temptation exist.
A man does not think like a woman and he could exploit the situations especially when you are young, innocent and green.

He is only human and when the right conditions are present,it is an ‘accident ‘ waiting to happen. You may think you can control the situation but in life, there are many things which you have not experience , unaware off or the unknown factor.

When you are young, your teacher is your idol and you think he is perfect.It is a natural feeling as a student to look up to that fav teacher. Some grow out of it while others will have those sweet and fond memories of him.

Fall in love with teacher?it happen to me 7 years ago,and now still.we still keep in touch by phone.he cares 4me.hes married.and i could’nt 4get him.what should i do??

Laura1318 :- Focus on God and you may not think of him that much. Focus on your plans and he will slowly fade from you. He is married and it is out of question. Try to avoid contact with him and you will soon forget him.

Er.. I got a quastion 😀

What’d ya think if a teacher told ya that u are a gr8 kid that a parent should be proud of.

What’d ya think he meant?

Thanks (lol)

Laura1318:- Take it as a compliments.He is just being nice with you

i think u should all try your best to for get about these teachers because, there is no point thinking about something that isn’t going to happen, you are just setting your self up for disappointment.
and trust me they are still men and they are all the same.
but hey if you want to dream go on………. but that all you will be doing!!!!!
i know so trust me

i kno how u feel the same way i felt in love wit my teacher and hes so nice and he alwayz makes you feel so good but u have to wake up i mean ma crush had kids and a wife and sometimes u think dat ure teacher lies u but it could and coould not u’ll neva know but…(

I am definitey in love with my science teacher. I constantly am thinking about him and I feel like some kind of stalker! but it’s just that I care about him a lot. He’s always on my mind. I don’t actually have him as a teacher this year, but I did last year and we still see each other everyday and after school. He is 14 years older than me and has a really cute kid, but he’s divorced. I agree with jess also, because I don’t like anyone my age because he is perfect. He’s funny and kind of a nerd. I also don’t want to end up like melony, and have my secret spilled… I don’t think I could ever face him again, but I have told a couple people of my feelings for him.. I also think he might like me, through some subtle hints, but I hate feeling like I’m overlooking things and I don’t want to assume wrong things.
What should I do?

Laura1318:- Love from afar is always beautiful . We idolize that person and think he is the one in our dreams.Sometimes , we think we are really in love but time will tell if it is true love or just puppy love or infatuations.

You are still young and growing up and there are many things to learn in life. Enjoy those moments before they are gone.

Focus on what you want in life and for now be friends with him and know more about him .

So I’m trying to sort out my feelings toward the teacher and coach I have known for three years. Both in and outside class he has shown a slight favoritism for me. I’m not uncomfortable with it because I find him extremely attractive. I’m 18 and he’s 28. He has always been very professional about everything. However, I recently graduated high school and he has attempted a little more contact (i.e. hugs initiated by him). I’m not really sure what to do. I would be interested in a relationship or a friendship as I have always enjoyed talking to him…I’m just not sure what to do now that school is over.

Laura1318;- Hi Melissa, in this modern age , there are so many communications tools which you can use to connect with him. You could e-mail , MSM, phone ,Facebook ,Blogs or Skype.
Maybe ,when you are free , you could drop in and see him in school.

If you are meant for each other , there will be chemistry and you can flow with the tides.

Good luck to you.

i am in love with my teacher but he is married with 2 really cute kids. i am not just infatuated i am actually in love. he is the most perfect man ever. i don’t like anyone my age because no one has ever been better than him. i come in for extra help just so i can see him! but it does make me do better in his class….

Laura1318;- When you grow older, your perceptions of him will change.You will grow up and see with a different set of eyes and critiria. I cannot blame you for thinking this way .Thank you for sharing.

I have a crush on my band teacher. He’s 10 years older than me. I’m graduating this month and my friend talked to him and he told her he was gonna ask me out after i graduate. But then she told me she was lying. So i’m pretty much depressed out of my mind. I don’t know what to do. I really like him and don’t wanna imagine life without him. Gahh that sounds so corny and stalkerish…idk…i really like him. Just thought I’d share lol…

Laura1318 :- Thanks for your sharing. Your friend was cruel to play that joke on you.

Go talk to the teacher and act normal and you will set everything in perspective.

good blog….yes I have had a few teacher crushes…but not been in love…that would be kinda silly. All the points you mentioned are spot on……tho as Leona said it can make class interesting as long as it doesn’t develop into something OTT. Haha.

i am in love with my science teacher. well i guess it can be considered infatuation but i cant control it. hes handsome and about 17 years older them me…what you said in your article is completly right..and it tried to keep it undercover but it got out and now im so embarassed and can barely sit in his class. hes not married and he doesnt have kids but i kno he thinks im a creep now. i cant even talk and laugh with him in class like i used to bc everyone kows my crush. what do i do!!??

Laura1318: I don’t think your teacher thinks you are a creep. It is only your wrong perceptions only. He is a teacher and he understands your behavior. It happens and you just move on. People make mistakes and they are not perfect. Just act like normal and it will soon blow over.

what you write is so true…but why do young girls like there teachers so much? Tho I found it helpful when I was young, when I really like the teacher, I ended up really liking the subject too! And it’s never boring in class…

Hey Laura!

This was something which even I experienced, though it was not love but yes an infactuation which was there.. but the ” LOVE” came to end soon when I had to face the reality of him being married with kids..

Laura1318: Thanks for sharing.

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