Should A Girl Confess Her Love To Him?

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If you love him, what is wrong with telling him that? If you wait for him to say,” I love you.” to you, you may have to wait till the moon is blue. If he runs away and hide under his mother’s skirt , then he is too young for you. LOL!

It does not matter who said first . Someone has to start the ball rolling and if you are the first then you will know if he is game or not. Time may not be on your side and you are tired of playing the guessing games. Is he interested or not? He maybe the shy type and in which case, you will have to lead him into your parlour.

In this present age, we are all equal. I don’t believe that it will make the girls feel cheap or desperate. If the men think so, then he is the dinosaur type which should be extinct. LOL!

It is not good to keep those feelings inside of you. The ball is at his feet and if he does not want to play ball, then you don’t have to waste your time with him. He is not ready for the next phase of serious relationship.

If you still love him, then you should allow him more time to think about your relationship. You must be prepared for the worst. If he is not interested, then treat him like a friend and not a prospect.

If he really loves you, then he would response in kind. At this stage, you need to confirm your status and you don’t want to be neither here or there. You had enough of the anxieties and fretfulness of not knowing what is in his mind.

Many a man would welcome such a declaration from her as this would make his chase easier. A lot of men fear rejections and dare not pop that question to the girls. It may frighten her off.

Some men have this bad experience of wanting to tell her his feelings but when the girl knows about his intentions, she would avoid him and end their friendships. That is because she has no feelings for him but only as a friend. The men misconstrued her actions. If you are absolutely sure, she loves you then you only tell her your true feelings or you will step on her booby trap.

It may not be easy to tell him of your love. It is rather difficult to say it out in front of him. You can do the little, little things for him to show your love and affections for him .But if he is obtuse or dense, he will not see the love in you.

He needs to be told directly or in writing. Writing letters or in this modern age, emails are a good medium to tell your feelings. Write a few letters first and then you can declare your love to him.

Even when you meet after, only the two of you know .You can better express your feelings in letters than communicating directly. Letters are more influential as they can be read and reread as many times as they want. You can also be more romantic in your letters. Your thoughts will be uninterrupted.

If you want love, you must give love, if he is the one for you, he will not fly away.

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9 Responses to “Should A Girl Confess Her Love To Him?”

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hi,, thnk you for the article,, i need some opinion from other to help me tomorrow in debate is about women confess love first..

I wish I could confess to a boy I like, but I’m afraid that he won’t accept me! What should I do?? I also afraid that he don’t want to meet, see, talk and smile at me…

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Laura1318:- Thank you

If u think should say it do because he’s not going to even if he does my girlfriend sed it to me and i didnt even realise i did till she sed it and i thought about it for a few seconds and i was like wow i do too i was never happier but if he runs which might he’ll still come back to you he might be freaked out but he will tell you how he feels!I think you should

hi there,me as a guy,i think that the craftiest creature in the universe is undoubtedly the woman,so that a woman will be engagged to a man,she has at first to pluck up courage,to confess her feelings,secondly,she has to draw his attention by her beauty and character,if by misfortune,the man doesn’t feel love toward her,the woman has to make of her best to forget him and why wasting her time for the man who ain’t loving her.
°asking the experienced is better than asking the doctors°

Hi Laura =)
To a certain degree i agree with you. That yes guys sometimes don’t know what it is that they want. Hey im all about being an Alpha Female and going after everything that you want.

But what i think a lot of chicks are struggling with at the moment is they are taking the same attitude from the workplace and putting it on their social lives.

one thing that we have to remember is that guys like to do the chasing! Yeh these days we are so scared of feeling venerable .. or not knowing how he feels about us and so on, that we want to make the first move

Let me ask you. Wouldn’t it feel much more special if the guy confessed his love for you. If the guy asks you to marry him. In a sense, by saying “I love you” first and what not … is the same as asking a guy to marry you.

Yes yes, I know one requires more commitment and importance than the other, but symbolically they are the same thing.

So I still say, let the guy do the confessing, marriage proposing, date asking. Its by his actions that you will know if he is truly interested in you.

N hey, if he doesn’t come around, doesn’t say “I love you” doesn’t show that emotion that you want him to show .. then maybe you might have to deal with the fact that he doesn’t see you in the same light as you do him.

I think that is the scariest part of it all. But hey if he doesn’t feel that way about you and wont confess these things to you .. did you ever really have his heart, or were you simply hoping that you had it?

Hot Alpha Female

Laura1318;- Thanks for your good post. I agree with you and I have nothing more to add. LOL!

hi there, nice article here. but as for myself, i’m wondering of what to do after writing a love confession letter. i sent him a letter saying boldly that ‘ i like him’ but he didn’t give any responses to that. in your opinion, should girls do a follow ups to the confession or just pretend that they hadn’t made the confession?

Laura1318;- The ball is at his feet. If he likes you he would reply yes or no. Maybe, he could be deliberating on how to reply and need more time. I think once is enough but you can give it another go,Just in case he missed that message.

Hi laura,
Interesting post. As you have seen from my many responses, sometimes my mind can be at two places at once. But with this post im going with ” You should wait for a man to tell you he loves you”

Lets think about it for amoment. Is it more vunerable to wait for a man to tell u how he feels about u? Or is it more vunerable to tell him how U feel?

I tend to agree with the latter. I think there are times, esp in this day and age where women want to go full steam ahead, in their careers and their love life. I honestly think that in some respects you can tackle your love life how you tackle your career. In your career you can bascially be as aggressive as you want. In love if you are that agressive the guy gets scared and runs away.

I rekon that the majority of guys dont really know what they want. In terms of commitment, they have to ease into it like a hot bath. You cant just make them jump into it and like it. I rekon saying i love you first … is like asking a guy on a date .. or a more extremem version of that to ask him to marry you.

Think about it. If a guy really loves you, he will bloody well tell you. N if he doesnt, well then you know ur answer already


Hot Alpha Female


Hi Hot Alpha Female,

Thanks for your interesting views. A man can be more muddled than a woman . Some men are just too shy to pop that question and then there are those cowards who fear being rejected by woman.A woman can tell a man her feelings and the man will not run away or avoid her. The reverse is true for a woman. If a man tell his feelings, and if she does not have feelings for him , their relationship suffers. She will avoid him and would find it difficult to talk to him again . They cannot go back to the pre announcement levels .

Sometimes, the woman has to be the mover to speed up things abit.The man may just want to cruise along happily in their relationship while the woman’s biological clock is ticking. If the woman thinks she has him in her clutch, why not tell him the facts. The man is hooked and cannot run anyway..LOL!

thats the thing about boy-girl relationship

its perfectly fine to say i love you to the guy, but the situation is just the same like asking a man NOT to pay the bill on date – its perfectly fine, but just hard.

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