Kenya In Turmoil-Church Burned Down.

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A church in Kenya was burned to the ground where about 100 people had sought refuge from angry mobs. An angry mob which was not satisfied with the recent elections doused the Kenya Assemblies of God church with petrol before setting it on fire. The church is near Eldoret, about 297 kilometres from the capital Nairobi.

At least 30 people including children and women were burned to death in the church and others who were hacked to death with machetes when they fled the burning church. The majority of those killed in the church were Kikuyu, the same tribe as Mr. Kibaki.

It is a terrible tragedy and even God’s sanctuary is not spared. It has been trampled upon and innocent blood has been spilled on it. The wrath of God be upon those who commit such heinous crimes on innocent people.

This riots and violence is reminiscence of the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda in 1994 where half a million people were killed. The situation is very volatile and could degenerate into civil disobedience and ethnic clashes or civil war.

In many 3rd world countries, the law courts are not independent and the only means of righting a wrong is through violence or mob rule. This is a sad reality of those democratic countries which are in name only and where elections results can be rigged or manipulated.

We can only pray fervently for those people who are suffering and that God will spare them from further bloodshed

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