Do A Person’s Private Life Affects His Public Image?

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A Malaysian Minister was forced to resign recently because of his indiscretions with a personal female friend. His tryst in the hotel was caught on video and subsequently produced in DVD format and spread around in his home state. It became public knowledge when the newspaper ran a story about the DVD which led him to admit that he was the one in the DVD.

If you want to enjoy a sex roam with your partner, you should go to those high class and more expensive hotels, for those medium or low class and cheap hotels, they have peeping toms or those with video phones or spy cameras to record their actions.

This was what a friend who works in the hotel line told me about .The hotel where he worked have a special room set up for those quickies. Those walls have eyes. LOL! Not all hotels do that except those unscrupulous and shady ones. The minister’s case could be a sting job.

In politics , there are friends and foes and you don’t know who are your true allies .Friends can be foes and who are willing to stick a knife into your back.

Just like the most famous case of the former President of the USA. He was impeached and had to step down.He denied any wrong doings till the end even when there were incriminating evidence of the DNA .

Even if you had an affair, you should never admit it even if it is the truth. LOL! Your wife wants confirmation from you but have no proof. She can only suspect unless she hires a PI and got the evidence.

You still ought to lie through your teeth even with those evidence if you want to save your marriage.Once, you admit the guilt, your marriage is over.If you don’t admit , she still has a tinge of doubt and would not leave.

Whoever says that having an illicit sex affair will not hurt anybody?If your spouse were to sleep with another person, won’t you feel hurt? If you don’t feel any hurt,then you are not human but a vegetable. LOL!

When you commit adultery , you break the sanctity of a marriage and the trust of your partner and hurt your spouse like hell and also your children and if you are a high public figure,it is even worse , you showed that you are a hippocrate of the highest order and unfit to be a leader. Leaders are to be judged more harshly. You may marry 2 or 3 wives or has a harem like in some countries and that is better then screwing around behind your wife’s back. The wife of this minister did a Hillary Clinton , for what else can she do ?

We can forgive him but there is a price to pay for those sins.I believe there are ministers or leaders who sleep around and they were more discreet . They may hide from us but not from God. Power , money and sex are like a trinity . When you have power and money , sex will follow.

There are always two sides to a coin. Some would say that what he did in private should not be taken into account or whatever he does in private is his own affairs. Are we holier than thou?

Should we accept this view?

Well! I don’t think I can accept that view. A public official should be above board and should be seen to be clean, honest and have high morals. It is not O.K to screw another woman when you are married. That is considered adultery. Even going to the prostitute is wrong for a high public official.

You may give the excuse that you are only human. Yeah! That’s right, but as a public figure; you cannot do that because it would promote promiscuity to the younger generations. You are saying adultery is not wrong because everyone is screwing each other. You are tainted and it will affect your life and work. You preached to others about morality but you yourself don’t follow what you preached.(Hippocrates )

You may be a very good administrator but your personal integrity has gone to the dogs. There is nothing left to salvage and the only best way is for you to resign and save everyone the blushes.

Those in power should realized that they cannot rule forever.They may appear to be in control and all powerful but God is more powerful .

If you are going for a regular tryst, you should not be like Mrs. Robinson in the movie ,’The Graduate ‘ played by Dustin Hoffman, where everyone in the hotel recognize you and know what you will be doing there. LOL! Humans like convenience and the same place will land you in trouble like in this case.(,4136,152384,00.html?)

You need to change places frequently like those spies.

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i dont blame him. look at his wife.

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