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Are you single, Caucasian aged 42-60?

Europeans, Americans or outstanding Singaporean men who earn between $3,000 and $6,000 a month, live in private property, and preferably, run their own businesses.

.You are wanted by a Chinese woman Ms Zhang Xue Hong, 42, from Tianjin ,China.She is 1.55m tall, weighs 50kg, earns 1,000 yuan a month, and loves reading, music and travel. She is conservative, voluptuous, and fair with long flowing hair. She speaks only Mandarin , cave man sign language in love and no English.

Interested? Please reply.

A Chinese woman from China is looking for a ‘white man’ husband in Singapore and pasting flyers there, hoping to meet her prince charming. She has tried the match making agency and without results. I will give her a free hand and help her advertise here. LOL!

I must commend on her initiatives and where there is a will, there is a way. I hope that she will find the good ‘Kwei loh’(Caucasian) husband and not some one who would sell her into slavery. The Western man are looking for Asian brides because they are more submissive and loving than those liberated Western woman and costly alimony.

She is in her prime or past her prime as most of the men are looking for the young 20 something’s or 30’s, but still it is worth a try.. There is no harm trying. No venture, no gain. She is really desperate to marry but her conditions are just too high for many men. She would fare better if she can give 50% or 60% or 80% discount of her price. LOL!

Are Western men better than Asian men?

I would say it depends on the individuals but generally Western men are more forward thinking than the conservative Asian man, especially Malaysian men who have not being exposed to the Western world. They are more feudal in outlook and expect the women to submit to them without questions.

They behave like the Lord or King of the house and lord over their woman. She is not his equal and will never be treated as one. This is a general view only, for not all Malaysian men are like that.

The Western man comes from a more progressive country and the laws are more progressive and protect the women’s rights. In some Asian societies, the laws for women can sometimes bother on the tribal or some ancient religious laws.

Would you be so desperate or daring as this Chinese woman and paste your particulars on lamp posts or walls to advertise your wares? Lelong! Lelong! (Malay word for cheap sale! )

If you do this in Malaysia, you will get plenty of crank calls and will have no peace of mind.

Good luck to her.


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