The Spirit World, Black Magic And The Temple Mediums & Soothsayers

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In these modern age, there are still people who believed in those temple mediums or bomohs ( Malay word for those who practice black magic) . The temple medium may liaise with a certain bomoh and they will recommend their clients to each other.

This story was told to me sometime back. An elderly woman went to seek a cure from a temple medium about her numbness in her leg after she had gone to those specialists trained in Western medicine and did not get well. Those doctors told her that they could not do anymore for her. It was beyond their ability.

The temple medium told her that she was possessed and there was this famous bomoh who can cure her. What on Earth do a Chinese temple medium have to do with a Malay bomoh ? When those who went to the temple medium and cannot get well, he will recommend them to this bomoh. This is like admitting that his Chinese God is not powerful and cannot cure the sickness or that he is a faked medium of a faked God.

A date was arranged with the bomoh and all those sick person were send to the bomoh where the real show started. In a large hall, those sick people were seated on the floor.

The bomoh placed a big bowl of clear water and told those people who were possessed would find the presence of rusty nails, hairs or worms in the basin of water. There were even Singaporeans and people from far off places. These people could be in the same team to hoodwink those poor and unsuspecting folks.

Each and every one of them took their turns to sit in front of the basin while he prayed for them. Some were found to be possessed while others were clean. Those who were not possessed were told to go home while those possessed were told to stay for more treatment.

Most of them were found to be possessed..LOL! If you watch a magic show, those magicians with the sleight of the hand can make things reappear or disappear.. Those people believed after seeing with their eyes and they thought it was not magic but real.

Initially, she felt the numbness gone and thought she was healed. Then later when, her son asked her about her conditions, she said she felt the same as before. She was cheated and he told her that she was conned by those two guys. She did not tell about how much she paid to those two slick guys.

We often read of young and beautiful girls been raped by temple mediums. This temple medium is even pickier. He only chose those beautiful ones .LOL ! If the girls are pretty, they are sure possessed and if they are plain , he will send them away , telling them they are OK. Being beautiful can be a cursed as in this case.

He preyed on their fear of God and those unclean spirits, he even spiked their drinks or when he gives those ‘holy water.’ to drink. The Chinese medium will write an inscription on a piece of yellow paper, burn them in the presence of the deity and then put the ashes into a glass and add water inside for them to drink. It is called a ‘Fu’ in Chinese. It is consecrated water.

Those people who were raped are really desperate and will believed anything .When after the sex and they find they are no better, then they will cry rape! In this world can sex with a man heal your sickness? I believe Jesus can and she does not have to sleep with Him. They have gone to a con artist and not the real God.

As a Christian, I believe in God and a spirit world. There is the Holy Spirit which resides in us and there are many kinds of spirit which roams the world. Some people worship those spirits as their God because they give them lucky numbers and they strike it rich..LOL!

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3 Responses to “The Spirit World, Black Magic And The Temple Mediums & Soothsayers”

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hello,i really need a spiritual support for my bussiness eager to hear from you thanks.

Unfortunately, I’ve learnt from hard experience that these things have nothing to do with the power of suggestion. I have been undermined myself and, as I would normally never have thought that misfortune could be caused by something like this the ‘black magic’ was operative for at least two months before I worked out what was happening…- but how to tell people? Most sensible people think you must be an uneducated fool to seriously consider the possibility and until my recent experience I would have agreed with them. I’ve since discovered this experience is more common and much more destructive than we in the west like to believe. I’ve been doing some research in to cures…….I think my best advice is to get some intensive reiki/chi gung or spiritual healing of some kind…preferably one that is powered by a GROUP of advanced meditators and healers. If you live in Asia or Africa you may be able to find a healer/priest/shaman or practitioner of some kind who is familiar with this sort of practice and is able to clear it. In my case the ‘evil’ was powered by use of my body hair and body fluids. At an intensive meditation retreat I saw lots of strange visions of spiders… often they climbed in and out of eyes. (I am an experienced meditator and have never seen anything like this before in my life. I am also completely sane) Whilst its influence is still active meditate daily, surround yourself in white light, fill your heart with love, look after yourself and keep healthy. Don’t buy in to it, it will only get worse and avoid indulging too long in the anger and resentment that you are more than likely to feel. Remember, whoever has done this must be a pretty sad and sorry person and you don’t need to go there. Try to develop compassion for them. There’s no need to be afraid – help is out there for those who seek it AND You don’t need to pay a lot of money for a cure. Sincere people will help you because you need help, not because they want to make money out of you……Do seek help and support. This stuff can be very powerful and can wear you down. Look for the positive lesson in the experience (e.g. compassion for the real impact and pain of poverty) and – ideally – once you are through it…help others to do the same.

Laura1318;- Thank you for your informative post.

[…] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptAn elderly woman went to seek a cure from a temple medium about her numbness in her leg after she had gone to those specialists trained in Western medicine and did not get well. Those doctors told her that they could not do anymore for … […]

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