Sex too Early or Too late ?

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Did you have sex too early or too late? The present generations have sex at an earlier age.The age gets younger and younger with each succeeding generations.

If you have sex too early , that is definitely a problem. You may get aids or STD’s or get pregnant and that can bring a host of other problems which they cannot handle by themselves.They are still a child and even have to be taken care off by their parents.

Sex is not just the act alone for there is the emotional and the relationship matter. They grow up with a warped mind from their bad experiences. They will carry alot of emotional baggage in their later life.

Many brides are a few months pregnant when they marry. Some even getting, married while holding their babies. It is no more a stigma or shame. You made sure that you marry a fertile woman and not a barren one.

It seems like if you have early sexual activity or wait for too long to start sex, you may experience sexual dysfunctions problems in later life.

There are also other factors to take into considerations. Your age, lack of exercise, diet and your work can play a large part in whether you will have sexual problems. Many men suffer from ED. The food we take may contain toxins or pesticides which moved up the food chains.

Those who lose their virginity at a later age — around 21 to 23 years of age — tend to be more likely to experience sexual dysfunction problems later, say researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute’s HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies.

Men who lose their virginity in their 20s, in particular, seemed to be more likely to experience sexual problems that include difficulty becoming sexually aroused and reaching orgasm.

It is not just about having sex early or late but if you have too little sex or too much sex that is also a problem. What about those who do not have sex? Life goes on.

Developing a rich and satisfying sexual experience requires lots of work. Both partners need to work at it and with constant practice and open mindedness may attain such levels in their relationship.

This is only a study and you may not agree with the findings. Just go on and do what you think is best for you. No worries mate!


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9 Responses to “Sex too Early or Too late ?”

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Let’s not forget that we don’t know the details of this study. This could have been based on only 10 study participants and not 100,000 people. Also, people who have problems may have later sexual experiences because of their problems. We don’t know what the causal relationship maybe or if there even is one. For all we know, people with problems have sex later. This is just one study, I’m going to wait on more results before I tell my children that they can have sex before 21 years old.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input. I think most parents in this modern age would allow their children to decide for themselves when they are ready to have sex. Our idea’s may appear outdated to those modern teens.

Well ….we should teach our children these things and tell them what is the ill effects of this in life to come.

But time has changed and everyone just want quick answer to their needs and result of that is these problems…

me? 18….
wasn’t ready to have it young nor did i want to wait forever

Laura1318; Everyone has their opportunities…some earlier, some later.

It sounds like you will have problems if you have too much sex, too little sex, lose your virginity too early or too late. Problems seem to be inevitable regardless of what you choose to do. This makes sense as a sexual relationship is a complex one.

Personally, I think science cannot put an age on when you can have sex but your body and mind can.

Laura1318:Yep! Agree with you.


1st had sex with my husband of 8 years before we were married, a year before, big mistake. We loved each other, but had no clue how to treat each other and our love needed room to grow apart from sex. I spent the first several years of marriage horribly disappointed in the sex b/c it had always been the focus and the highlight of relationship. Basically we just needed to grow, soften, and learn how to “do it”. Sex is wonderful now!!!! Let’s just say God intervened. We rely on God more and we love each other more too. The love show in the sex!!!!!!!!

Laura1318; Thank you for sharing ,love makes the world turn.Everything is beautiful when there is love.

kiram tu in zendegi

Whew! I was 19 when I first had sex. Guess I just made it, eh? 😉

[…] Some even getting, married while holding their babies. It is no more a stigma or shame. … Laura1318’s Weblog […]

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