To Forgive Is Divine.

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To err is only human and to forgive is divine. Everyone makes mistakes and we tend to hurt the one we love the most. With our friends, we think of them and put on our filters and want to be seen as nice guys but with our love ones we simply hit out without any second thoughts. This is human nature.


When we want to speak to our love ones, we need to think twice and think of the consequences before it is uttered out. Words once spoken out cannot be taken back. A sorry may suffice but the hurt may not go away. It will leave a scar on that person.


Sometimes, the hurt is too deep and even a sorry will not mend the broken heart. It is easy to preach about forgiveness. You maybe able to forgive small mistakes but for big mistakes it would be impossible for some.


If you are a Christian, it would be easier for you to forgive others no matter how big the mistake is. You need God’s help to forgive others. If you cannot forgive others, you cannot come before God to ask for God’s forgiveness. Every one of us makes mistakes. We are not perfect.


When we learn how to forgive others, we can move on with our life. We do not increase our emotional baggage. In life, if we keep all those unforgiveness and grudges we will be dragged down by the weight of those sins. Why carry those emotional baggage’s when you can lighten them?


Do they give you any advantages by carrying all those unforgiveness? It will not but it can destroy you or burn your insides. You will burn with anger and resentments and may cause you stomach ulcers or affect your health .You may think of the ways for revenge and your limited resources may be used unproductively. A Chinese saying,’ The fire that burns inside of you, burn you more than your enemy.” He probably forgot about what he did or said to you and moved on.


You will be the one who will have to pay dearly if you do not forgive those who hurt you.

Once you forgive, you will have peace and think no more of that problem or it will come back and haunt you always whenever his/her name is mentioned or come into contact.

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