Should Men Cry?

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Is it appropriate for men to cry? Men do cry because they are also human and made of blood ,bones and flesh. They have feelings too.It is good to cry sometimes but many men can count the number of times they have cried in their life’s..LOL!

Some men think that it O.K to show their sensitive side by crying in front of their g/f. when they have arguments or differences.They have been mislead or misinformed .

Crying is not being sensitive. Crying only makes you appear to be weak, emotional, needy and unstable. A man need to show his confidence and ability to handle every issues.

To be sensitive to a woman is to be sensitive to her moods. To flow with her thoughts and actions. To feel what she feels and to give her the antidote that will make her feel better. That is being sensitive. It is pandering or indulging them when they have moods.

A woman’s moods can suddenly changes directions. If you can feel the swing in the tides, then you are a sensitive man. In tuned or having the same frequency or wavelength as your g/f. If not, then you will have to polished up your weather forecasting skills..LOL!

Men should not cry unless it is a major disaster or the loss of some one very dear to them. Men should not cry like a woman. Crying should be involuntary and not because you want to cry.

You cannot help it as you become too emotional and the tears start to flow. Your eyes become misty and wet with those tears .Sometimes watching very sad movies can bring tears to the eyes too.

Women do not respect men who cry like a cry baby or cry like a women. You will appear to be too soft like a woman and not manly enough. She is seeking a strong man who can protect her and be a rock. When a man cry, you only demean yourself in front of her.

Some men may think that it is appropriate to cry as the men expresses his emotions outwardly rather then bottling them inside.

Not all women may think the same. Though a woman may not want to tell you the real truth, it is a fact that you have lowered your standards in their eyes. The God they idolize and worship have feet of clay.

I recalled that day when the pastor of my church asked us to come forward to be prayed. I was slain by the spirit and while I was lying on the floor, I received God’s touch and the tears flowed and I cried uncontrollably like a big baby.

God healed all my pains and hurt that was bottled inside of me and that was my first and last experience of crying in the public. I did feel much better after that.Thanks God.

Yeah! Real men do cry but they cry for the right reasons. If you watch football, you can see 12 grown up men crying when they lose the championship. When one cry , it becomes contagious and everyone follows.

“Modern men are still generally ashamed to cry in public, except in exceptional circumstances.

You can read a Christian poem here ,’ A man who cries is a wise man,’


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