One Night Stand Father has No Rights.

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A 19 year old pregnant working women who lives alone, give birth to a child from a one night stand and decided to give her baby up for adoption. She kept her pregnancy and birth from her parents and that man.

She decided everything for herself and even did not want to tell the father of the child. The court said that she had a right not to reveal who the father is, as he is a one night stand and he has no rights.

She got on with a colleague on a rebound and the man has since gone back to his g/f. This could be the reason; she chose not to tell the man. Whatever her motives or intentions were, do you think she did the right thing?

I hope she won’t live to regret her decision when she gets older and think of her child. Giving up one’s child is a very momentous decision and need careful planning and deeper thoughts. She maybe too young to realize the full implications of her decisions and what she has done cannot be undone..

I should think that she should have consulted with her parents and come to a consensus decision about the future of that child. Perhaps, she is cut off from her parents or do not have any meaningful relationship with her family.

Her parents have a right as the grandparents but apparently, she decided that they will have no say in this matter. It is sad when there is a communications breakdown in a family.

Children can easily forget their parents love and sacrifices for them by raising them and giving them an education. They are like the groundnuts who forget their skins. When they were young, parents are like the outer skin protecting them while they are growing up.

When they have grown up and can stand by themselves, they do not need the outer skin anymore and are discarded. This is prevalent in today’s society.

Even some children expect such a protection as their given birth right .After all, it was their parents who give birth to them and must raise them. This thinking came not from an uneducated but from a highly educated engineer. Too much education seems to have warped their minds.

The father of that child is not worthy to be the father, if he knows about it and takes no action. In this case, I doubt he knows that he is the father and it is not fair to judge him.

This woman decided to clean up the mess she made. She maybe the mother of that child but the father and her parents too have a right and interest. They too, should be consulted before any major decisions are made.

The courts may declare that a one night stand man has no right as a father but in God’s eye, he is the biological father of that child. That is a fact and it cannot be denied. He should be allowed to be given the chance.

The child too has a right to his/her real father.All the other’s rights are trampled upon as she plays the role of God and decides everything. Lucky, I do not have such a daughter.


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3 Responses to “One Night Stand Father has No Rights.”

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You have to look at it from two different angles. As far as the father goes, he does not have any rights, and probably did not care in the least. It’s your right how you handle it. As far as giving the baby up for adoption, I feel you have a responsibility to the child. I don’t know what your situation is, but at least you valued the life itself and had the baby. Sometimes situations dictate the outcome and maybe the baby was better of up for adoption, which surely shows maturity on your part and shows that you looked at the big picture for the baby and just not yourself. Overall, I feel you probably made the best choice overall. Keep your head up, you have my respect. Rock on girl.

really, who are we to judge.

Laura1318; Some learned judge thinks so…because they are judge.I don’t know if they made a law on that ?

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