Anorexic & Hairy Hookers In The Vogue !

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After sleeping with all those beautiful hookers, those rich  moneybags now finds that it does not give them the thrill and excitements anymore.

Too much of everything can be toxic to the body. If you eat caviar or abalone everyday, you can get fed up of them after a certain period. This is human nature. They need variety and change in their diets.

Satiated with all those beautiful one’s, those beautiful one’s loose their novelty  and now they want to try  hairy, bearded , anorexic and unusual women and those special women who suffer from deformities.

These women show more gratitude and real passion in bed. They had an advantage over those plain sex workers who are only interested in their money .

I thought the men were only interested in the sex, but they were also interested in the emotional sides. Those passions were like icing on the cake. After eating the cake , the icing tastes sweeter.
These unusual women craved for love and attention which they seldom get in real life and when they received it , they expressed it out with real gratitude. No doubt it is just a commercial transaction but it was better than none at all.

 At least they enjoyed the love and attention of a man all for a few moment’s of bliss. If they did not become a hooker, their chances of finding such encounters maybe very dimmed and may live all their life  being  an old spinster.

Men who prefer such women may have psychological problems in real  life or are too shy . They may have communication problems with the normal women and need to find someone who is weaker physically or morally to bring out the best from them or to make them feel superior to the weaker sex.

For the majority of men, such taste is still not prevalent as they still want to sleep with the most beautiful and most sexy hooker who would be the most high risk as she will have many partners .Men will be men.

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2 Responses to “Anorexic & Hairy Hookers In The Vogue !”

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Agree! What was supposed to be a quick BJ in an alley parking lot turned out to be an 11 months long intense relationship between two very different people that found each other and their needs fulfilled! On my part it took all the patience and open mindedness to accept the fact that my gilr was doing 4-5 men a night for money and drugs but she always came home to me and satisfied me not only with sexual affection but with full hearted LOVE that was like a fairytale! We were the “legend” in the downtown core!

women with deformities……. all of them are… .
all women have humps on their chest.

Laura1318; Why are you so naughty ?

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