9 Year Old Boy Lost In Desert Saved By Jesus !

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A nine year old boy was rescued by an illegal immigrant after their van crashed in the Southern Arizona desert. The 45 year old woman who was pinned under the van died while waiting for help.


The illegal immigrant is Jesus Manuel Cordova, 26, of Magdalena de Kino in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. .He was at the right place and at the right time. Was it coincidental or God’s divinations?


God send his guardian angels. He could have left the boy for dead but he chose to stay behind to help the boy survive. Will the US authorities grant him the citizenship? I hope they do.


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6 Responses to “9 Year Old Boy Lost In Desert Saved By Jesus !”

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To Ruthiness….

The police report also states that the hunters who found Cordova and went to the accident scene the next morning ALSO were not able to get close to the mother due to the van being unstable. It’s not just that Cordova magically couldn’t make it. No one could.

Cordova is a hero. How many 9 year old boys would be able to start a fire and keep warm over night in a desert?? The report mentions he was in shock… had he been alone for all we know he would have wandered deep into the desert and got lost, or sat out in the freezing cold not knowing what to do.

Just get over the fact that Cordova was crossing the border… he’s a human being who chose to help another human being instead of keeping his own agenda.

Jesus Manuel Cordova is not a hero


I got a copy of the police report. He told the police he heard the mother’s cries of agony but couldn’t get to her. Then we hear he
got some chocolate and cookies from the van. Why didn’t he try to get help for the boy’s dying mother? The only visible injuries the mother had were a bloody left arm dangling from the outside of the van.. period end of story. What in the WORLD would make this illegal alien decide to IGNORE the obviously STILL ALIVE mother?

Laura1318: He was in the middle of no where and he was an alien or illegal. Surely you don’t expect him to know his way around and get help? By staying with the boy and risked being caught is a big sacrifice for him.

I also wish to participate in honoring this wonderful man. I think Jesus is someone we would all want as a neighbor, co worker and friend. Please let me know where I can send him, a small token to express my admiration for him.

Thanks for the phone number, Nicole. Will phone Sheriff and inquire – perhaps establish a “Good Samaritan” account in a Nogales, AZ bank where we can donate money.

Maybe you should contact Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada (520) 761-7869 (a number I found online) as he seems to be the person who really felt that he is a hero! I agree – this is an amazing story!!! if you find out how – please let me know as I would love to give also!

This dude is a hero. As he will probably be deported, I’m sure he could use a little financial help. Is there anyway, that you know of, that a could send him a small contribution?

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