“Minah Ringan Ringan ” Or Casual Girls .

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They are not prostitutes but a social escort for bored guys.Most of these girls are from those private colleges out to earn some extra bucks.

Social escort is another euphemism for prostitution.She sells her services for money . It maybe her time , her knowledge or her body.

It depends on how she values money or her life.The risk of going all the way is always there. It is like you find Rm100.00 note on the road,or someplace and you are tempted to take it .Will you take it?

They can sleep with you on the same bed in the hotel room and can only kiss and hug. They accompany the guys to the movies or act as their temporary g/f.

Wah! It seems so goody and nice clean fun. But is it really that clean?What is there to stop her from having sex when she is offered more money for it? It is between two consenting adults.

She appears to tell this profession like it is a honest living. Maybe she is too naive and not aware of the sleazy undercurrent that lurks in such a vocation.

All those stories of those hookers who get raped and robbed and all those black sheep’s of society who prey on girls like them.

If you enter the hotel room with a man  and gets rape, you asked for it.You may not only be raped but could also lose your life. You cannot judge a book by it’s cover.

What kind of men will share the same bed with a girl who charges Rm50.00 for an hour just to talk , hold hands and cuddle only? LOL!

Maybe, we are still living in the 60’s where sex is a taboo.

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