Drinking Too Much Water Can be Fatal!

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Too much of anything even if they are good for your system is bad .Vitamins are good but too much can be toxic to your body. Everything should be taken in moderation’s.

Water is good for your body but a woman drank 7 liters of water a day for three months thinking that it will help her to detoxify her body and help reduce her blood pressure; she fainted and woke up blind.

She has got ‘chronic water intoxication.’ If you think, the more water you drink will be good, and then you need to realize the dangers of drinking too much water. It may not be simply drinking through your mouth and then going out from your system without any side effects.

Too much water consumed causes hyponatremia, a condition where there is insufficient sodium in the blood. The excess water  could cause swelling of those brain cells and results in bleeding.

We lose alot of water daily through sweat, urination’s and others and need to replaced those lost. But care must be exercised not to over replace as it will not be beneficial to the body but can cause problems like the above.

Drinking too much water can be fatal! It is a torture the Japanese troops used on the people of Malaysia in the 2nd world war.

They will forced the victim to drink alot of water by inserting a plastic hose into their mouth. Then, they would place a plank on the stomach of the victim and jump on it to cause the water to vomit out.

Another form of torture is to drip water on your forehead till you surrender .

The Americans use ‘water boarding’ torture at Abu Gharib . Your head is immersed in water till you want to black out and think you are dying from drowning.

Water can be a mass weapon of destruction..LOL!

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