She Is Interested In You ?

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Many men fear rejection by women. To be rejected by women is the worst torture and insult for men. Their ego is bruised and busted and it makes them feel like a little good for nothing boy.

All their experiences and knowledge gained through out their years become ‘zilch!’ They become like the proverbial story of the sly fox with the sour grapes.

When they see a target, they have very high hopes and are ecstatic and euphoric about the prospect of landing a beautiful catch and making her his g/f and then finally his wife.

He dreams of her every minute of his waking and freaking life.
But somehow or rather his bravery deserts him and he cannot get near to the girl of his dreams. He is afraid of saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things and then his dreams may end or fade into oblivion..LOL!

That is why, he has to weigh the pros and the con’s carefully as he does not have many bullets to fire. All his bullets must count or strike their targets or he will be dead.

If he is handsome, charming and loaded, then getting his target is as easy as a pie. The girls will fall at his feet.. For most of the ordinary and plain guys, they will have to put out their snake tongues into the air to collect the information’s emitted by those preys.

For any relationship to develop, they must have chemistry to sizzle otherwise you are just one of those also runs . Better to go play your PC games and lives in your virtual world.
These men would place the women under a giant microscope to detect if she has any latent interest in them.

If it is as easy as they think, to read a women’s heart, there would not be so many frustrated and malcontented souls wandering like lost ghost..LOL!

However, the quest for love is not for the faint hearted. You need to have nerves of steel and a face that can stand being hit with all kinds of stuffs. The Malays and the Indians don’t know or care about ‘face’.

The Chinese worry too much about losing face. That’s why they seldom get their girls.The other races having a thicker facial face. You need to put on a new face and a new you each time you are with her.

Sometimes, women may not be aware that they are giving away secret body signals when they are interested in you. Just open your eyes wide to observe.

When she is interested in you, you will bump into each other more often in your life . It could be fated or that fate was manipulated by her. She wants you to take notice of her and an open invitation for you to come onboard , but most men are oblivious .For their eyes are on another target.

She is more talkative when you are around. When a girl likes you , she will chit chatter away. She does not do that to others .She will be curt and no nonsense with others.

Her eyes will be continually starring into yours to detect any hints of response from you. .She would steal glances at you when you are not looking at her. She would also come very close to you when speaking and hoping to accidentally touched you and her strong current would jump across the divide and spark your motor..LOL!

She would joke and laugh a lot with you.You can feel the atmosphere being charged with all those bolts of lightning flying zip zapping across the narrow space between you and her.

She would give her contact particulars when asked. Her contact numbers and when she responds in an affirmative manner would indicate her interest in you.

If she makes time for you, then you have one foot at her door. She may give you some small treats like foodstuff or things from her travels. She is thoughtful and thinks of you.

She would ask questions about you or curious to know more about you and your interest so that she can bond better with you. If suddenly, she has the same hobby as you, then your chances are very bright.

You can feel it when she likes you. Feel and think with your heart.. You should not be clueless anymore. If she is the girl for you, you will have a smooth and comfortable journey.

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How do you know if a girl likes you or not ?

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i a ugandan 28 years and working with one of the organisation here in uganda, i would be interested in meeting you to have more chats with.



wobusobozi moses

Laura1318:Thanks for your interest in this blog.My interest is only on issues and not personal chats. You have come to the wrong forum.

great article

great article, thanks for this link.

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