Happy Go Lucky Guy.

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The power to be happy lies in your mind. You can be happy if you want to and not because you are unable to. Happiness is a state of mind .You can be poor and yet happy. You can be rich as many people dream off but you are still not happy.

If you have positive thinkings , you will find happiness. If you know the true God , your happiness will increased further. You don’t have to worry as you will believe that your God will handle all your worries. He cares for you .

When you don’t carry excess baggages, you will feel lighter and life is more meaningful. You look at the blessings God has given you and you think of the positive things which make you feel better.

You have God’s love, a simple lifestyle , a roof over your head and all your basic needs are met.Why should you feel miserable ?

You are contented with whatever you have and you focus on doing good to others and not in chasing after all those green dragons .

Your life is this world is short. You don’t know how long you will live in this world. Maybe one week, one month or one year.

It is all in God’s hand. You place your trust , hope and faith in Him. He leads us to the final destination where there is abundance and you don’t have to work like a slave to money .

For you came into this world naked and you will leave this earth also naked and you cannot take anything with you from this Earth.

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