Do You Expect The Men To Pay Always?

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Some men will just pay every time when the bills are presented. This kind of men is very rare and may not exist anymore.

Some men will pay only if there is an advantage to them while some will never pay at all.

Some men because of their upbringings consider it is ungentlemanly to let the girl pay the bill. It can be quite confusing sometimes whether to pay for another or not.

When you are with a women, it is customary for the men to pay unless you always eat together regularly or both of you are students .

Once a while , the women pick up the tab would be fine . You cannot expect everything to be split right into the middle. That would be too calculative and you won’t get any real friends if you do that. If you keep scores like that, you won’t have anymore relationships.

Women view how much the men’s love for her by how much he is willing to pay the bills for her. If you are a miser , then in her eyes, you value money more than her. The next time you see her, she will drive the dump truck with you at the back..LOL!

She values the relationship more than your sense of the value of money. For her to spend time with you , do things for you , cook for you cannot be calculated in monetary terms. She gives off all of her to you . You can never repay her sacrifice and love .LOL! You men need to dig this.

If you love that women or you like her,it is no problem. It is a problem only when you feel that she is taking you for a ride and treat you like a money bag or like a vege to be chopped.

Today , dating is no more cheap. The girls (if you get a gold digger ) want a good time and will try to enjoy everything while the poor men may act like a rich man for one day and for the rest of the week will have to eat cup noodles..LOL!

To pay or not depends on who your friends are. If you meet regularly , then one men will pay the bill for the small group .Sometimes , several men may offer to pay.

If among men only , someone will pay for today and others will pay the next time. Some will pay more and others will pay less but the men do not mind . Some are richer than others and they will pay more .

If you were to arrive first and if you don’t want to pay for others, pay for your own drinks first. That way , you have a choice to pay or not to pay for the friend who may share your table.

When women gather, they will pay for their own drinks or split the bill. That is the unspoken rule among women. It is their custom and they will not feel awkward .Most women from the older generations do not earn much and they had to be careful with their expenses. They will not act like the men for it can hurt them financially. They do not want to owe others a favour or vice versa.

There is no problem with men to men but there is some confusion when it is between men and women. If you asked a date from a girl , it is naturally , the men are expected to foot the bill. If a women were to invite a men for dinner, then she is expected to pay . The men may offer to pay but she should refuse to accept it.

Today, there are many highly successful women who earn more than the men and yet when it comes to paying the bill, they act coyly and expect the men to pay .”If you want my company, you have to pay!” They want to take but do not give..Or the major ones for the men to pay and she pays for the minors.

Women expect the men to pay for the dinner, entertainments and weekend getaways while their own pay is for them to splurge on themselves on cosmetics, beauty saloons, clothes and accessories.

They felt that by doing this , they have helped the men saved alot. Otherwise , he would have to foot all those beauty aids of hers. Yada ! Yada! Many men don’ts have to pay for all those expenses now.

They should be thankful that women are working .Or their bank would burst..LOL!Even after you are married, the women expect the men to pay for all the bills unless you are broke . She would only pay but grudgingly with a sourful face.

It is not that they cannot afford to pay , but it is in their attitude. They expect the men to pay always .Women want equality but in this area, they want the men to pay .They will only pay sometimes if they have interest on that men , otherwise it will always be on the men. There are some who play fair too but they are quite rare.

Women may have come a long way in equality of the sexes but few women would dare invite the men out.. Many women feel that it is the men’s job or the men’s prerogatives. Only the very bold and very courageous women would invite the men for a date. She may feel cheap or give the men the wrong signals. Some men may think that they are out for fun or sex.

In the Western hemisphere where the girls are bolder , they may even have sex on the first date. If after three or four dates and the girl does not show her hand, the men will just dump them.

In such a situation or society , the men is expected to pay the bills if he wants to laid her. If he treats her like a queen , he gets a royal treatment from her. If he pays peanuts , then he gets the monkey treatment.

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kind of men is very rare.

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5 Responses to “Do You Expect The Men To Pay Always?”

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At the end they women are the ones left with nothing when the man leaves. No education, No Car, no money, no property, no place to live except their divorced mothers apartment. So if you want to give men all that power then keep making men pay and you will never be financially stable. There are plenty of women to go around, you are not the only one. Remember that ladies.

That is an accurate assessment.
The more educated women who earn 6 figure incomes expect men to pay most of the time, however they do not usually waste time on men they do not like.
If you date a woman with a 6 figure income and financial assets and you treat them well and marry one of them, then she is a good investment, since her earning power can help to pay for an affluent lifestyle. She is usually looking for someone similar to herself. If you choose to date women and demand that they pay for dates, then you may end up marrying someone with a low income and in the long run it will cost you a lot more money.

Laura1318; Thanks for your post. As a female moves up the social strata, the number of eligible males become less. That accounts for why so many Alpha females are still single.

Unless it’s for say a first date or special occasion (anniversary, her birthday, etc) the bill should be split. It’s just easier that way. Also the woman shouldn’t just expect the man to pay (don’t go out when you’re broke). She should always offer to cover her half of the bill. If he refuses to let her pay then she can accept that, as long as it doesn’t happen all the time. Men are old fashioned in the sense that they like to be in charge, but they also like to know you can take care of yourself and are not a gold digger or anything like that.

Laura1318; There are some girls who would not mind going out if they are broke because that is a good excuse not to pay. LOL!
Generally speaking many girls are broke before the end of the month. So they need to depend on their b/f’s for their outings and funs .

Those not so broke , wants to save their own money for the rainy days and let their b/f’s pay for inviting them out.

The reality has changed, and yet tradition has not. The era of women being financially less well off than men has ended. Women talk about how independent they are, and demand total equality with men, and yet when it comes to picking up the tabs, they have no problem flashing back to 50s inequality.
In most cases they expect men to do the work and spend time and money on them, and yet the call is theirs.
Well, men are still the demand and women the supply. Only the small percentage of men know a way around this “traditional” dating inequality which is in women’s favor.

thats why i don’t understand, why cant woman pay for hotel and i pay for condom.. fair right!?

Laura1318; You must be the prized stud ! LOL !

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