Do You Bribe Your Kids?

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 From small, our kids are imbued with the bribe culture. When they grow up, bribing is a way of life..LOL! You cannot blame the present generations for offering bribes to those coppers on the road.

Most mothers are guilty of this crime…LOL! What else can they do if their kids do not want to eat or do as they are told? You either give them a carrot or the stick. A carrot is much better than a stick. Surely, you cannot allow the child to belt out his karaoke talented voice till your ears are sore.

Children are smarter than before because they drink those milks which has every kind of ingredients, vitamins and added on’s ,they become babies with super intelligence.

Just eating the main meals may not be enough. We may have to give them a bit of everything so that they will receive plenty of nutritions.. In the process, we also give them some junk foods  and improved their stomachs efficiencies  and abilities to  to fight off those bad viruses and will not be easily sick.

Meal time is really a torture for some mothers. The children are  fussy eaters or the mother’s cooking is terrible …LOL! They eat all kinds  of things inbetween meals and those funny mothers expect their children to take the whole load  down.

 Their kids get tied to the chair while they become the torturers of babies.  If the babies do not want anymore, it means that they are full but most mothers are scared or starving their little kids and force them to eat until it comes out through the ears or nose..LOL!

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