Growing Babies For Spare Parts!

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 PARENTS of sick children in Britain will be allowed to use IVF to create “spare-part babies” under controversial laws published yesterday.

Why want to grow a perfect life to save an imperfect one? Is there any logic in this process? Is not the new baby a human being too and have got a life of it’s own?  

Yes! We may not have develope any emotional attachments to the sparepart baby as compared to the sick child.We may looked at it from an angle where we can be devoid of feelings for the new life but it does not absolved the fact that a new life was snuffed out and this is very cruel and unhuman.

If the sick baby can be cured of the defects, it would be a success but what if the sick baby is beyond the cure of modern medicine and dies. Then two precious life’s are lost.

Would it be better to keep alive the healthy baby than the sick baby who may live but could be in a vegetative state and needing constant attentions? What purpose does it serve to keep alive someone who is brain dead  or a wasted body  ?

Will it be ethical and morally right to treat such a baby as only a spare part .Can we really be so cold blooded  to kill another healthy infant inorder for the other sick one to survive? These are the moral, ethical and religious  questions that have to be decided.

It is very tragic and unfortunate when children are born with defects,impairments  and disabilities ?It is a question which science cannot explain explain fully and neither can we be judgemental  on religious grounds.   

Whatever happened has happened and it is God which give us life and death.The strong will survive and the weak will die.That is the law of the universe.We should let nature takes it course, to live or die is not in our hands.

Do they want to play God and decide who lives and who die’s?

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