When Your Son Want’s You dead!

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A mother ,Mrs. Shannan Troiano   can only feel sad and anguished that her son  wanted to hire a hitman to kill her.Her 17 year old son was grounded and his PlayStation taken away and finally ,he was asked to leave the home.Probably, he became addicted to the PlayStation.

You raised your son from infant and give him all your love and sacrifice and he turns out to be  a recalcitrant monster who cannot be disciplined and who is rebellious even to the point of wanting to  kill those who stood in his way,in this case his mother.

It is very easy to blame the parents for the son’s conditions.I hope anyone saying that parents are responsible for the children’s crimes  and should be charged  do not have children like him.

When you are not a parent , you do not understand.It pains my heart when people are so callous and without understandings  to give their opinions when they know so little about parenting.

They sit on the high horse and judge others. It is painful enough to be a parent of a recalcitrant child and they are at wit’s end as how to handle the problem child. 

For such problem children have no respect for their parents and do not understand or appreciate their parent’s struggles , sacrifices  and love for them.They are like demon possessed or their minds still immatured and cannot grasp the meaning of life.

Only the law and jail may make them think and change their ways or they become worse off.

There is nothing much a parent can do if their children grow up and chose to walk that road. No amount of love and cajoling would make them realise the folly of their ways. Just like a drug addict on the point of deepest despair or near death experience before he meet God and come back from hell.

It is a dead end road but they are incapable of reading those danger signals and so must reach the end of their journey , the nadir of despair before they can make a U turn to come back to the true way.

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3 Responses to “When Your Son Want’s You dead!”

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One of my four sons became a marijuana addict. After years of drug rehab and counceling, he said today he prays to God, Jesus, and even Satan I be dead. He said he knows prayers don’t work.
I can only find hope in praying God heal his mind, restore his spirit.
I pray God spare us from the pain and I am so very sorry he hates me. Nothing I could say would make a difference now; I loved and offered everything possible to all four sons, and it’s a heartbreak to have heard the anger, hatred and threatening tone from my 23 year old son.
I am so sorry more is not being said about danger of marijuana addiction. I am so sorry I was unable to stop him from using it. I am so sorry I gave in to lies and became manipulated.
When he said he wished me dead, little did he know I too wished it. This is the hardest to bear and I ache for those who have experienced this sort of attack.

Laura1318: My empathy’s to you. When you have tried everything in your power to help them and it does not work, there is nothing more you can do for them except to pray to the Lord to rescue them.

i’m 17
you, know, smtm, i also want my parents to die, though i love them..
but i would say that i’m as my parents behaved me, I dont drink, don’t smoke, but I lie, and a lot of negative things I do I take from them.. My parents scream at each other all the time, they promise and don’t do it, Put yourself in your son shoes. If you were not allowed to watch your favorite TV show for example.. Talk with him as equals, and apologize first, be honest, tell about your problems with him..
sure, you can scream, but it will never work
war makes war
love creates love
wish you love ))

Laura1318; We all go through that process of growing up. We may have murder in our hearts but that is because we are very angry .We grow out of it. I agree with you , parents should bring themselves down to the son’s level and understand him better. The parent should be like a friend to his son.A women is not the same as a men in parenting. A father understands the son better, but in that case, he had just her single mother only and she had to fence for herself and her kid.Later, he had a step father . It is an unfortunate situation . He did not have a chance to grow up in a normal loving family.

I know it’s not fair to blame the child and think that he is pure evil but along the way there must have been some things that could have shaped his character in a more positive way. I believe the mother has to take part of the blame why her son turned out like that.

Laura1318: Yes, you can blame the mother for the son’s behaviours.She did not know how to bring up her child.Not everyone is born a perfect parent. Some children are born to be good and some are born to be the sons of the devil..Sometimes , it is circumstances beyond one’s control. He came from a dyfunctional family.It is easy to play the blame game.Some day when you become a parent , you will understand more about bringing up kids of your own.

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